Friday, August 03, 2012

Today, Spence and I did some school (math, spelling, printing, history and Alchemist) before getting ready for his last dance class.

Spencer's class did a show today of everything they learned and so we were out of the class by 3:30.  We got home and I went for an hour nap before going to pick up Karma.

I had made some stew for supper, but Spence wanted pizza - so after he had some veggie chicken nuggets, we ordered pizza from the pizza joint next door.

James got up and had some food and with both of us having this wonderful cold, we just drank gingerale and watched TV all night.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

I dropped Spence off at the museum and then headed off to Volvo to drop the car off for some warranty work and a quick checkup before our trip to the coast.

I grabbed the loaner car and headed downtown to drop off my shoes for some repairs and find a pair of Paige jeans that fit - so they could exchange them.

I headed over to my client's after that and was done about 5 min after I had originally planned to be done.  In the meantime, Spence texted me to tell me someone took off with his lunch.

We stopped at McDonald's on the way so he could grab fries & a pop and he ate my sandwich on the way to dance class.  He figured he could have some fruits/veggies during break (they have snacks during break).

I took off to go climbing but was not into it and after 15 minutes of struggling - I gave up.  Volvo called about then to tell me our car was done.  I popped back down to Volvo, grabbed our truck and headed back to dance.

Spence and I got back home, picked Karma up, walked the dogs and by then James had come home and we decided to do scrounge for dinner.  More Olympics on the schedule for us tonight.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I woke Spence up just before 9 so that we could do our little bit of school and he would have time to get ready before grama came at 10am to pick him up.

He finished his breakfast and we were just finishing school when grama came.  They took off to hit some golf balls and then lunch - in the meantime, I made supper - scalloped potatoes, brocoli casserole and some fresh bread.

When grama & Spence came back, they dropped off the clubs and headed out to dance class, so grama could watch Spence for a bit.  I did a bit of work and then headed out for coffee with Leanna.  It was great to catch up with her and I left to get Spence at 3:30....turned onto Barlow and got lost.

I thought Barlow still went all the way down, but now it's perm closed and so I went looking for Stoney as Deerfoot was backed up due to an accident.  I finally found Stoney and was about 10 min late picking up Spence.

We walked the dogs when we got home and warmed up it's time to watch some more Olympics.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I decided I'd get some of my work stuff out of the way before Spence got up for the day.  I dropped Karma off at playcare and headed to my clients office for an early morning meeting.  When I was done, I headed home and did a bit of work before waking Spence up.

We read the Alchemist, did our history (Newfoundland today), drum practice, spelling, math and he finished working on his draft conclusion for his essay.

We had lunch and then he got ready for dance class.  Spence drove us to the class and maintained his speed the entire time (yay) but then the poor kid had his shadow (8 yr old boy) sticking to him so closely that he tripped over him a few times during class.  Spence said the kid is driving him mad, so I suggested tomorrow he ask his instructor to ask the kid to give Spence some space so he's not actually tripping on the kid.

While Spence did dance, I went climbing for a half hour today and then grocery shopping.  It was almost 30 again, so I splurged and got a fudge coconut ice-cream bar - which of course meant that all the exercise I did earlier was so I could eat the fudge treat :)

I finished paying and loaded up the truck and headed over to the dance studio for the last half hour of the class.

We drove home and picked up Karma - who was ready to head home and after a quick walk with the dogs, I made supper.  Tonight was taco Tuesday for Spence, perogies for James and I ended up wanting a tomato salad and blueberries.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday was sleep in day for all of us (except Karma).

After lots of rest, we got up and walked the dogs after breakfast and then I did a few chores and James watched the olympics coverage.

Spence finally got up at noon and had 'breakfast' and we continued to chill until 4pm when we walked the dogs and got ready to head out for supper.

We had picked Osteria de Mici, where we'd had good experiences the few times we went there.  Leora met us there after her weekend at Folk Fest and we decided to eat outside because I thought it would be warmer (it was louder too).

Dinner was pretty good (food wise), James had a half a slab of calf (not on purpose - he thought it would be much smaller) while Spence, Leora and I had pasta.  All the food was good, but the service was terrible.  The waiter pretty much ignored us after bringing our food and it took forever to get his attention.  We never did get the bill, so while Spence and I wandered over to Starbuck's for Spence to get his dessert drink, James went inside to find someone to get our bill and pay.

We came home and then decided to watch the olympic coverage some more as James took a nap through some of it this afternoon.

Overall, not a bad way to end the weekend.