Friday, June 29, 2012

Busy two days.

Thursday just flew by - we started off at 7:30, getting ready for Spencer's volunteering work and popped over to get Jacob (who's also volunteering).  I dropped the boys off and headed to a client site for the morning.  The boys hit the jackpot and ended up working in the vault, where they love being (all the good stuff is hidden away of course).

The boys got a ride home with Joanne and Spence decided to stay for a bit.  In the meantime, I hit Community for a few things, picked up some stuff from Kelly (including Spencer's jacket, which we forgot the day before), did a few other errands and then headed over to Joanne's for some home made ice tea.  We sat on her deck and chilled until it was time for us to go and grab Karma from daycare and go to Corbin's place for his BD party.

Corbin lives down in McKenzie Town - so a good 45 minutes when traffic is good.  We left ourselves plenty of time and made it there with 5 minutes to spare.  Karma and I went for a walk and then I headed to the mall and when I was done, Karma and I went for another quick walk before I headed over to Corbin's for a quick visit with his mom.

The boys were having a great time and Spence didn't want to leave - even though it was closing in on 9:30 and we had soccer the next day.

We got home around 10 and he took his shower and headed straight to bed.

Today, I let him sleep in because I knew it would be a full day.  He got up at 10am and still wanted more sleep, but we were going to be late.  I made our lunch and we headed out the door with Karma in tow.  We arrived a few minutes late, but still enough time for Spence to play almost a full game.  It was our last soccer day of the season and it was lovely outside.

Karma and I went for a walk, while the kids played and then we all met up at Krisanne's place for a picnic lunch and the kids could continue to play.  Another round of trampoline time, some game time and some more soccer and it was 3pm before you knew it.  We left and I dropped Spence and Karma off and headed to Safeway as they were having a sale on a few things I needed.

I had made pizza dough from '00' flour in the morning and was excited to try out the new dough for tonight's supper.  The dough turned out perfect, the new sauce recipe was good - now to figure out how to quick cook the pizza - it took about 7 minutes to cook, which was way too long and changed the texture of the dough too much.  Will try the grill next time as it gets much hotter than my oven.  I'm thinking they won't let me put in a wood burning clay oven in my kitchen :)

It has been a very relaxing evening with my boys and tomorrow we plan to head out to Banff for lunch at Eddie Burger.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kelly, Derek, Spence & Sam at Crater Rock

Kelly made her first climb

I started off by taking the dogs to the vet for their annual west coast checkup & meds.  Hunter is a 'tubby dog' he's gained 10 lbs in 6 months and Karma has lost 3 lbs in 6 months - so Hunter is on a calorie reduced food and Karma is on a calorie increased food. 

Once home, Spence and I started with the Alchemist, silent reading, history - Copernicus today.  We then continued with spelling, drums, more longitude and latitude in math - which despite what Spence thinks, he's doing well.  He's calculating the new coordinates in his head, which is pretty darned good.

He did his printing and noted his sources in his essay and then we went out to the field to work with Karma.  She was not going to help us out, so we played fetch instead - still training, but she was into that for a good 10 minutes before she lost interest in it.

We packed up then and headed off to Crater Rock to do a bit of outdoor bouldering with Sam & Kelly.  Sam's grandad was there as well (he's here for a visit from the island) and even did some climbing with us.  Kelly also strapped on some shoes and did 2 climbs. 

We decided to leave just after an hour had passed and headed to Marble Slab where Kelly treated the boys to ice cream.  We headed over to her place and the boys got a quick play in before we had to leave for home.

I dropped off Spence and Karma and headed to the climbing gym for a quick climb with James and managed to climb until I couldn't hold onto the wall anymore (about 20 minutes today + the 10 or 15 on the rock earlier - yay!).

We got home and I made Thai Noodle Salad, which Spence likes warm and I like cold.  James wasn't into it tonight, so he made himself some sandwiches.  Now it's time to chill and relax for the rest of tonight.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I had a dentist appointment early this morning, so I let Spence sleep in until I got home.  We started with the Alchemist, spelling and then Deadliest Warrior.  We packed up to meet with James for lunch downtown as a treat and then dessert at a cake shop next door.

I dropped Spence off at home to finish up with math (latitude & longitude calculations today), silent reading, printing and vacuuming the house.  I went grocery shopping and figured out I was an old fuddy duddy - almost ran over some teens who were smoking and running out in front of cars on dares - I was annoyed, they should be in school and then I remembered they were done for the year.

I got home, unloaded the stuff and worked through some of the math calculations with Spence and then we headed off to drum lessons (last one until fall), where Spence got his summer homework - a complicated beat that he'll have to work on all summer.

We got home, I worked on taco tuesday supper stuff and then went off to get Karma from her temporary daycare - she was so tired, she laid down on the floor at the shop and went to sleep.  She is definitely getting lots of play time in at the place.

Monday, June 25, 2012

We started with taking Hunter out for a grooming, Karma to the temporary daycare (her regular daycare is being renovated), made a loaf of bread and the home to get Spence up and going for school. 

We started with our new book - Alchemist, then did math, spelling, silent reading, watched Fight Science.  Spence did his printing (a very quick small sentence today), drum practice and then got ready to go to Lake Day.

We finished packing the truck with lunch, beach stuff, etc and headed out to MR Paintball to see if they had a scope for Spencer's marker.  Spence scored a deal - $15 for a scope that the owner had used on his own gun previously.  He also found an alloy cocking mechanism for his gun to replace the plastic one that broke. 

We headed off to Midnapore Lake after that and he had a great time with friends - in the water, the tennis courts and generally having a good time.

We left just after 3pm and headed to the climbing wall off Centre Street and met James there for a quick climb.  I managed a half hour today and Spence, although he hasn't climbed since March, managed to climb an overhang 3 times to the top.

The boys headed off to Peter's to get a milkshake for Spence and I headed off to get Hunter, then Karma and head home myself.

We made cheese stuffed ravioli with roasted red pepper sauce for the boys and leftovers from last night for me.

Now it's time to relax and watch some TV for the rest of the night.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Well, I slept in and that meant we didn't get a great table at the paintball place...oh well.  We left after a later breakfast for Bragg Creek Paintball's Gun Owner Appreciation day.  The boys and James all had a great time playing, Karma spent half of the time digging the wet ground and rolling in mud and the other half calming herself down after the thunderstorm rolled through. 

I managed to start a new book and I kept dry under a covered table.  The boys got free food and James and I noshed on crackers.

We took Jonathan home around 2pm and when we got home, I put the roast in the oven for supper, made mashed potatoes, gravy and worked on a new loaf of bread.  I'm having trouble with the bread - over the past week, they all come out very heavy and I'm thinking it's the humidity, but am having trouble adjusting technique / ingredients appropriately.  By the time I figure out how to bake in this weather, it'll be winter and I'll have to start over again.  Oh well.

Not much else planned for the night - we already walked the dogs and now are planning on relaxing on the couches.