Friday, March 02, 2012

I got Spence up early and he started with history - Museum Secrets today and then onto printing, math, spelling, drums, Italian, finished his essay (Monday we review together), driver's handbook review, some stretches and then it was time to get ready to head over to Jonathan's.

When he was done playing, we left for his ninjitsu class and then heard that Crowchild was backed up past 24th and backing up to Brentwood - accident on the bridge over the downtown and as we needed to go down to Glenmore, we decided that wasn't going to work.  We also figured, since he was doing swimming on Friday's for 8 weeks, he wouldn't want to do martial arts right afterwards - so we'll wait until he's done swimming and then do the class to see if he likes the activity.

So we opted for our sandwiches (which we packed for his martial arts) and we'll scrounge for the rest of dinner.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

So, I thought I had a meeting at 9am, but it was at I turned around half way to the client's office.  Spence was up when I got home and he wanted to have the hour off still :)

He started school while I was out and managed to watch his history show, math, printing and silent reading.  By the time I got home, we had spelling, drums, essay, driver's test, Italian and getting ready for parkour.

He had sushi for lunch and then we went to Parkour.  I get the training stuff for Karma and exchanged a toy she ate and then watched the kids practice.  Someone was not listening and they all had to do 20 pushups....nothing like getting everyone to hate you (it wasn't Spence at least). 

We're going to do another session of Parkour starting next week.

We headed home and grabbed Karma on the way and then it was walk the dogs, eat supper (stew tonight) and then get comfy in front of the TV for all the Thursday shows.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We finally finished Inheritance today - that was a long book!

It was time for spelling, history - DaVinci, math, printing, driver's handbook review, drums, silent reading, Italian, essay and a bit of tidying up and lunch.

While Spence had lunch, I left for my client's office and did my meetings.  Spence headed off with Grama to see Star Wars and then some video game time at home.

James and I had planned to climb tonight, but my meetings ran long and so we opted to wait until Friday.  I had also made supper in advance, but forgot to tell James or Spence - so they ended up scrounging.  This means, I've got dinner made for tomorrow night now.

When I did get home, I grabbed a bite and Spence, Karma & I went to doggie obedience class.  It was great - we were the only ones there.  The trainer, brought her dog in so that Karma was distracted and Spence worked with Karma the entire time.  They both have homework this week and so they should be busy - I'm going to work with her at home as well, but not in the class.

Now it's time to relax and chill for the rest of the night. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

After breakfast we continued with Inheritance (almost done the book now), Museum Secrets (history), printing, silent reading, Italian, math, spelling, driver's handbook, essay and then it was time to order new headphones (skullcandy has a lifetime warranty on their products and the last set broke after 6 months of use - they replaced them for free!).

Then it was lunch time and break time before Spence vacuumed the house and we got ready to head off to drum lessons.

In the meantime - I made a light rye bread (last night I made a chocolate / nut roll), veggie soup, taco fixings for Spence and rice.

By the time we got home, James was already on his way and then headed to the gym before supper.  Tonight is our first obedience class for Karma and I've promised not to interfere :) just watch from the sidelines.

Monday, February 27, 2012

We started with Inheritance, then read about India, math, spelling, printing, drum practice, Italian and driver's test.  Then it was lunch and essay and tidy up time.  Grama was coming at 12:30, so Spence got everything finished up and was ready to go just before she arrived.

They went to watch a movie and then off to grama's place for dinner and some games.  They had some technical difficulties with their original movie, so they went to see another one.

I went and picked up James at 4pm and we went to the climbing wall and then home for supper and TV.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

We had a great, but exhausting weekend :)

Jeff & Teresa got married in Saskatoon and we drove out for the wedding.  The wedding was great, totally them.  It showed off their great personalities and we all had a blast at the reception. 

We got home safe & sound - but tired.  Now to chill and go to bed early tonight.