Saturday, June 09, 2012

Well Thursday started out fine, a bit of a tummy ache for Spence from Wednesday night but he thought he was good to go for his volunteer shift.  We got to the museum and about 15 minutes in he said we needed to go home.  We cancelled the rest of the days activities and went home.

We tucked into the master bedroom, watched shows and read books while he made trips to the bathroom and had gingerale and rice chips.  By late afternoon, I was in as bad a shape as he was and we both decided we'd go to bed around 9pm.

By Friday morning Spence was feeling much better and I was in bad shape.  We skipped Friday's activities too - I slept until around 1:30 and he managed his own breakfast and lunch.  The boys ordered chinese when James got home from work and I managed my first bowl of rice last night after a full day of gingerale, crackers and sun chips.

We watched Sherlock Holmes last night, which was a good flick.

Today Spence is right as rain, I'm in the same shape he was in yesterday - so I'll take it easy, but feel I can actually do ok with food (even had a cup of coffee this morning).  The boys are off with Grampa to their all guys horse trail day and I'm going to walk the dogs and tidy up a bit...maybe make some breakfast type bread for tomorrow.  Glad to be feeling better.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Good day with the orthodontist today.  We started with a bit of reading and spelling and then got ready to head to the orthodontist for a checkup - Spence did great!  Braces are coming off this fall (we'll find out in August the actual date).

We decided to head to the Bay to see if we could find some jeans / wallet on sale and ended up at H&M, Le Chateau and Underground - got some vests and a tie along with the 2 pairs of jeans and wallet.  Spence did really well, most of the stuff was on sale even (so I was happy).

We got home and finished math, drums, a bit of Italian, we tried to train Karma (but she was so tired, she wasn't in the mood to listen to us - other than to lay down and sleep).  We also talked about what I wanted to see in his next essay (structure wise) and a due date.  We read a bit more and he did his printing practice and then we did chores and made supper - tonight it was jambalaya (chicken & shrimp) which turned out pretty good.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Well another busy day for us - originally we were going to do another paintball fieldtrip day, but with the thunder/lightning last night and into this morning we decided against it.  Not going meant that Spence could sleep in a bit, which I thought would be good for him as he still seems really exhausted.

Once he got up, we read two chapters of our new book (Infinity), we tried to watch our latest Korra but the download was not cooperating.  We did a math quiz, spelling, we read about the Azetecs and Spence read some more Teen Titan comic books.

I took off then to see if I could find a dishwasher and Spence made himself lunch and proceeded to burn his finger and then proceeded to step on a bone Karma had been chewing on and left on the floor under a blanket. 

I found a good replacement dishwasher (I hope) and it should be delivered at the beginning of July.  I am hoping I'll have this next one for 10 years or more.  I dropped off the dry cleaning and picked up some new bras.  I then stopped off at home to get Spence and we headed off to the climbing wall, where I managed a solid 10 minutes on a bit on an incline - which was great, a bit of a harder wall and some harder routes.  Spence declined to climb due to finger/foot issues :)

We did stop at Peter's on the way to Badland's for their magic elixir to help heal his injuries :)

Badlands showed us how to switch out the dispenser stuff, but couldn't help with the broken piece.  We have to go to Badlands south location to drop it off at their shop (so that's a Thursday chore).

We headed quickly to Northland.  We stopped at the post office to drop off the Skullcandy headphones that broke after 3 months of use (luckily they have a lifetime warranty).  We then split up - I went to EB to get the game Spence wanted and he went to the store to get socks (he forgot his when we left home).  We continued to the drum class and then home.  Spence chilled upstairs and I worked on supper - got the quesadilla fixings organized for James, made taco fixings for Spence and finished making my stew (Basque style spicy chorizo - vegan).

I grabbed Karma from daycare and we walked the dogs.  James got ready to go swimming and Spence chilled for the rest of the night.
Sam & Kelly coming to join us at the Military Museum Open House

Mom's getting a good picture together

Viking display

The boys, hanging out

Now that's one short skirt!

Gladiator executioner

Waiting for their turn...

Hamming it up

Practicing his paintballing skills

Slaves 1, Executioners 0

Smoke bomb seemed like a good idea at the time....need to take wind into consideration next time

Knights, black against white - white always wins :)

Sam & Kelly asking questions after the exhibition

Just chillin, watching the show

The Vikings...forget the weapons, just go for the choke hold

Guns, against swords is no match...guns against zombies...more evenly matched :)  Free for all fight at the end of the day

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Sooo tired after today.

I got to sleep in until 9 with the pups and then we got rollin with waffles and espresso for James and I and soup for Spence. 

James and Spence headed off just before lunch to Talisman for their various activities there and I stayed home to bake and cook.  I had planned on making lasagna, but discovered a lack of noodles and decided on chorizo with mashed potatoes, gravy and corn/peas for supper instead.  So after I had made the lasagna sauce, I made the other supper. 

While that was cooking along, I got some baking done - bread (we were fresh out), banana bread for breakfasts and some madeline cookies for our sweets this week (forgot the lemon zest - urg). 

I was done, about 10 minutes before I had planned to leave to get Spence and so I had enough time to take the dogs out for a quick walk before putting them in our room for an hour or two.

I grabbed Spence and we headed off to the military museum for their open house (pictures to follow), while James finished his swim practice.

Spence and I met up with a bunch of other h/s families and we ended up spending the afternoon with Sam & Kelly.

We left after the final fight and headed home to see grama & grampa before they left for the Island.  Grama & grampa had dropped by to visit before their flight and it was great to see them again.  Grama traded the duplicate pandora for a really cute new one.

Once they left, we had supper and walked the dogs before we settled in for the night.