Saturday, September 01, 2012

Pax 2012 continues....the boys had another good day (pictures courtesy James) wandering the halls....came back with lots of goodies and tired tootsies.

I did a bit of work, packed a bunch of stuff into one of the suitcases (laundry, stuff we won't use until Vancouver, etc) and walked the dogs a few times.

I managed to get Spence some more stuff on his list and returned a few things I had decided I didn't want - then found some stuff I did want .... need to work less :)

Met the guys for supper at a Vietnamese place across from the convention centre (which was yummy) and then a bit of hot tub time, before relaxing in the room for the rest of the night.

Friday, August 31, 2012

The boys were off by 8am for PAX and I was off with Karma to daycare.  While the boys were having fun getting free stuff and playing games, I managed to do the last of my shopping list and I did the outlet mall and a few groceries.

Now we're having a bite to eat before the dads head out and the boys & I relax in the hotel.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Although PAX has not started officially, there are events going on.  The boys all got together and spent part of the day watching stuff and the rest playing / resting / eating.

I chilled with the dogs and worked for a bit and the dads joined the boys in going to events.

For supper, we all got together at Pike Brewing Co for appies and dinner and then the boys went to the pool after supper, while Donna and I went to the hot tub for a bit and James & Todd played some games.  Last night to relax before the convention begins - so the boys will be going to be earlier than usual.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Well, James and I really wore our legs out yesterday...downhill our shins/legs were just killing us (and there is a lot of downhill in downtown Seattle), so we opted to drive almost everywhere today.

We started with taking Karma to daycare and then going to the King Tut exhibit at the Space Needle.  It's still looking pretty well kept up, even though the venue is around 50 yrs old (not sure when it was built for the world fair [1962 World Fair]).

The exhibit was larger than the other's we've been too and we enjoyed the hour and a bit it took us to go through it and unlike the exhibit for the Titanic, we were allowed to take pics - they just had to be without using a flash.

We left there and went to Cyber-dog (the veggie dog place I like), but the guys didn't like theirs as much as I did, so that will be my place on our trips to Seattle I think....which works well as they have a taco joint I'm not in love with.

We came home, rested (nap for me), I watched Karma on the doggy daycare webcam for a bit and then hit the hot tub and chilled until supper.  We tried another micro-brewery for supper, it was ok, but we all liked Pike Brewing Co. better.

Once dinner was done, we got Karma and walked the dogs then relaxed some more.  
Space Needle - about 50 yrs old and still going strong

Waiting for our turn in the exhibit
Some of the exhibits
Cat sarcophagus ... where is the dog one?

Waiting for his turn on the bike

Where are the rest of the PAX folks?  they are already setting up the exhibits at the hall

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spence with Fremont's own statue of Lenin

Spence conquering the Troll

Another busy vacation day.  James and I walked the dogs and then took Karma (walking) to the daycare.  We walked back and decided we were really really tired.

We woke Spence up and had lunch at a few fast food places - MOD (Made on Demand) Pizza about a block away for Spence and James and a soup joint for me.  We then headed off to a cool store called Allsaints and got Spence a pair of jeans and then off to American Eagle for their back to school sale for jeans - he woke up today and he'd outgrown some of the jeans we brought along and 2 pair were wrecked - holes in bad places and zippers unexpected buys, but decent deals.

Then it was home for a hot tub and rest before heading out to Fremont to check out the Troll, the Lenin statue, the shops and have some food.  We got it all done, I managed to find some very cute retro skirts by Betty Paige (so very 40's swing style skirts) and we had a very decent sushi bar meal at Blue C.

We headed back over the little grocery store to grab snacks and cake and then off to pick Karma up.  We grabbed her and drove to the hotel.  We were all tired and relaxed for the rest of the night.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Well, we can tell we're on vacation, because I'm totally out of sync for what day it is...I went through the day thinking it was Tuesday already.

We started by taking the dog to doggy daycare - we found a great place and we thought we'd take the truck to see how far it was from the hotel (the big daycare is a bit further from the main location we went to for her temperament test).  On our way home, we popped a tire and were lucky enough to find ourselves a block from a tire shop.

We walked over and they told us to drive the truck very slowly to their shop and save ourselves over an hour wait and $100 we drove and left the truck with them for the day.  We walked home and made it back in about 20 minutes, very happy it was so fast.

We all got ready and headed off to do our downtown shopping.  I got a pair of winter wellies from Doc Martins and Spence got a pair of Vog sneakers.  We all got new Goorin Bros hats (but I forgot to ask for the sales tax off....need to go back and ask) and we hit Pike Market - the boys for drinks (and a mug for James) from the original Starbucks and me for some fruits & veggies for the next few days.

We toddled home and chilled for a bit before heading out again - James and I did some window shopping, I got my second pair of shoes (walking shoes for Mephisto's) and then we chilled again before heading out for supper at the Pike Brewing Co. (pretty decent food for reasonable prices).  We dropped Spence off and took Hunter to get Karma.  We got Karma and then got the truck and went home to relax for the rest of the night.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yesterday we started on our annual west coast PAX vacation.  We had decided to change our regular route - instead of going thru Vancouver (Peace Arch), we went to Coeur D'Alene - which meant going through Creston and Cranbrook.  It was lovely - but very very twisty, we were all a bit nauseous after that road.

We arrived at our hotel and found that there was a great little path around a little lake and then along the river.  We all picked something different for supper and forgot how big the portions in the US are - should have shared.  The food was all really good though.

Today we got up and after the breakfast bar, packed up and headed out to Seattle.  We arrived around 2:30 and went to get Karma's temperament test over at the doggy daycare.  She passed and we organized her week while we drove to the hotel.  TomTom has real issues in Seattle due to the multi-level highways, so we got a bit lost on the way, but eventually found the right street.

We got to the hotel and checked in.  While at the check-in, I asked if they had any upgrades available and we ended up trading up to a bigger suite for a reasonable fee.  James & I took the dogs for a walk and Spence ordered dinner in the room.  Once he was set, then we went down to Shucker's and had a terrific dinner.  James tried a trio of beers for $8 - can't beat that.