Friday, August 17, 2012

I took Karma out for a jog a little after James left and we were back home just after 8.  She'd had enough and took a nap, while I got organized for a client call and school.

We started school with the Serpent's Shadow, spelling, the SciFi Science show (how to build a force field), printing, math (he get's angles so much better than I do), drum practice, reading and then he got ready to head out to Chinatown.

We had decided it was our own lunch day at Chinatown and then off to the anime costume shops to see if he could find his costume for PAX / Halloween.  No luck.

We stopped on the way home at Goodwill and found the right jacket, but not the right colour - so we bought it for $7 and we'll dye it next week.  

I dropped him off and he vacuumed the house, while I got the mask supplies, got his belt fixed and got gas.  By the time I got home, James had biked from work and we all chilled for the rest of the night.  I made some pizza for supper for Spence and James and flatbread and stew for me.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I got Spence up just after 7 and he got ready and we headed off to the Military Museum.  While he was there, I went to a client's to do some work and when he was done, I picked him up and we went over to Corbin's place for the boys to hang out.

Kirsten and her kids came by and we all headed out.  The boys went off the the dollar store and 7-11 for drinks and the mom's and little ones went off to McKenzie Town for a walk and ice cream.

It was such a nice day and we all had a very pleasant walk.  Spence and I packed up and headed home just before 4pm.  James had taken a half flex day and was relaxing at home.  Tonight it was BBQ'd hot dogs for supper - starting to go through the fridge/freezer now.  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Karma is still very tired, but it was a home day today.  Spence woke up sick, but again a home day, so all was well.

Spence decided to do school and chill in our bedroom.  He started the day with three scrambled eggs (a new one for him) and then we did math - area calculations refresher, then printing, drum practice, silent reading, spelling, essay review and then we started a new series - the 3rd book from the Kane series by Rick Riordan.

Spence watched some TV and then we went out to train Karma a bit - who was still very tired.  We came home and I started on supper - curry for Spence and stew for James and me.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Karma decided it was not a daycare day....when it was time to go, she refused to get up and come, so instead, I took her and Hunter for a quick walk and then got ready for a client meeting.

James was riding his bike this morning, so he left about the same time I did and Spence slept in a bit with Karma in his room.

Spence was up by 8:30 and doing school - math, printing, reading, history and I was back getting things organized for our meet up with some other h/s kids at the pool.

We decided it was too hot to have Karma in the car, so we left her in Spencer's room and I thought I had proofed the room, but had left a cord within reach and when we got back, the iPod connector was eaten.  Thank goodness we have lots, but why did she have to eat it?  Other than that casualty, all was intact in the room.

We met the other families at Southland Leisure Centre around 11 and the boys had a great time at the wave pool and slides.  We left just after 1pm and headed home.  I dropped off Spence to finish his history, do his drum practice and vacuum the house, while I went to the dry cleaners, the Apple store to get our computer (it was in for diagnostics) and to get a few pressies - one for Kelly's upcoming BD party and a gift certificate for Jer's upcoming wedding.

I took Karma out a few times today and she did great with training and for the first time ignored another dog in favor of hot dogs :)  We played fetch in the house and then as the storm rolled through she settled in behind the couch where no lightning could get her.

Spence went over to Jacob's for a bit, then they came over here for a bit and in between I made taco fixings for supper tonight.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mom's all chilling, while the kids are out and about

Look what $5 got me - a massive slurpee

Fun at the go-karts, laser tag, climbing wall and arcade...good summer day

OK, I might have been wrong, there were some teenage girls there too

We had a great day today - Spence did some quizzes and then we headed off to Apple to drop off a Mac that keeps overheating, the Orthodontist to see about his teeth and finally we were ready to head off to Shaker's for a day with the h/s crowd.

We picked up Jacob on the way and were down there in about 45 minutes.  The kids had a great time and once we were done, we headed back up Stoney Trail and shaved 15 minutes off the drive and that was in rush hour - found our new way down to Shakers.

I had taken Sam home too, so the three boys were off to Jacob's for a play and Karma and I headed home.  James went for a quick swim, I walked the dogs and once we were all back, we made burgers and fries/hashbrowns for supper.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My awesome sister-in-law swam across the straight yesterday (from Sechelt to around Nanaimo) with her swim buddies who are getting ready to swim the English Channel next year.  It was exiting to see her posts on FB as her team progressed.

On the other end of the spectrum, today is a lazy day for us.  Spence went for an impromptu sleep over at Jacob's last night and James, the dogs and I all slept in and are planning on doing not a whole lot.  Tonight we are having sausages and roasted potatoes for supper and lots of TV/movie time.