Saturday, June 23, 2012

So, we relaxed today - James went swimming, Spence relaxed, I did a bunch of chores.  Grampa came over around 4:30 for a visit, Jonathan arrived around 3 for his sleepover.

We headed over for pizza after grampa left and the boys headed back to the lounge to eat and play more video games / watch TV.

Now it's time to chill for the rest of the night.
Terrific time at soccer today.  Spence got up on his own at 8:30 - I had told him that he couldn't play soccer if he was still sick, but he got up and had breakfast and did school all without complaint. 

While he finished school, I moved around a few things and then just before we left had Spence help me move the buffet to the dining area and the TV off the TV stand.  We moved the living room furniture around today.

For school we took it easy - spelling, math quiz, history, silent reading and drums.  For history today, we read about the Catholic church making changes after the reform movement started.

We then packed up and headed off to soccer.  Today, we had our end of year party (we still have one more soccer day, but the weather was good and we didn't know how it would be next week).  He played and ran and had a great time and then hung out and played some more.  It was 4:15 when we left and headed home to get Karma and relax.

James had come home by the time we arrived and had put our home theatre back together - man does the room ever look bigger now - and not as narrow as it did before.  We made fries and veggie chicken nuggets for the boys dinner and I headed out for my monthly mom's coffee.  We had the great time chatting and as always closed down the coffee shop.  We ended up talking until nearly midnight.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

So we had planned on a regular Thursday - go to Museum, come home....instead....Spence woke up early and tried eating soup and that did not go down well.  He crawled back into bed with crackers and gingerale and napped / watched TV.

He was feeling better by noon, but said he wasn't sure if he wanted to eat yet.  We went to the docs for a follow up visit for the lightning and he was given a tentative thumbs up.  If we notice he's changing (not in a normal way of course), personality, tummy troubles (once he's over the flu), bloating, etc - then bring him back immediately and they'll do more blood work.

Spence is doing well otherwise and he was told to keep being active so that his muscles continue to heal from the injury.

We went to the German store on the way home to get a few things for tomorrow's picnic and Black Forrest Cake for Spence.

I took a little break before cleaning the kitchen and getting supper organized (rice with stir fried veggies).

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Recovery day for Spence - he slept in, watched more Harry with Karma & Hunter and had some crackers, gingerale and moved onto burritos.  When he had moved onto burritos, we knew he was on the mend.

He decided to go to his last driver's ed class, so hopefully that wont set him back as he wants to do his volunteer work tomorrow.

James went for a nice run when he got home and we all pretty much scrounged - Spence with a burrito, James with clam chowder and I had coconut yogurt, fruit and banana bread.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spence woke up today with a fever, tummy ache and I sent him back to bed.  He got up near 11 and we spent the day reading and watching Harry Potter.  He cuddled up on the couch, then the bed.  I did a bit of work, snuggled and did our groceries.

I managed to start getting whatever Spence has - earache, tummy ache, head ache....hoping I'm good by tomorrow as I have a lunch out and don't want to miss it.

Monday, June 18, 2012

We started off with breakfast and more Invincible, then some spelling and math before it was time to take a look at a house.  We've decided to do some renovations (more than just my painting the walls) and so we thought we'd check out what our dollars could buy if we moved instead.

Spence of course loved the house (it had a fully decked out basement with fireplace), while I saw all the same work I had to do there as I had in our current house - so it was good to go see, but I didn't think it was worth moving for. 

When we got home, I continued to call various trades to get some idea of the costs for the items I want done and Spence continued with school.

History - Protestants today, some silent reading, drums, printing practice and his AMA homework (he was learning his lines - he was the judge in the skit tonight).

Then we went to practice some more driving and he went another 3 or 4 blocks today on the side streets and then we switched and drove to Southland Leisure Centre to meet up with Jake, Chris, Ethan & Lina.  Coreen was in the pool with the kids as Lina is still a bit young to be on her own and Amy and I got to chat for just over 2 hours while the boys did their thing.

We finished at 3:30 and headed home - tonight was a scrounge / soup / salad night and so Spence decided to have pizza, I had salad and James did some scrounging.  I took Spence to his class early, picking Karma up on the way.  Karma and I then stopped at the pet store to get her a new dog bed for Spencer's room she has been pretty antsy at bed time.

We came home and went for a walk - it started to pour as we were walking home.  The lightning warning had sounded just after we got home for the golf course (good thing we live close to one), glad we got home before the thunder/lightning came rolling through.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

For father's day - we decided to do nothing.  James relaxed all day and so did the rest of us.  It was a very nice relaxing Sunday.