Saturday, May 05, 2012

Sick day today - we all felt  under the weather and decided to stay home and relax.  Made roast beef with tater tots and gravy for supper and lots of naps / TV watching going on today.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Busy day - we started with going to Walmart to get shoes / shin guards and got some gatorade and crackers for the car too.  Then Spence did some practice driving on a little side street and did well after the initial try - a lot different than video game driving.

Then we went to the soccer field for his first h/s game and promptly had someone step on his foot while he was twisting around and ended up with an injured ankle (not enough to stop playing though).  He seemed to be a soccer ball magnet - one in the stomach and then one in the back.

He helped take all the stuff off the field afterwards and then we hit McDonald's on the way to Jacob's place.  They both settled in and didn't move around too much as Spencer's ankle was still hurting.  I had a great visit with Joanne in the meantime.

We were going to go to Ninjitsu tonight, but bailed due to the ankle.  We had garlic mashed potatoes with gravy and veggie chicken patty for supper and now it's time to chill for the rest of the night.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

We all got up pretty early and got ready to go.  Spence went to his museum job and LOVED IT!  We went home and Jonathan came over shortly after for some fun time - including Dance Central - yes, they looked silly dancing, but laughed a lot!

I had a horrible tummy ache all day and felt nauseous every time I ate.  Both Spence and James were still under the weather tummy wise, so dinner tonight was pretty light - spaghetti with sauce.

We chilled watching our shows for the rest of the night.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Well, it's sicky day at our house today.

Spence woke up with a headache and tummy upset and so did James.  James braved it and went to work but was back by 10 and on the couch and then in bed.

I took the dogs for a big walk/play and then went to the passport office and got Spencer's passport renewal done.  I picked up some groceries and then headed off to a client's for a few meetings.

When I got home, we had soup, and a lot of comfort snacks.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Staycation day for James too :)

After his morning workout, he chilled until Karma head butted me and got me up at 8:30.  We both chilled with the dogs until 9:30 and then met up with Marion & Lexi for a walk. 

Once we got home, we all left to head out to Cross Iron Mills and after a good walk, went to South St. Burger and headed home.

We all chilled for a few hours and then went to Kinjo's for supper and now I've had a cupcake and it's time for me to fast for 12 hours (have bloodwork in the AM) and for James to head out to swim practice.

Back to work tomorrow for James, Spence still has a few days off - so we plan on practicing driving skills tomorrow.
Monday was a relaxing and easy day for Spence and me - we started our staycation.  Both Spence and I thought we had somewhere to go, but neither of us could remember where and no one called to say we missed an event, so we chilled instead.

Got some stuff done around the house, watched some shows and then I got ready to head out with James for his end of tax season company party.  Spence decided on having pizza for supper, since we were out.

James of course worked and then ended up staying late to finish the last of the tax stuff and then came home to pick me up and we went down to the party.  This year it was held at Wurst (a German restaurant) which was good and they even made a vegan meal for me. 

We got home just before nine and settled in for some chill time in front of the TV.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

James got up early and headed out for a ride with Christine.  He promptly blew his tire, but luckily his riding partner had a spare and so they were on their way again shortly.

Karma decided I'd had enough sleep by 8:30 and so the dogs and I got up and had a quick bite before heading out for our walk.  We ran into a few dogs, but only got a short play as everyone wanted to get back home.  It was nice to get back and get breakfast.

James got home and by that time it was almost 11am and time for us to get ready for lunch at Pulcinella and then we headed to Safeway/Memory Express - Safeway for me to get ice cream supplies and Memory Express for the boys to check out laptops. 

Then home to chill/nap and then left over appies/food for dinner.