Saturday, October 06, 2012

Resty day today - we chilled, then James and I went shopping and after a bit James went home and I continued on my own.  I ended up with a few shirts and a sweater - love them all.  It turns out that the prices here are the same or more than back home for the same name brands, so we're only getting stuff we can't get back home or that are a super good deal.

We made lunch and supper at home and then headed off for our night tour of the Castel Sant'Angelo (from the outside only) and the Vatican (also outside) and we watched a few wedding parties walk by, took snaps of the ancient aqueduct system and generally had a nice leisurely walk.

Tonight is the free night at the museums, but we've opted out as there isn't really any of the ones we wanted to visit on the list of free for tonight.  Cool though that they do that once a year.
Tiber River



The boys at the Vatican

Sport Climbing @ the Vatican

Saints on top of the Vatican buildings

In case you miss the Hard Rock Cafe - you can eat there at the Vatican

Castel Sant'Angelo at night

Vatican at night

Free night at the museums in Rome

Yesterday we toured around some more, stopped in for a pizza at a local cafe and had a great lunch.  Walked around various piazzas and did some window shopping for Spence.  Spencer's foot started to hurt after a few hours, so we headed home.

We made supper - strangled priest pasta with a tomato & cheese sauce, fresh sourdough bread and tomatoes and then relaxed for the rest of the night.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Twin Churches

Egyptian Obelisk

Ruins being renovated

Thursday, October 04, 2012

So Rome is a city best viewed at night - it comes alive and is fun to walk around in....but first....

We started by getting up before 9am local time to try and acclimatize ourselves to the time change.  We went next door for some breakfast and thought it was a decent price for the food - then we discovered at lunch (because we went back) that you pay half the outside price, if you order inside.

Breakfast was full of sugar, coffee, more sugar and we were ready to motor along to our various destinations.  We did the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and a bunch of gawking as we walked along (real tourists here).  My Italian lessons have not come in handy as everyone speaks english - oh well, at least I know how to say hi, by, etc.

We finished our walk, went home and grabbed lunch to eat in.  After lunch we napped and then headed out to get a few things from the grocery store...we missed it the first time and found it after a lovely walk down a few streets.  We grabbed snacks, drinks, etc and headed home.  We found out the restaurants really don't open as early as we eat dinner - so we grabbed a gelato each to stave off the hunger :)

We did eventually make our way out for supper at a Trattoria next door, which was good - but not $40E better than the cafe's we were hanging out at earlier in the day - so we'll be looking for more cafe's and less restaurants for the rest of the trip.

We then walked to the Pantheon, a piazza close by with a fountain area that had three big fountains, lots of restaurants, street artists, shopping and of course tourists.  Then we continued to Trevi Fountains for some night time viewing and then back home to relax.

James opened up our new $5E bottle of wine (which was really not as good as last night's bottle - note to self, need to find more of last night's wine and not tonight's wine) and I opted for a latte and orange pop, while Spence had a coke.  There is a soccer game on tonight at the stadium and it must be fairly close as we can hear them singing and cheering for their team now that the city has settled down for the night.

So far the trip has been worth it...our apartment is fantastic too - just off tourist row, but central to everything that we have been doing or wanting to do.  
Fresco on a building we were passing by

a cool fountain - forgot the name (James knows it)

Statue relief on a building as we were walking by
Pantheon at night

It's a big church

back of Pantheon

cool building, not sure what it is
Trevi Fountain at night
Pre-dinner gelato

Breakfast at a caffe

More octipi 

Top of the Spanish Steps

Getting fleeced :)

Trevi Fountain

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Ah the joys and adventures of family vacations abroad.....we started off fine, but ended up sitting on the tarmac for about 3 hours while they tried to fix the skid brakes.  They finally did, but by that time, we had missed our connection (I had given us 2 hours for a connections - recommended time - 1 hr between flights).

We got going and the flight was smooth and the seats were well worth the splurge.  We found out that British folks are rude (abrupt & direct maybe - but after 12 hours on a plane - you are not a happy camper when they can't figure out where / when your next flight is supposed to be) or seemed to be rude - specifically the BA customer service folks.

We landed and were told to follow the purple signs and find out where they re-booked us too...we did, were told to get in one line and after waiting (ok - it seemed like ages, but was probably only 10 min) we were told we needed to be in another line.  We waited there and finally found out we had been rebooked on a 6pm flight to Rome.  Bags should make it they said.

We then looked for our gate - but no gate was printed - so we went out for Japanese (not bad for airport food and was reasonably priced) and then waited, waited some more, then waited some more.  I finally asked the Customer Service Rep - who looked at me like I'd lost my mind and said why don't I check the boards....finally he gave up the gate number.  It still wasn't showing by the time we walked over - but hey, we made it and we were still heading to Italy :)

We got on the flight, managed to stay up and arrived on time in Rome - got our bags (yes, they actually made the new connection) and then hailed a cab.  I worked on my Italian with the cabbie and he worked on his english and we managed to find our apartment in record time.

Guiliana was still waiting for us and had even gone to the market to get us some pasta and sauce in case we hadn't eaten along with a wine - how sweet is that?

We settled in after she left, opened the wine and chips - checked email and now gonna try and reset our internal clocks to Rome time - let the vacation finally begin!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Busy day - finished last minute packing, cleaning and errands.  Went out for pre-lunch donuts at Modern Jelly Donuts, then for lunch at Tubby Dog with Kelly & Sam.  Spence headed off to Kelly & Sam's for some play time and I headed off for coffee with Carrie.

When we got home, we chilled until James got home and we went out for supper at Kinjo's.  Now it's just waiting until the ride comes to get us and take us to the airport....a few hours in the airport, airplane to Heathrow, visit the Heathrow airport, then on a plane to we need to try and stay awake until after we arrive in Rome to try and adjust to the new time as quickly as possible.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Sam's BD Party

While the boys were out, Kelly & I setup an obstacle course

Scooter up/down the yard

Birdie into the net
Frisbee into the chair

 pop the balloon and win a prize while trying to get the horseshoe in the bucket

Time for sloppy joes and make your own ice cream sundays

Great BD Gifts from everyone

Playing iphone games while chillin after the food