Friday, November 02, 2012

We started with Percy again, then read more about gladiators.  Spence continued with math (triangles), spelling, some training with Karma and drums.  He then finished off with printing and silent reading before getting ready to head out to volleyball with the h/s class.

The kids had a good time, lots of drills and calling out / moving around and he even got his nerve up to talk to one of the girls he was playing with.

Now it's time to chill until I walk the dogs and then we all go out for supper with grampa at Earl's.  Once home, James is having Greg over to play some guitar and chill, Spence plans to play more video games and I am debating watching some TV v studying or working a bit.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

The boys slept for a long while and pretty much took it easy after that.  Donna & John were nice enough to both take Spence to their place and bring him back.  He had a terrific time with Jonathan.

Tonight, I went off to the IIA social and met up with a few of my colleagues and the boys went off to boys night out - Edo Japan and a movie.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We started with Percy, then more triangle math, spelling, gladiator history, essay and then it was time to get ready for Jonathan's.

Spence is doing Halloween at Jonathan's this year and James and I are planning a relaxing night watching some TV.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spence and I started with the Percy Jackson, then more triangles, spelling, then history - today it was gladiator history.  Drums, printing, silent reading were up and then it was time to leave for our new sports class down at Fish Creek Park.

Spence had a good time at the class and I had a great lunch with Amy.  I grabbed Spence a Vietnamese sub for the way home and then once home, he practiced breaking on ice again.

I went off to get groceries and made supper (taco tuesday) and now we're watching Madagascar III

Monday, October 29, 2012

Back to school today...Spence had planned to get up at 7am, but slept in until 8:30 - still enough time to get a bit of school done before his haircut.

We started with reading the Mark of Athena (the Percy Jackson book), then some more triangle math, spelling and getting ready to head out.

After the haircut, it was silent reading, drums, training Karma, printing practice and researching the essay topic he's working on.

He played a bit with his buddies online and I went out for coffee with Joanne and then got his supper ready when I got home (fettuccine alfredo) and then headed off to meet James at Osteria for a wine tasting supper tonight.

All the wines were good, supper was good and the company was good...can't complain.

James is fighting a bit of a cold or something and went to bed by 10, Spence shortly after and I'm just finishing up with catching up on stuff before heading off myself.

Spencer's new haircut

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Relaxing day today - headed off to Best Buy for some DVDs and then the pet store to get some stuff for Karma...plans for the rest of the day, include video gaming for the boys and nap time for me.
Well, it was a lazy day (sorta).  We chilled until about 11:30 when we took Jacob & Spence to Parkour.  We dropped them off and headed to Harry Rosen in TD Square, to pickup James' suit - finally ready after 3 months and on the way back to pick up the boys, we stopped at the Ski Cellar to grab a ski dvd and then grabbed the boys.

We chilled then until Spence and I left for Joanne's place for her annual halloween party.  James decided to have Graeme & Christine over while we were out and they had pizza and ski movie night.