Saturday, June 16, 2012

Had a pretty good day all around, James went into work and we all met up at Tubby Dog @ 12:30 for lunch.  Good stuff once in a while - just can't eat that stuff all the time. 

The boys went home and I stopped at George Pope and Passione to check out their sales and then to Checkmate Shoes - but didn't find anything.  I popped in to Safeway and got some supper fixings.

I took a nap, while the boys played video games.  We walked the dogs, made supper and watched a movie before Spence headed back upstairs and James and I sat down for a second movie.

Friday, June 15, 2012

I let Spence sleep in a bit before we started school.  We did our reading, then math quiz, spelling quiz, I reviewed his essay and made some notes for our Monday review.  He did his drums and we read about the printing press and then it was time to eat and get ready to head out to soccer.

Although it had rained all morning, it was dry about an hour before the kids were going to play - so we went.  I was freezing and eventually gave up sitting outside and waited in the car.  When he finished playing we headed straight home for lunch / shower in order to be ready for when Corbin came over.

Corbin and his mom came by just after we'd finished cleaning up a bit and the boys played some games upstairs, while Rebecca and I had some coffee and caught up.  It was great to visit with her and once they left, we got ready to head over to Kinjo's for supper.

We finished supper and the boys headed off to the computer store to see what was new and I headed over to get Karma from daycare.  Once we all got home, we walked the dogs and then chilled for the rest of the night.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A regular Thursday for us - got Spence up and after breakfast we headed to the museum.  We got there really early - not sure what happened to all the traffic we usually get on our way, but that gave us time to go to Volvo to get some paint I had ordered for the truck.

I dropped Spence off and then headed to my client's place.  I had planned to go to a store when I was done with work, but ended up working a bit longer than I had thought I would, so I just went to pick Spence up.

We quickly headed home for me to change into jeans before going to the theatre to see Men In Black.  We weren't alone for the first time in a long time in the theatre, but we still had the row to ourselves.

The movie was good and we both enjoyed it.  We headed to Rona afterwards to get Spence his blackout blinds and for me to price out some window coverings.  We came home, installed the new blinds and then he chilled and I made supper - pasta with roasted red pepper sauce and chorizo tonight.  Then we pretty much relaxed for the rest of the night while we watched the rain fall outside.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

After breakfast and a chapter in our book, we did spelling and math then cursive.  Karma's training was up next and Rebecca came over to work with Karma today.  We actually were half a field away and playing tag with her, when she decided she was tired and just plopped herself on the ground and took a nap.  It had started to rain at that point so we were going to pack it up, when another dog came by (Peak).  Karma was really doing well today and so she got to play with Peak and then sat for a treat and went back to play.  We wrapped it up, just before the thunder rolled in - which was good because Karma decided thunder is bad and went to hide under a table and between my legs while I was in the kitchen cleaning up. 

We read some history (renaissance today) and Spence did some drums and worked on his essay.  I headed over to the climbing wall for a quick climb and then I worked on supper (butter chicken, rice and curried carrot & coconut soup). 

I had to go for a physio and so left the dogs with Spence - he snuggled with Karma calming her down (you could see her heart thumping) while I was out and when I got home I took over the Karma calming.  I finished making supper, just as James came home and we headed over to the BMW dealership.

Fairmont had a deal - if you test drove a car, you got $50 gift certificate ... well we couldn't resist.  We drove the X6 crossover, which I thought I would love - but didn't and James thought he would not like and loved it.  Go figure.

We came home and walked the dogs right away and then settled in to have supper.  Spencer had another driver's ed class tonight and so I popped him over to AMA for his class. 

While he was in class, James and I chilled and when Spence was done, I went and grabbed him.  He said he's playing a judge in a mock courtroom scene for his class on Monday - so he has lines to study :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Well, I had decided we needed a rest day - we did school throughout the day, some chores and some chillin.

We started with Invincible (the 3rd book in the series we're reading), then spelling, math - working on rays today.  We read about Henry VIII and his fondness for killing off his wives, printing practice, AMA driver's ed homework, lunch and then chores.

Spence managed to vacuum the house and get ready for drums before settling in to watch a bit of TV.  We left a bit early, so he could drive the few blocks again - this time he had some pretty nasty drivers behind and around him.  He pulled over a lot, but he still got some glares .... he did better today though even with the extra cars on the road.  He managed almost a steady 40 km/hr for most of the ride. 

We then went off to drums and when we got home, he went off to play some video games while I finished making supper.

Today, I had decided to bake some cookies - but did something wrong as they came out flat and crispy instead of fluffy and soft....will have to try again :)  I also made some banana bread as we had a bunch of banana's which were past eating stage and I froze the rest of them.

I've got some bread rising and made some guacamole, heated up some refried beans and made veggie taco meat.  All set for Taco Tuesday!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Very busy day today - back at it and all.

We started off with reading Invincible, then onto silent reading, history (Martin Luther today), then we did our spelling and figured out our paintballing days for the next few weeks.  Spence practiced his writing skills, then did angles in math, drum practice and finished off with working on his WWII essay.

We had a quick lunch and then Spence practiced his driving - he did sooo well today.  He started in our driveway, went to the dirt track (like usual), then turned right and followed the road to the school about 6 - 7 blocks away and then after turning left at a 4-way stop, he parked at the side of the road and got out - he was even driving a solid 35 km/hr (which he thought was way too fast).

Then we headed off to Badlands.  They told us at the north store that we needed to go to the south store....the road was closed for we ended up having to go a really long way around, then the store said, nope can't help you - call the mfg - couldn't they tell us that when we were at the north store or even when I called to confirm we needed to come down?  then we headed back north to Northland to get FIFA11 - but that was sold out and so we finally found FIFA10 ($15!) so all good.  I however, managed to lose my keys - they must have dropped out of my purse somehow.  The mall security had them, so we headed home.

We then took Karma out to the field to work with her and she did great!  about 20 feet between Spence and me and we'd call her back and forth, have her sit, have her follow us - all with her leash dragging on the ground....YIPPEE.  All without any distractions (ie. no other dogs around, but one step at a time).

Spence also practiced with his soccer ball for a bit and then we went back home - he wanted to try out his new game and I needed to check my email and start on supper.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

We had a semi-relaxing day - James went for his swim practice and came back uber tired.  Spence went for his Jr. Lifeguard club and then he was off with grampa to watch a movie.  I stayed home and did a bit of work, tidied up a bit and made a very bad apple crisp (what a waste of good apples).

We all were back together by supper and had hot dogs while watching our movie for Sunday night - Grown Ups.

James went to bed early, Spence is still recovering - so I'll be putting him to bed a bit earlier and I'll try and catch up on a bit of work that I've been avoiding by being sick :)