Friday, April 06, 2012

Originally, I was going to have Spence do school today, but decided it would be a good movie day.  I took the dogs for a big walk, did a few chores and baked some cupcakes in between watching Tin Tin and relaxing with Spence.

We made pizza, wings, risotto and veggie chicken strips for supper and caught up on some TV.  Not a bad start to a long weekend.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

I decided to let Spence have a resty day today because I figured the relief of getting his license after all the stress, would be good.

We did Sci-Fi Science (love that show) and some printing, drum practice, math and spelling and then called it a day.  We watched some anime together, tidied up the house and I painted a wall in our bedroom.

The car had gone in to check out a leak ... we got it back at 4 and they couldn't find a leak at all.  I have to try and leave it in the garage and let it leak onto a plastic bag under the truck. 

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

So today was all about getting the Driver's License.....Spence got up and I was ready to go, but he felt that he needed a bit more study time (he really studied after the 1st two failures).  He figured out how he could study and retain the information and felt he was ready to take the test around 1pm.

We left, headed for the registry and after 20 minutes (seemed like hours to me), he finished with a big smile on his face.  He passed and was thrilled all the studying had actually helped :)

He then did his eye sight test, took his pic and got his paper copy of his Class 7 license.  I asked if he wanted to drive to Jonathan's :)  - he looked at me in a horrified way and said - nope, too scary!

So I drove to Jonathan's and they played for about 2 hours.  I apologized to Donna for being late and explained that he didn't want me to say anything to anyone until he passed.  We left their place just after 4pm and went to the Thai Chili Club for celebratory supper.

Spence and I both had Pad Thai, rice & spring rolls (to share) and James got an egg noodle chicken dish to go (really a chinese dish more than Thai I think) and he split the spring rolls with us.

He left and went to get Karma (next door) and Spence and I headed down to his science class early, as the snow was really falling.  We ended up with no traffic and all green lights and got to the south in a half hour or so. 

We headed for Starbucks and got a drink each and then wandered around Chapters.  We went to the school then and he practiced parking between the lines and learning the feel of the brakes (no gas peddle yet) and he did that for about 10 minutes.

He went into the class with Chris, and Amy and I headed back to Starbucks for more drinks and the time flew by - it was 9pm before we knew it and we headed back to pick up our boys. 

When we got home, we downloaded the new Avatar series pilot (Legend of Korra) which was as good as the original and so we got the series.  The pilot was free :)

Now it's time for bed, after a very successful day for Spence.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

We didn't do much - Spence spent most of the day studying the driver's manual - hoping he passes when he takes it tomorrow.

Monday, April 02, 2012

I got Spence up early, so that we could get our part of school done before I left for my hair appointment and then off to a client.

We started off with Atlas Shrugged, spelling, a review of the driver's handbook (Spence was out of it today, so we'll try again tomorrow).   He did his math, read his book, did printing, Italian and drums and was pretty much done school by the time I had to leave.

I got my hair done and headed off to my clients - I was done by 3:30 and headed to the store to get perogies for tonight and pick up the dogs (Hunter went in for some grooming & Karma went for a play).  Spence had left with Grama at 1pm for a movie and will stay over for supper tonight.

We plan to pretty much chill for the rest of the night.

Sunday April 1

We all pretty much chilled today.  We decided to have some of the Spolumbo sausage for supper (the boys did, I had a quinoa eggplant burger), I made mashed potatoes and gravy to go with it and finished off the oriental salad (I think it only multiplies at grama's house, it seems to disappear at our house).

The internet went down at 6:30 and didn't come back up until 11:30 at night, but our in home wifi worked and so we could still watch our shows that were on our iTunes accounts through the Apple TV. 

Overall, a pretty good weekend.