Saturday, September 15, 2012

I have been remiss of late - trying to catch up :)

On Friday we ended up doing school as usual (reading, spelling, math, drums, etc) and then we had a quick lunch and headed off to Heritage Park to meet up with Corbin and his family for an afternoon walk.

The boys headed off on their own and we girls (including Karma) walked along the paths, the water, the park and finally decided we needed to find some shade and sat down under a canopy at the park.

Spence decided he wanted a pocket watch and found one at the gift shop at Heritage, so he bought it - $12.  He figured if he used it lots, he'd spring for a more expensive one once this one died.  I thought it was great he spent his own cash to buy it and was thinking ahead about the cost :)

We got home and I went back out to get pop at Safeway - it was $1/2L yesterday.  I stocked up on the boys favorites, got tofu for supper and headed home.  We made some sesame crusted tofu, rice, stick noodles and a garlic ginger sauce to put on top of the whole thing.  Turned out pretty good.

I went on to watch a few movies / TV shows and Spence went to chat with his buddies.  We got together later on and watched some TV and then it was bedtime for both of us.

During the night - Karma had an upset tummy and threw up a few times (probably from the stuff at the park - but what can you do) - so I was a tired mummy this morning and slept in until 8:30.  Got breakfast ready and was drinking my morning coffee, when Spence got up - much earlier than usual on a weekend.  I told him, he could either go back to bed and wait till I made breakfast or he could make it himself.  He made some soup for himself and then headed back upstairs to play with his buddies online.

After our dog walk, I took Karma for a jog and then I did a few chores before sitting down to chill and catch up on a bit of work.

Friday, September 14, 2012

On Wed night, Spence started with the runs and it continued into Thursday AM - I thought he might just be avoiding getting up for the museum, but he actually was having tummy troubles.  He opted to stay home and sleep instead of going to his volunteer job and he hoped he'd be feeling better for his date with grama.  By 11am, the runs had subsided and he was left with a bit of tummy troubles, but we got more gingerale and that helped with the soup.  By 1pm when grama came, he said he was good to go.

They went off to see a movie and have lunch at BK (which he said turned out to be ok - no tummy troubles during movie) and then grama dropped him off at our place.

In the meantime, Karma went to daycare, I went to a client meeting and then once home I painted the fireplace (from brass to flat black - looks much better now) and then I went off to run some errands.

I picked Karma up and walked the dogs before both Spence and I headed off to Murriettas downtown for grama's BD dinner.  Dinner was great - but both Spence and I started up with the tummy issues once home (I've had some of the boys cold - but not as bad).

Last night was our fort night (a tradition started when James would go on the road for work) and all four of us piled into a blanket/pillow fort when it was time for bed.  Hunter snuggled in with Spence for most of the night and Karma kinda kept to the open air area (she wasn't too keen on being inside the fort).

Today is school and then heading out to Heritage Park to meet up with Corbin for a walk.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm backlogged a few days :)

Monday was a pretty easy day - a few quizzes a bit of cleaning, printing and lots of chillin.

Tuesday we started to get back into it.  Serpent's Shadow, silent reading, Deadliest Warrior - Samuri v Viking, spelling, drums, printing, starting on a new unit in math - Triangle, editing the essay, drums and then more chill time.  I headed off to a client meeting in the afternoon and we managed to make Taco Tuesday food.

Today, James was heading out to Quebec City for work and I had an early morning exam to write, so I left Spence to sleep in a bit.  He got up and did his printing, essay editing, read up on some history stuff, did his drum practice, trained Karma, picked out our tours for Rome and reviewed fraction rules.  Spence tidied up a bit, then headed over to Jacob's for a bit.  I made some home made potato wedges w veggie ck strips for supper.

Tomorrow is museum day and then Spence is off with Grama for the afternoon on a birthday movie day and then dinner - should be great!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Another relaxing day - finally finished unpacking the suitcases, backpacks and bags - just the dog bag left for tomorrow and finished the laundry - ok, so maybe not super relaxing, but I did manage a 2 hour nap with the puppies.

We headed out to Bestbuy to get a new universal remote as ours is dying and got the latest model of the same remote and man it works like a charm!, then it was time to head to Apple to get a cord replacement and found the store was gone from it's location in Market Mall and panicked, luckily there was a store directory close by and we found out they moved to the opposite side of the mall (sigh of relief that they didn't move malls).  Took the cord in, got it replaced and then headed off to Memory Express where Spence got a new joystick for his computer games.

I started on the chili for the chili dogs when we got home and let that simmer all day, while I finished the last of the unpacking and laundry.  Spence and I went out to train Karma a bit today - but she's still super tired, so she only lasted about 10 minutes before she simply lay down on the grass and refused to play we took her home, where she took a good long nap.

Graeme came over for some chili dogs and movies, we all pretty much chilled and relaxed in preparation for a regular week - not sure how we'll manage after having some much time off on vacation :)