Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Spence!

Spence turned 14 today and he started off with a pretty rough morning.  Stepped in dog vomit, getting out of bed (Karma = not feeling great), his g/f was sick and couldn't come to the party, he failed his driver's test.....but it got better from there.  Slurpee as a consolation, off to South Street Burger for BD lunch and then laser tag for BD party - great friends showed up and they all had a great time.

We got home, ordered pizza for BD dinner and then he chilled with his buddies playing video games the rest of the night.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

We read Inheritance, watched Museum Secrets, did spelling, math, drums, driver's practice test and relaxed and then left for the orthodontist to get some elastics for his braces and then headed to parkour.

We ended up arriving early (no lights) and got in the gym ahead of opening (nice of them to let us in).  The kids spent part of the time recapping last class activities and then worked on a few new things.

We left and headed back to pick up Karma from daycare - she is so wiped out that she had no interest in her favorite bone. 

We had homemade pasta for supper with sauce and are watching our shows.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

It was a busy day today.  We started early as Kimberly was coming over in the afternoon to watch a movie with Spence.

We started with Inheritance, then watched a history show on the Spear of Destiny.  It was time for math, silent reading, some exercise, drums, spelling, printing and working on his essay.  He finished off with a shower, doing some laundry, Italian and driver's test. 

He then tidied up his room, lounge and cleaned up his bathroom - enough for a girl to use the bathroom if she needed to.  I headed off to run a few errands while he did his chores and by the time I got back, Kimberley was on her way.

I managed to get Spencer's BD cake baked, strawberries turned to a sauce, popcorn made for the movie and bread made for our grilled cheese sandwiches which we are having tonight.

The kids watched a thriller in the living room and I made pasta (had a dozen yolks to use up) and caught up on my emails.  After Kimberly left, we walked the dogs and headed off to the climbing wall.  The boys went off to Peter's for an after climb milkshake and I got home a bit earlier so I could park in the garage.

We made our panini's and sat down to watch some TV and chill for the rest of the night.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Spence decided he wanted a later bed time .... so he was going to get up on his own (without prompting) by 8:30.  Well he got up at 8, then said he was going back to bed.  So, I'm thinking still not going to get to stay up any later on school nights.

I popped Karma & Hunter back in his room, while I went grocery shopping (since he was going to go back to sleep anyhow) and got a text from him 10 min later saying the dogs woke him up :)

I got back by 9am and we started on History first (Gladiators today), as my iPad was out of juice.  While it charged, he also did his situps & pushups and once the show was over we did math, spelling, printing and reading.  As he was finishing his reading, Sam came over and we read Inheritance, Spence finished up with his Italian & his driver's test.

The boys then took Karma out for a play - but she totally wasn't into it - so they brought her back and she dropped for a nap while they played together.  We headed off for drums just before 3 and once home, walked the dogs before heading out for a BD supper with Grama & Grampa.  Although it is auntie's BD today, we're doing an early Spencer BD supper as grama & grampa are heading out to San Diego tomorrow.

We went to Salt & Pepper, but the food wasn't as good as it usually was - not sure if they changed the menu a bit, the cook or something else - still good though.  For his BD, Spence got a t-shirt to wear with grama & grampa each time he goes out with them and $50 :)

Now it's time to chill - James is off to the gym for a bit of a workout and I'm back finishing up some work I have to get done.

Picture of Grampa :)

Monday, February 06, 2012

Spence got up and we read some Inheritance, then we watched Museum Secrets and he did his situps and pushups.  He read his Yes magazine, and then we did spelling, math, drums, printing and finished off with his driver's test and Italian.

While he finished up, I left for Sears and my client - Sears store was good, their service department not so good - we're escalating .... we'll see what happens. 

Spence headed out with Grama for their date around 3:30 and James and I met at the climbing wall just after 4pm and once we were done climbing, we picked up Karma and had supper - veggie shepherd pie.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Another relaxing day - we ended up heading to the mall to have James' macbook looked at (quick fix) and we did some window shopping while there, but otherwise it was a very relaxing do nothing day.

Doing appies for supper - cheese sticks, chicken skewers, nachos and veggies w dip.