Friday, March 23, 2012

We started off ok today, but after a few hours of reading, history and spelling - Spence ran to the bathroom and threw up.

So I tucked him in our bed, TV on, snuggling in with waste basket and no further activities for today.  Poor kid, thought he was better :(

Well, he was feeling better and bored from watching TV and napping - so we finished off our math, printing, driver's practice exam, a bit of Italian and we reviewed a bit more of his essay together.

Now he's chillin talking with friends and trying to figure out what we'll have for supper - pizza we think is out as we don't want him to upchuck again...maybe more soup and crackers. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I got Spence up early today as we had his annual exam.  While he ate breakfast, we read Atlas Shrugged and then headed off to the doc's office. 

Spence did well - he's growing slowly (doc thinks he's done the majority of his growth spurts) and he's healthy - right where the doc expects him to be - average height & weight for a 14 year old boy - yay! 

Doc said teen kids needed 10 - 14 hrs sleep on average (check), healthy food (check) and lots of activity (check) :)

We left the docs office and headed to Edelweiss (the German shop) and got a few things for my mom and also for us, including some Black Forrest cake for Spence.

We then stopped at EB to get some BD gifts and Walmart for Nutella (we're making Nutella cookies next week) and finally headed home to do school.

Spence wanted to check out the Shogun Total War before we started, then he did his printing, read his comic books, did his math, spelling, worked on his essay, drums and Italian.

We headed off to bowling for Jake & Chris' BD bowling.  We met up with Jake & Chris and the boys bowled, while Amy and I went purse purse broke as I was getting some cash out for Spence (maybe it was old enough that it needed replacing...but I loved that little purse).

When the boys were done, we all met up and went over to Bliss for cupcakes - I don't much like Crave, but I loved Bliss!  The cupcakes were not as sweet as Crave and the topping was also not too sweet.  We walked around the mall, went to EB for the boys to spend their gift cards and and then back towards home.

Spence and I stopped at Memory Express and got an air canister to clean out his computer tomorrow.  We then went to get Karma and work on supper.  Spence had taco Thursday, because he missed it on Tuesday and James / I had veggie chicken melt with rice.

James went to the swim club, I walked Karma one last time tonight and now it's time to chill and relax.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spence was still sick this morning and so I let him rest until he was ready - we did eventually start and decided we'd get back into it slowly.

We started with a math quiz, spelling and then moved into watching a bunch of Decisive Battles and then Human Weapon and finally he finished off with a bunch of reading.

I managed to do some chores (not as many as I had hoped though) and I even tried out my little green carpet cleaner - which worked pretty well for a little hand held device.  Some of the pet stains will have to have another cleaning, but the newer ones cleaned up well.

Headed off to get Karma and worked on supper - burgers with wedge fries & gravy.  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

James got up - still sick, but went to work.  Spence didn't do as well and so he had another sick day.  I did groceries and ran errands while he lay in bed resting.

I went off to get my mother new toner for her laser printer - 3 stores and nothing, at the 4th store I gave up and bought a new printer.  I got home and made supper - mashed potatoes for Spence and veggie meat / noodles and gravy for James and me.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Well, both James and Spence were sick today and so I left them at home and headed off to see a client.  By the time I was heading home, it was time to pick Karma up and once home, I made grilled cheese sandwiches and some soup for supper - hit the spot for comfort food. 

Spence is chillin and James is napping - hopefully both will be better by tomorrow.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

We had a great evening last night with Jeff & Teresa and Spence had a great time with Jonathan.  This morning we had crepes and hashbrowns with coffee for breakfast and afterwards, Jeff & Teresa left for some shopping and the boys played for a while. 

After lunch, I left with the boys to go drop off Jonathan and ended up leaving Spence over at his house.  They had a great play and Jonathan's parents were nice enough to drop Spence off while doing errands in town.

James and I chilled in the meantime - I was busy setting up my mom's new computer and trying to figure out what to eat for supper....ended up making ginger chicken (we had some frozen), rice and pot stickers - not bad, but not one of my best meals. 

We ran out of bread and banana bread and all I got was whining I'll have to make some more this week.

James was getting sick and decided to toddle off to bed early, Spence is still sick and I think worse as his sniffles are now non-stop and Karma's scraped paw is giving her lots of grief, so she doesn't want to do anything - hopefully one more day off her paws and she'll be ready to go again.  Planning to have Spence take it easy tomorrow, so that he can be better later in the week when we have plans to go bowling and swimming.