Saturday, April 28, 2012

James got up early and headed out to work and then to swim class.  I got to sleep in until 9am with the pups and then headed out to walk with them.  I started working on supper / dessert then - vanilla cupcakes with frosting (butter frosting & cream cheese frosting), gnocchi and tomato sauce for supper and some fresh bread. 

James came home and we chilled on the patio a bit before I headed off for a nap.  When I got up, we made supper (gnocchi, sauce, spolumbo sausage) and then headed off for a walk with the dogs.

When we got home, we got some cheese and crackers out with a new wine and then we finished with cupcakes.  Really good supper and very good day.

Friday, April 27, 2012

We started with Atlas Shrugged, then watched Time Travel (through the wormhole), then spelling, math, printing, drums and Italian.  We went to his last swim class - he passed (yay) and then we went and got Karma from daycare.

We came home, walked the dogs and finished making supper - fresh corn on the cob, potatoes sliced and covered in cheese (baked) and salad.  Spence got his pizza. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

We started with Through the Wormhole (Black Holes) today and then went onto Atlas Shrugged, spelling, math, practiced introducing ourselves in Italian, printing, music (Spence used garage band today to compose some music), then we had a break before lunch and heading out for some driving practice.

Spence drove the parking lot again and then ventured out on the gravel road to the end of the baseball bleachers by our house and then back to the parking lot.  I'll get whiplash before he learns to break nice and easy, but at least he's being safe :)

Then it was off to the dentist for some teeth cleaning behind the braces, doggie food for Hunter and a cool squeaky toy for Karma (squirrels in a tree trunk - she adores it - you have to get the squirrel out of the tree to get it to squeak).  Then it was off to the cheese shop - lots of cool crackers and neat cheeses and finally to the wine store to get some ice wine for the fridge.

We got home and Spence finished up with his chores (vacuuming the house and get all the dishes out of his lounge and down to the dishwasher) and I went to get Karma from daycare.  When I got home, I took both dogs for an almost 45 minute walk and when we got back everyone had supper - the puppies and I both were hungry.

I had made dhal (yellow lentil with potatoes), butter chicken, saffron rice and green onion naan for supper - it took most of the day, slowly cooking but it all turned out pretty well.  I had watermelon for dessert - also yummy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We started with Atlas Shrugged and went onto Through the Wormhole....which led to about 3 hours of research on the String Theory, Big Bang Theory and a variety of other theories about energy and matter and life in general.

I got him to break for lunch and then we got ready to go to Cardel for a swim with Sam/Kelly.  While the boys swam, Kelly and I walked over to Michael's and Superstore and then back.

After a good 3 hours, they called it a day and Spence and I stopped at Edo to get his supper for tonight.  I walked the dogs while he ate and then got ready as James and I are out to a wine tasting in Inglewood.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today was a pretty good first day of actual school.  We had decided to take it easy this week as next week we're on a staycation with James.

We started with Atlas Shrugged and then did math quiz, spelling quiz and he went on to watch Monster Bug Wars and read his comic books for silent reading.  He finished off with printing and some chill time before heading out for drum practice and some climbing at Stronghold.

In the meantime, I went off to see my doc about my shoulder - she knows what part of my rotator cuff is wrecked - just not sure how badly wrecked it is.  Since I can still move my arms, it's not torn all the way through and now it's a question of partially torn or sprained.  Have an ultrasound on May 18 to see which it is and a physio appt next week to start on a recovery process.

I also managed to get groceries, drop off the dry cleaning and tidy up a bit before heading back out for the drums.

As it was Taco Tuesday, Spence had a burrito, James had grilled cheese with clam chowder and I had grilled cheese and plan to add watermelon to that.
Monday was a pretty good day, with the start of our Grade 10 year.

I let Spence sleep in a bit, while I went out with Rebecca to work on training Karma. I dropped Karma off and got Spence up, he pretty much chilled while I went to the passport office to drop off our passport renewal apps.

James renewal - no problem.
Mine - too early (you can't get them renewed unless they have a year before they expire, unless it's special circumstances and mine has 2 years)
Spencer's was too early, but the girl agreed he'd changed so much in the past 3 years that he didn't look at all like the kid in the photo in the passport and might have a tough time traveling internationally.... but I had our address in the wrong line and I forgot to get James to sign his parts of the application.

I took Spencer's and mine home - redid Spencer's and will pop back down either this week or next to get Spencer's passport renewed.

When I got home, we did our Grade 10 planning (our only to do on Monday).  Spence decided on the subjects he was going to study this year and what his goals were and then we worked on our school schedule for the rest of the week.  I've got to put in a few things still (like how we're going to measure the outcomes) and then I'll send it off to Wisdom.

We chilled a bit, then I got ready to head out to my mom's dinner out.  It was both disappointing and fun - disappointing because everyone who had said they were coming, cancelled last minute (except Stephanie) and fun because Steph who did show up was great to have dinner with.  We split an appie, some breads, rice and each ordered a main - she ordered an apple curry chicken dish and I ordered a yellow lentil dhal.  The food was great and it was too bad the other mom's couldn't come.

Spence ended up with left over pasta, James with perogies and once I got home we all chilled.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Excellent way to spend a warm Sunday.

James went out for a big bike ride and I took the dogs for a big walk.  Initially, I had planned an hour walk, but with running into a small bundle of kittens with some other ladies, it took nearly an hour to rescue them out of a tree, put them in a box, haul them to Marion's so she could decide if she wanted to keep one before handing them over to the vet.  I got home just in time to leave for lunch downtown on 17th at the little Mexican place off 14th. 

Lunch was good, Spence wasn't too keen on his selection, but said it wasn't bad.  We then went to Community and grabbed a few things and then the Korean grocery next to Community to grab a few more things.

Got home fell asleep on the deck and decided I needed more nap time and went upstairs when it got shady on the deck. 

Spence woke me up about 15 minutes later as he wanted to put the colours in his hair (blue & purple) and then I figured I should make supper - home fries, chicken breast burgers and grama's multiplying salad.  Then we walked the dogs after supper and settled in to watch some TV.