Saturday, February 04, 2012

We relaxed today - James and I walked the dog about 5k this morning.  I decided it was a day to catch up on my baking and made chocolate chip cookies and shortbread.  I wanted to try a new recipe for soft granola bars - they turned out great - flax, oat bran, nuts, fruit and oats and it was very easy to make.

I also made some more truffle popcorn and that was gone before I turned around.  James had headed out to the Bow Cycle expo this afternoon with some buddies and ended up staying out most of the afternoon, which worked out well - I got caught up on all my shows.

Now we plan to have a scrounge night and to watch some TV.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Kelly getting into the Dance Central act - practicing before the mom against boys showdown

Paintball Fieldtrip (Cochrane Area) - Feb 03

He was not impressed at having his pic taken - but I took it anyways :)
Getting ready to head out

Safety first
The clean up crew - the horses like the paintballs (all natural non-toxic food stuff)

1st match - getting out there
Having a great time!
Really, I need more paintballs!
Can you spot the gamers?

Today was paintball field trip day.  We left at 9:45 with Kelly and Sam and got there around 10:30.  It was almost 11 when the kids got out on the field.  The kids all seemed to have a great time, they played for about 3 hours before they ran out of bullets and were tired enough to consider going home.

We left around 2:30 and were home by 3:30 and Sam & Spence wanted to play Kelly & me on Dance Central.  It was back and forth who won each round - Kelly has got the whole dance thing, while I was her handicap - she would have won all of them, if she didn't have me to weigh her down.

It was fun and we decided we were the victors and sang 'we are the champions' at the top of our lungs, until the boys clamped their hands over our mouths :)

Overall a great field trip - 9 degrees, sunny, kids outside and running around.

Thursday February 02

So this morning I had to go into my client, so Spence got up and did drums, a bit of research on his next essay topic, Italian, printing practice, driver's test, watched a history show, did his math and waited on me to do his spelling quiz and read Inheritance together.

The Sears guy was supposed to come between 12-5 and he called just before 11am to say he was outside the door.  I called Spence and said let the Sears guy in to fix the d/w or we wouldn't get another appointment for a few weeks.

So this Bosch super quiet d/w I bought March 2010 - has had two major repairs since we bought it and today's visit was #3 - turns out the timer is gone and that part will take between 4 - 6 weeks min (could be up to 8) and then another 2 - 3 weeks before the guy can come out to replace the timer.  So - no d/w for almost 2 wks already and we're talking another 6 - 9 weeks so between 2 and 3 months total no d/w time....I called Sears up and they said to bring in my receipt and we'll start the paperwork on a lemon exchange.  Hopefully that goes well and we can have a replacement here before the part comes in.  Now to find time to go to Sears and spend time arguing with them.

James got home in time to get changed and then we headed off to dinner at a fairly new restaurant - Dolce Supori - family style dishes and all home made.  It was very good, we ordered too much as usual, but that just means left overs for tonight.  Thanks grama & grampa for the BD dinner, beautiful card and gift card.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Not happy about getting pics taken, but it was my condition for supervising the date :)

Bouldering on a free climbing wall - the big wall in the background is the bouldering area which is blocked off right now

Finishing off a 2 hr climb with some burgers & fries

So, today was the big day for Spence - he was having his first date....yes, he's that old which of course makes me even older than I'd like to admit :)

We decided to start with Inheritance, spelling and getting ready ... shower, smelly stuff to keep him from smelling, brushing hair, teeth, shaving - he pulled out all the stops.  He even had a few outfits to work through in order to have just the right 'climber' look :)

We got going and made it down to the gym by noon and Kimberly was there waiting with her mom.  The kids did their belay tests - both passed with flying colours and then went onto climb.  They were initially planning on climbing and then bouldering, but the bouldering area was being redone and so the rocks there were off limits.

Two school groups came in while they were busy and pretty much took up all the space in the gym and so after almost 2 hours, they gave up and we headed to Harvey's for a post date snack.  You work off a lot of calories climbing.  Kimberly is a vegetarian and so she appreciated having a place where the veggie burgers weren't that bad.

Once we were done, I dropped Kimberly off at her house (it was on our way home) and then Spence did his history (we read more about Spain today), did math, drum practice, printing, his driver's test and Italian.  He also took another swipe at cleaning his lounge and we'll finish that off tomorrow.

In the meantime, the ciabatta buns were ready to bake and I popped them in the oven and went off to get Karma from doggy daycare.  When I got home, the buns were ready and the mashed potatoes were nicely warmed up.  James arrived shortly after that and went to the gym for a workout. 

Tonight we're doing curry chicken breast on ciabatta buns with garlic mashed potatoes on the side.  I'm still trying to make some shortbread cookies - but haven't had the time to devote to making them this week.  Hoping to be able to make a batch tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I had grand plans for today - rest, relax, take the day off, bake a bit, go climbing....then reality set in....need to finish stuff that is due at a client's place, groceries, school, drum practice.

So, although I didn't get most of that done, I did get the climbing in with my boys :)

For school we started with Inheritance as usual, Spence read Reven, watched Museum Secrets, did spelling, math and printing.  Then Spence spent some time working with Karma, doing his driver's exam, Italian and he finished off with a few push ups and sit ups. 

He went to clean his lounge next (that may be a multi-day project) and then we left for drum practice and headed off to climbing after drums.

We climbed for about 40 minutes - Spence was attempting C3 routes on the boulder wall (they don't have a key to tell you what V code that is in real boulder problems), but C3 is hard.  I was working C1 & C2's and James did a bunch of C1s.

Now it's time for bad jokes from hubby and son while I watch some TV and do some more work.

Monday, January 30, 2012

After breakfast, we read inheritance, did math and spelling, then watched Screaming Mummy (a history show), then he practiced drums, picked his next essay selection.  He finished off with Italian & driver's test.

He took a break and then did his chores - laundry, tidying and vacuuming.  We made veggie meat sauce with bow tie noodles for supper and then once James got home, we walked the dogs.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

After a bit of a sleep in for me, I made coffee and warmed up the cinni buns I made last night for breakfast (Spence of course had soup).  We took the dogs for a walk and then the boys got ready and headed off for some paintball action - there was a show on today at the Stampede Grounds and they went to watch some teams play.

While they were gone, I cleaned the fish tank and discovered we had 4 baby fish - I just can't seem to kill them off....of course, Karma discovered the fish and was ready to snack on them - but I thought the tank, tipping over on her would not be good.

I also got the stew going for tonight's dinner and the bread organized for this week.  The boys arrived shortly after I was done and we chilled for a bit before grampa came to get Spence for a night out.  They headed off to hit some golf balls with Spencer's new driver and then off to Cactus Club for supper...they then played some card games, which Spence won some candy.

James and I walked the dogs again and then came home for supper - the bread wasn't ready, but we had salad with croutons and stew.  Neither James or I were feeling great, so we decided to just chill.