Friday, August 24, 2012

Last night Spence worked on his dagger and then went off to bed.  He continued after breakfast this morning while doing his math quiz and spelling quiz.  He packed his stuff and then watched most of Future Weapons before  grama called and said she was able to go to an earlier flick.

the dagger is not exactly like the one in Darker than Black, but it's close

He skipped vacuuming and had a quick shower before she came.  They went off to see a flick and have lunch and I vacuumed before James got home and finished the laundry.

I had managed to run all my errands before 9:30 this morning - recycling, bottle depot, pick up jeans from the alterations place, got a bit more US cash and took out the trash.

James came home and we finished getting organized for our trip and then relaxed for a bit before I headed out for mom's coffee night and the boys just chilled at home.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hei Mask from Darker than Black

tearing up the paper for the paper mache - next time I think we'll use tissue wrap for a smoother surface

everything is ready - balloon blown up, paper torn up, paste ready

half the balloon was covered and then we put it in the oven to dry overnight (no heat, just oven lamp)

mask mold ready - popped the balloon and we were left with the mask

tried to cut the eyes out as even as possible

then Spence put the Gesso on (a type of plaster gook)

mask with Gesso after drying overnight in the oven, a 2nd coat went on to smooth it out some more

after sanding, adding white paint and the lightning bolt/smile - the mask went back in the oven to dry some more

we finished it off with varnish and let it dry again.  This is the finished product - mask, black died wool trench with black pants, shirt and gloves - ready for PAX!

I got Spence up late - so he had to rush to finish breakfast & get ready for the museum.  I picked up Jacob on the way to the museum and dropped off the boys by 9am.

I toddled off to a client and headed home by lunch to get some chores done before Spence came home. We started off with math - the last of polygons!  We start on Unit 4 when we get back.  We did spelling, watched Future Weapons, he did his printing and then we reviewed his essay paragraph and he made a few changes.

He took a break and then packed for the upcoming trip.  We both finished up his mask - let it dry and then he tried it on - looks pretty decent, but I think I'd use a different method next time - the paper mache was hard to sand down and never did get the smooth look we wanted and the balloon was too round for the shape we were hoping for.

We left to meet up with James and Grampa at Earl's and picked Karma up on the way.  We had a very nice dinner, I ended up scooting out early to make sure Karma was ok as it was very warm still and even though we parked in the shade, the car tends to be hotter.  She was good - a bit thirsty, but good.  I gave her some water and then we headed home and out for a walk while we waited for the boys to come home and relax for the rest of the night.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We started off earlier today because Spence is working on his mask for PAX.  Today we had to deflate the balloon, shape the mask and then coat it with Gesso (a prep material with gypsum in it for acrylic paints).  I did most of the shaping and he did the prep work with Gesso.

In between we did spelling and I read Serpent's Shadow.  Once the mask was drying in the oven, we moved onto math, reading, printing, watching more of Future Weapons and then some cleaning up.

I got ready to head out and he decided to get together with Jacob.  The two of them went back and forth between our two places and hung out.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It was busy today - we started with breakfast and Serpent's Shadow, then spelling and driving practice. Spence drove us to the mall to look for the sword he wants for his costume.  He didn't get the sword, but we got the turtleneck and paper mache supplies from Michael's.

When we got back, he started on math (more triangles) and I prep'd the paper mache paste.  Once math was done, he tore the newspaper into strips and we covered half the balloon we blew up.  Once covered in a few layers, we put the balloon in the oven with the oven light on, so it could dry overnight in a safe place and with constant heat.  Tomorrow we have to sand and cover with gesso (a gypsum compound used to prep surfaces for acrylic paint).  I'll post pictures of the process once we're done.

Once we cleaned up, he did his silent reading, we reviewed his opening statement and worked on it together a bit and then he did his drum practice before trying to load TomTom on his phone again.  Turns out his pictures took up almost 16 GB of the 16 GB phone and that's why he couldn't load the he got rid of some pics and loaded the app he'll know where the hotel is in relation to the convention centre in case he needs it for some reason.

Tonight is Taco Tuesday - we're down to the last of our cheese, taco shells, etc....almost have an empty fridge, which means it's almost time to leave on vacation :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

We had decided that we were going to take this week easy for activities as we get ready to head out to PAX.  Spence got up and we started with an anime - but it wouldn't play, so we did school instead :)

Spelling, then the Serpent's Shadow, silent reading, math - our goal is to finish the unit we're on before Friday .... so heavy on the math this week.  He then did his printing, watched Future Weapons and worked on his essay.

While he finished up his essay, I headed downtown to have lunch with hubby and grab my favorite pair of Fluvogs - my orange operetta's had an overhaul and are like new...gotta love the Vogs.

When I got home, Spence had already left for Jacob's place - so I did a bit of work and some chores before he got back.  When he got back, we started on the dye job for the coat he bought on Friday.  I forgot to grab a pic of the original colour - but it was a medium grey coat.  We dyed his coat and then he chilled for a bit before driving to go get Karma at playcare.

end result - pretty close to the colour we wanted

he was cackling away like an old wizard while stirring the hot water 

Kelly's 50th

We relaxed on Saturday and Sunday.  I headed off to celebrate Kelly's 50th BD at her house on Sunday, which was hosted by her for her girlfriends.  It was a terrific party and the weather was so nice, that we stayed outside until almost 9pm enjoying the party.

As it was all girls, both Paul & Sam skidaddled until just about supper time, when Kelly put the ribs on the BBQ and brought out the salad.