Saturday, July 21, 2012

So relaxing (other than my arm still hurting)....well mostly relaxing.

James got up around 6 and then woke me up to show me what Karma had done.  While we were asleep, she cut his shirt sleeve in half with her teeth - she did a good job of it to, nicely sawed in half - well it's more of a t-shirt length sleeve now.  She ate a bit of the shirt and then left the rest as a present.  This is the first time she has eaten a shirt - she's snatched a few pairs of socks and underwear - but not clean shirts....oh well, lesson learned - don't leave shirt on chair for ironing.  Iron immediately or at least hide the shirts :)

I went back to sleep with Karma curled up at my head - guess she was full and we all slept till 9 (Karma, Hunter and me).  We got up, had breakfast and then woke Spence up before we headed out for our morning walk.

We came back and then both went out for our different jogs - James is way ahead of me in the program and Karma and take it pretty easy with our walk/run program.  Karma came back pretty tired (which was good) and I took my shower and dressed, while James arrived and made himself some lunch.

James headed out after his shower to have coffee with Graeme, I took a nap and Spence played video games in his room with his friends.  I fixed the 2nd dog bed once I was up (Karma had started to eat it the other day) and did some chores and now it's time to figure out if we're ordering in food or having scrounge night as no one feels like going out to a restaurant to eat.

Overall a pretty relaxing day.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Well it certainly seems like a long, long day.  I got up around 4 am because my shoulder hurt a lot and then again at 6:15.  James was up by then and we had our coffee....I had left Karma upstairs sleeping in our bed and totally forgot about my glasses - which I wear when my eyes are tired and feeling strained. Well, I was looking to replace them this year (but it was an end of year plan), Karma insisted on helping out and ate the glasses for me.  Yes, my dog ate my glasses....well the arms anyways.

James discovered them on the floor when he went up to shower.  I guess serves me right for leaving them on my bedside table where they were dog accessible.

I had thought about jogging, but it seemed like it would be too hard this morning - so instead after a long breakfast, I took the dogs out for about an hour walk instead.  I had a few calls with clients and Spence did his school throughout the day.

For school, Spence did his silent reading, we read the Alchemist, did spelling and math, Spence worked on a closing paragraph for his essay, he watched Deadliest Warriors, we went outside to train Karma - who lost interest after a half hour and decided laying down on the grass was enough exercise.  Spence then did his printing, drums and Italian and finished with vacuuming the house before heading off to play some video games with his friends.

We were planning on pizza, but neither Spence or I were into that idea - so we're trying to figure out what to eat for supper tonight.

I was planning on heading out later for a jog with Karma, but she's still napping on the couch and I'm still thinking it's too much effort.  I think we'll go for a run tomorrow.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not much going on today - Spence got up early, really enjoyed his day at the museum and then we went to the climbing wall and the Children's Hospital.  We had another xbox  to donate from our local h/s soccer group.

Spence drove home from the hospital and did great - just need to keep getting him out on the road some more.

Once home, I had a few client calls and he chilled until supper.  He had pasta with a cream sauce and left over chicken wings, while James and I had some homemade stew with crackers.

Spence then headed over to his buddies house for a bit and James and I chilled with the dogs.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We started off with the Alchemist, then went onto spelling, math - more angles.  We talked about some more volunteering stuff that Spence might be interested in.  Then we read a bit about Shakespeare and Spence did his Italian.

I popped over to a client's place after we were done and Spence spent his time chatting it up with his friends and playing some video games.

We made chicken wings and fries for supper and I watched some TV and Spence went back upstairs.  James is working late tonight, so I plan to make him some fresh fries and veggie chicken when he gets home.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We started with the Alchemist, moved onto math and spelling and then read about Queen Elizabeth the I.  Spence then did his silent reading, drum practice and we worked on his opening statement for his essay again.

He did his Italian, took a shower, had lunch and then we husled out to the AMA parking lot for his driver's lesson.  The poor instructor thought Spence was 16 and just getting ready to take his driver's test and couldn't figure out why Spence was so nervous behind the wheel :)  Once they straightened out the fact that Spence was 14 and this was really his first driving experience - things went a lot better.  They did all the basics today on the regular roads (no highways today) and other than - you need to calm down and work on being more relaxed - the feedback was pretty much - drive, drive, drive - as much as you can.  Spencer's reflexes weren't as quick as they could be - mainly because he was over cautious, so relaxing will help that and you can't get more relaxed without time behind the we'll be doing a lot of driving :)

Spence wants to drive for an hour or more a day, so we'll work that into our schedule.  

While he was doing his lesson, I managed to do a few errands and was going to touch up the paint on my car ... but noticed it was a deep blue and not silver.  I shook the paint, dabbed a bit on the car to make sure it didn't change colour or something - nope, still blue.  I wiped that off quickly and called Volvo.  Turns out the guy who ordered the touchup bottle made a mistake and transposed the numbers for my car colour :)  I'll be getting another touchup kit from them on Thursday :)  I dropped off the recycling, popped over to the climbing wall and bouldered for about 20 minutes and then headed back up to the AMA.

Once Spence was done, we headed home and I made some tacos for Taco Tuesday.  Tonight, James is out with Greg for a concert and Spence and I will chill at home, relaxing.

Monday, July 16, 2012

James wasn't feeling great this morning and so decided he would work from home.  I let Spence sleep in late, as we were staying home all day.

Once he was up, he watched his history show and then did his math, printing, silent reading, drums and did a bit of work on his opening statement for his essay.

In the meantime, I headed off to get a trim and once I was done I stopped off at Best Buy to get a new XBox for the Children's Hospital from our homeschool soccer group.  James met me there and we did a quick tour of the mall together.

When we got home, I took Spence out for a practice drive and he did great on his first big street drive (down Silver Springs Blvd).  

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Not a very exciting day....we all pretty much lounged, napped and lounged some more all day today.  I decided to pull out some gnocchi for supper and made a butter garlic sauce for it and an Alfredo sauce for Spencer.