Saturday, October 27, 2012

1st Volleyball Day

Spence and team playing volleyball after drills

Spence serving - usually the ball ended up hitting the parents on the sidelines

We started Friday off with a new book - the latest in the Percy Jackson books (this one is the Roman gods one), then math - more triangles, spelling, training with Karma, reading about Carthage in our history book, drum practice, reading and finally working on his latest essay.

We were done just before lunch and after that, he got ready to play volleyball with the homeschool high school group.  It was a good turnout - 12 kids and a mom who coaches the women's amateur league.  They all seemed to have fun and decided to come back next Friday (currently they have committed to 8 weeks).

When we got home, we did some driving practice - breaking on ice in the parking lot by our place.  We'll do that some more over the next week or so, and continue driving practice.

We got pizza while walking the dogs - as James and I had decided to go out for dinner together.  We went to Milestones and after a bowl of soup each and shared appies - we were really over full and not feeling well - not sure what we ate that wasn't great, but we were both not well.  We took a lap around the mall and then headed home.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

We worked on triangles again, then spelling and then we headed out.  It's Thursday, so volunteer day for Spence.

He finished at the museum and I took him home, put the butter chicken sauce in the slow cooker and left for a company Octoberfest event.

When I got home, we found out that the slow cooker is not the way to make butter chicken sauce...smelled good, but never thickened up and the milk separated from the rest of the sauce :(

Oh well - it was an experiment.  Now to chill for the rest of the night.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spence got up at 8am and said he'd had the best night rest in a while - Karma didn't wake him up until almost 6am and he'd finally had almost no stuffed up nose while sleeping - yay!  He actually woke me up this morning as I had also finally had a good nights sleep and James let me sleep in as well.

So with both of us well rested, we went straight into school.  He tried to watch a history show, but for some reason the apple TV didn't want to connect - so he did some research on his history essay instead.  He's working on a little piece - ancient weapons and is currently deciding on the actual weapons he wants to do research on.

After his research, he practiced drums, we did math (a review of triangle types - we'll do some more tomorrow I think), spelling, read Serpent's Shadow and he did some printing before we called it a day.

He got organized for heading over to Jonathan's and then took a bit of a break until it was time to leave.  I dropped Spence off and headed back towards town, stopped at the post office and then off to my client's.

I left my client's at 3pm and it took me 45 minutes to get to Cochrane - I thought it was going to take me only 30 minutes, so I ended up being 15 min later than planned - but it didn't matter, as he hadn't finished playing and so I stayed for a cup of coffee with Donna & John.

Once we got home, the boys got ready and headed out for their boys night out and I grabbed the dogs and we went for a nice walk in the park.  When we came home, I finished making some barley veggie soup for supper (I am slow cooking some veggie stock) and started on cooking the beans for a bean dip.  I am making bean dip and hummus for Joanne's annual halloween party on Saturday.

The boys had a good time - out for dinner and then a movie, I managed to catch up on some of my shows and now it's getting close to bed time.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

For a day where we really didn't have a lot planned - we ended up doing a lot.

I popped over to Safeway and grabbed groceries, then to Sport Check to get a winter coat & boots (no luck with the boots - but got a cute and functional coat).  Home in time to let Spence sleep in a bit and for us to start school.

We started with the Serpent's Shadow, then onto silent reading, printing, science/gun show (more guns, robot drones and how to open a door quietly when rescuing a kidnapping victim).  Then it was drums, quick spelling & math and then we ran off to meet Sam, Kelly & Paul at the hill by the university.

The boys had a great time, Paul and Kelly did a few sleds and I took a few grainy pictures.  Kelly and I headed back to their place to wait for the boys and after a few hours, they toddled in with slurpees and chips.

We left just after 4pm and were home just before James.  It's Taco Tuesday of course - so we made those and I had made a carrot cake quick bread for snacking on.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Finally back into the full swing of school today.  We started with Spence announcing he was not feeling well still and crawling back into bed.  He still had a bad headache and stuffed up sinuses but was game to start school after his morning nap (you know he's sick, when he says he's willing to give up video gaming....).

We started with reading Serpent's Shadow (we're almost done the book now), spelling, math - to which he announced, this particular module was not doing it for him...tomorrow we will explore Khan Academy and a few other sources to get a better handle on triangles.  He continued on with printing, drum practice and then we looked at the Exam Bank.

We had talked about getting better at taking exams by practicing with them and the Exam Bank has a lot of exams to practice with.  We're going to be adding them to our Friday's as they are only 10 or 12 questions per exam and should be a quick thing to do at the end of the week.

He then decided he needed more rest and took to resting in bed for a bit and in the meantime the vet's behaviorist (Ashley) came over to work with us for Karma.  Karma still likes to eat everything and chew on anything - so we were working on those traits...we played a go / off game and we're going to add a few more games for inside the house with her to reduce her anxiety and dominance issues.  She loved the games and was very upset when Hunter wanted to join in - since he wasn't being trained, Hunter went upstairs to keep Spence company while he rested.

Once Ashley was gone, Spence was feeling a bit better and decided he needed more food and thought since he did finish school, he could play some games.

For supper, we made some mashed potatoes with cheese, gravy, corn & peas (peas are separate of course for James) and some veggie burgers.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The weekend flew past - lots of relaxing and chillin in front of the fireplace.