Saturday, July 28, 2012

Friday was a pretty nice day - James took a staycation day and so we pretty much lounged until it was time to hit the dance camp.

Spence drove us there and did terrific.  While he was at camp, James and I headed to the outlet mall to do some wandering and see if I could get some jeans to replace all the ones I recently tossed or am still waiting for replacements from the mfg.

I lucked out - got 4 pairs for under $100 - two at $20 a piece, one at $15 and one just under $50 from Levi's - my most expensive buy yesterday.  James scored a casual button down shirt and we bought a box of chocolates to take home.

We had hot dogs for supper and watched some TV.

Today was a very chill day for Spence - he pretty much sat in his room playing with friends all day.  After our dog walk in the morning, I took Karma for a jog.  Once I got back and had a break, James and I went to the Silver Springs outdoor pool for a swim.  It was warm enough for me not to wear my wetsuit.  I dried off in the sun, while James finished his swim.

Once home, the clouds came and so we couldn't nap on the patio - instead, we napped inside - although my nap was about 2 hours and his was about a half hour.  Once nap time was done, we took the dogs for a walk and made supper - tonight it was spaghetti.

We watched Singing in the Rain for Spencer's homework and then the boys went to Mac's for slurpees and now it's time to watch some more Olympics coverage.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Well as Spence says, he's getting to be a much more confident driver - so now his head is almost as big as the car :)

He's been doing really well with the driver's ed classes and his confidence level is great.   He drove the major highways today and found it was again a lot easier than he thought it would be.

He started off with his volunteer work at the museum, then we came home and he took off with grama for a late lunch and she dropped him off at AMA for his driver's ed class.

James took today off and chilled with Leora - swim, tubby dog, MEC and lots of chill time.

When I got home from my client's place, I chilled for a bit and then took off to get a new pair of glasses to replace the ones Karma ate.

I picked Spence up after I got my classes, dropped him off, grabbed auntie, dropped her off, picked up my glasses, picked up Karma and finally got home.

While I walked the dogs, James left for his concert with Greg and Spence decided he wanted a snack - we decided on scrounge night.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yesterday was a busy day - Spence and I had Karma home, so that meant a 1/2 hour jog, 1 hour walk, 2 or 3 pee walks and another half hour walk.  For Spence it meant I let him sleep in until 9 and then we got to doing our spelling, math quiz and reading before heading off to driving lessons (highway yesterday) and then straight to dance camp.

Turns out they combined the two levels (6-11 & 12-17) because there were only 2 kids over 12.  He enjoyed it anyways as it was jazz, swing and some basic dance steps.

Took us about an hour to get home - so today I'll try going another way.

Today is just as busy - Spence has his driving lesson at 8:30 and is driving least it's after traffic is done for.  Then he has a 2 hour break and then dance camp again.  Since Auntie is coming tonight, we'll skip school and he'll change sheets and tidy up the two rooms.

Then tonight we go to Bears Den for supper with the family and Auntie comes over to sleep for the night.

Monday, July 23, 2012

We all pretty much relaxed on Sunday and today we were back at it.

I thought Spencer's dance class started today - so I got him up, had him get ready, we did our school - math quiz, spelling quiz, history, reading and then we got ready to go.  I called to confirm just before we left and found out it starts tomorrow :)  glad I called :)

Spence got the rest of the day off to chill and I headed off to my client's (which was my original plan).

Tomorrow he actually does start dance camp.