Saturday, March 17, 2012

Everyone (except James) slept in today - James went out for a run.  I took Karma out for a walk and we played fetch in the tennis courts until Lucky came around.  The pups played for a while, when they were done, Karma had managed to scrape her paws raw and was limping.

James and I headed out to the downtown core for some shopping.  I am missing a few pairs of slacks and off we went.  We went to Blu's, Holt Renfrew, Brooks Brothers, Fluevog, Harry Rosen - the last place wasn't for me.  James had his own list of items to shop for.

We both did well - and then headed to Best Buy to get an iMac for my mom and James got a new monitor for work.

Then we came home, Jonathan came over shortly after we arrived and we headed off to Kinjo's for supper.  When we got home, I finished getting the guest room ready and shortly after that Jeff & Teresa came to our place after skiing in Banff for the weekend.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spence woke up with a sore throat, tummy and head we decided today was a history show day.  He watched history shows (Decisive Battles), read his books and trained with Karma.

We headed to swim class and Spence did well, he has some stuff he wants to work on this coming week and so we'll hit the pool this week to work on stuff.

We got home and I started supper - pizza for Spence and I was going to make spaghetti with sauce, but noticed I only had the rice spaghetti, so I tried that (not great).  Watching movies and chilling for the rest of the night.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spence was pretty wore out and he had a chinook headache to boot.  I let him sleep in today, it was the first time in a long time he said he felt like he needed a day off, so instead I made him do school :)

We took it easy and did school throughout the day and took some of the stuff off our list.

We started with Atlas Shrugged and then he watched two Decisive Battles shows, read several comic books, worked with Karma on some commands, did spelling, decided he needed a shower and then worked on his essay with me - the editing process is hard.  Then he did math, printing, drum practice and Italian and finally he tidied up his room a bit.

In the meantime, I took the doors off the pantry cabinet and then demolished the front frame of the cabinet, in order to open it up so that I could put in standard sliding baskets in there - this is the only cabinet we have that is standard depth (22") or close to anyways and I can't reach all the way back without having to get on my knees - so I'm putting in pull out baskets and that way I can organize stuff and be able to actually reach it all.  Tomorrow I paint the cabinet the same colour as the wall, as I am leaving it open and then I need to get the baskets and install them.

I left around 3pm to meet James at his office, so that we could climb together.  We had a good session at the north gym and even with an elbow that hurts, I managed to finish the route I've been working on and am now working to make it more efficient and smooth.  James is working some great problems too and has been able to smooth out some of his movements on the routes he's comfortable with.  I think I need to take next week off climbing (well most of the week) so that my elbow can heal.  I'll try and do some exercises for it, but probably need to not strain it so I can continue climbing.

We got home and I made hot dogs & fries for supper and now we're gonna chill for the rest of the evening.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So Shaw came by at 8am (I had a 4 hour window) and they dismantled the gateway system so that I could return it to the store.

Spence was up by 8:30 and we were well on our way to getting school done.  We read extra today, did a little bit more math than usual and did spelling & printing.

We decided to do double school tomorrow for the rest of our schedule as we had to head out to the pool for treading water practice.  We left just after 10am, hit all the lights and picked up Sam on the way to Cardel.  Spence did 30 seconds and then 45 seconds and then he and Sam spent the next almost 2 hours in the lazy river and jumping off the rock wall area they have in the pool.  I managed a few laps before deciding I'd had enough exercise to allow myself a soak in the hot tub :)

We had opted to grab lunch on the go and stopped at Edo Japan for the boys and I got s salad from Jugo Juice (the wild rice and soy bean salad) and topped that off with a fruit smoothie.

We stopped at home to drop off our wet stuff and grab some water bottles and then headed to the Shaw store to return the devices - got our credit back and headed down to No Limits for Parkour.

I dropped the boys off and headed to the climbing wall - they have new routes up!  I managed about 6 full climbs today and 3 more that I didn't quit make to the top, so pretty happy - although my elbow is killing me, even when I lift light stuff, so I'm thinking I might need to wear a brace when climbing - I'll be decked out in braces :)

I headed back towards the Parkour class and stopped at the pet store to get some food for the dogs, then got a new blutooth headset as mine is so crackly that no one can hear me (that's what everyone was saying - on my end, it was working fine) and I got the one that had the best consumer rating, so I'm hoping it works well and lasts for a while (the last one was about 4 years old).

Then it was back to the gym to do a bit of work and wait for the boys to finish their class.  When they were done, we went to pick Karma up from doggie daycare and I decided she will stay home until Monday now - she's so tired, she didn't even want to go for a walk when I took her out of the daycare, she just wanted to sleep in the car.

The boys stopped and got some drinks at Macs and after supper (we scrounged and came up with frozen lasagna) we headed back to the daycare for doggie school.  She was so tired - she lay down on her side and fell asleep.  She did get up for a play though (never too tired to play) and she did really well with the basic if she'll only come back when you call her.

The boys made a game out of throwing the balls between the dogs - which the dogs loved for the most part and then by the time we got home, it was time for Sam to go home. 

James in the meantime went out with some buddies for supper and beat us home by about a half hour. We pretty much chilled the rest of the night.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It was busy today again.  Spence started to watch Ancient Discoveries when our entire PVR system went out.  We've not had cable for several days and now our little box tops wouldn't talk to the main box in the basement.  So while he watched a show on our Apple TV, I bickered with Shaw until they agreed to refund me our entire purchase and we'll drop off the equipment tomorrow.

They initially said that they would refund us the $, then said no - you had to do that within 30 days of purchasing the equipment (5 months in use), then after I had them read the notes and see they've been to our house more in the past 5 months than in the past 5 years, they agreed to a full refund and a credit for the lost days of cable TV.  Over an hour on the phone with them, but at least we're getting our cash back and going back to something that works.

Spence continued with school while I sat on the phone, he read some comic books and then did his math, Italian and essay.  He continued with the Driver's handbook and then he tidied up a bit and got ready for drums.

I managed to head out for groceries while he finished up and had lunch and then we both headed out to the bottle depot and drum lessons.

When we got home, it was really windy and when I turned around to look out our kitchen window it was white out conditions - the snow was so thick, you couldn't see more than a few feet in front of you.  This only lasted about 10 or 15 minutes and by the time we were ready to walk the dogs in full winter gear, it was sunny again and it warmed up with a chinook wind.

We made taco's for supper and chilled until the fellow who was getting our fish tank came by - I helped him load it all up and now our dining area looks huge.


Monday, March 12, 2012

We read Atlas Shrugged and then did math quiz & spelling.  Spence watched Brad Meltzer's Mafia, drums, driver's exam, printing and he worked on his essay. 

He chilled a bit, I went out and bought a new vacuum (dyson animal) - which we tried right away.  It really did work well, hopefully it'll last the full 5 years the warranty is good for :)

Spence left to go to Safe House with grama and I did some more chores around the house.  I met James at the climbing wall and just wasn't feeling it, but managed to climb a route I've been having trouble with the past few weeks.  James did well on most of his routes today.

We got home, walked the dogs and then chilled for the rest of the night.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

James worked from home today and I grabbed the dogs for a play in the park.  We chilled for the rest of the day and then headed off to Joey Tomatoes for a BD supper. 

We chilled for the rest of the night - very nice weekend.