Friday, July 06, 2012

We slept in a bit and after some very leisurely coffee, we got ready to head out for a paintball day at Bragg Creek.

We got there at 11:00 and Donna and family had also arrived.  The boys played until just about 2pm, when the storm rolled in. 

We left and headed home in the rain and beat the storm coming into Calgary by about 10 minutes (enough time to unload the truck).

Spence and Sam (who we had with us at Bragg Creek) played some video games until Paul came by and James and I chilled in the living room.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

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EWWWW - it hailed while we were out.  Killing virtually all of my plants (I'm hoping they will come back) and leaving a good 1/2" on the ground.

Behind our place, just off the park - there was over a foot of hail on the road, one car was buried and had to be towed out, the firemen had a lot of work to do.
Well Spencer's volunteer day was a bust.  I should have cancelled it due to his swim stuff, but forgot - so I told him we should go.  He complained, but went.  We arrived and found out it was Stampede Breakfast at the museum and his boss needed to be offsite for the next few days (so he could have stayed home...who knew).  Spence made himself useful though, making hula hoops for the education department and helping out with a presentation. 

I picked him up and we headed to the paintball place to get a new part for his marker, then we decided to try Five Guys Burgers - which was great.  For $17 - we got 2 burgers (one double patty and one veggie) and bag full of fries - it was a big sandwich bag and it was full of fries and we got a drink to split that had free refills.  Burgers are $6.50 and they come with up to 12 toppings!  Yay - great burger joint found in Calgary.  Spence really liked his and mine was really nicely done too.

We left there and headed over to Chinook to get him new jeans as the ones he was wearing were a bit on the tight side and his zipper kept opening up.  He found 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of khakis and a button down shirt at American Eagle and they all looked great.

Then we wandered around the mall for another hour as he told me all the mistakes I had made in my outfit today and all the mistakes I was making looking at clothing...apparently I cannot dress myself to a level that is not embarrassing - oh well - I figure I like it and that's all that matters :)  We are now fully into the 'I know more than you do and I know better than you do' mode :)  Thank goodness he told me how much he loves me and appreciates me last year before he got into this mode :)

We headed off to the pool after the mall and arrived about 15 minutes before hand and all the other kids were there - so the girls all look like teen girls - the boys all look 12 to 14 but are really 15 & 16 yrs old.  They were discussing tonight's test and who was failing and who might pass - so he pretty much fit right in, which was great.

Once I knew when to pick him up (he's done early tonight), I left to grab some tofu dogs for my lunch tomorrow and go home and change into some jeans.

In the meantime, I called Sears to find out about my refund....well some folks really shouldn't be in customer service.  The fellow just couldn't understand I wasn't using a sears credit card and couldn't get around the fact that I had a refund - why would I have a refund he kept asking and I would get my refund back on my sears card during my next billing cycle.....I finally gave up and called the store directly and they said they had just finished processing the refund and I should see it on my card in the next 48 hours - yay!

I also got an email back from 7 for all mankind jeans saying they would replace my wrecked jeans - so 2 for 2.  Both Paige and 7 have decided to replace the jeans that were wrecked, although the customer service at Paige was significantly better. 

Now just waiting on James to come home and then we'll get Karma and head out later to pick Spence up from his class and hopefully go out for supper to celebrate :)

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

While Spence slept, I planted some perennials that Kelly gave me.  He got up and decided he wanted to do some art before having food.

Once done with art, he had his brunch and then chilled until it was time to head out.  While he chilled, I headed off to physio and the bottle depot and was home just before we had to leave.  We left for the pool and after I dropped him off, I went to the climbing wall and did some routes.  I was pretty happy as I did better than I had hoped I would.

I got some dishwasher salt for our new dishwasher, looked for jeans, dropped stuff off at Sali-Ann and then went to get Karma.

She was not happy with the new kerchief she got from her grooming, but she looks real spiffy.  Hunter, Karma & I went for a walk and then we all had supper.  I had a sandwich and corn on the cob, Karma & Hunter were jones'g for my supper - but did eventually eat their own food.  James is out at a Stampede Party and should be home before Spencer's class is done.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Today is the first of three for Spence to do his Bronze Medallion.  I let Spence sleep in and once he got up he had the ethiopian stew and teff crepes I made in the morning.

Kelly & Sam came over to drop off some plants and then we headed off to Spencer's class. 

Monday, July 02, 2012

What a long weekend!

Saturday we had planned to head out to Banff/Canmore for lunch & a walk and had never gotten up to the speed limit on the highway by the time we came to the Cochrane we turned around. 

We puttered around the house, ordered Thai for supper and chilled.  Sunday, we had planned to go paintballing - but I had not been feeling well Saturday night, Spence was very tired and it was starting to rain - so we called it a rest day instead and continued to putter.

Monday was a stay at home and rest day again and other than getting some groceries, we didn't do much. 

So overall, a very good weekend.