Saturday, January 28, 2012

We were all up by 8:30 (ok, I was the last one up) and had breakfast (crepes today) just after 9am.  We walked the dogs, got organized and went to the climbing gym.  We decided that we were going to renew our membership and added the gym in the south so that we could vary the gyms a bit. 

We all went and had a pretty good climb on the bouldering wall and then headed to Best Buy/Walmart to see if they had the XBox live memberships for sale still - they were back at the regular price, but I ended up getting the step stool I've been wanting for the past few months, so that I can use my hangboard again (too high for me to use without one). 

Then it was time to have lunch at Kinjo's (and forgot to use our gift certificate) and then while the boys went to Memory Express for a controller for Spence, I got hotdog buns and hot dogs for supper tonight.  They stopped at Starbucks and we all went home to chill.

I started working on cinni buns and took a nap and then got the potatoes in the oven (home fries) while I prepped for the hot dogs (onions, ketchup, etc). 

Now it's time to chill and watch some TV for the rest of the night.

Friday, January 27, 2012

We started off by reading Inheritance, then Spence went to read Reven.  He continued with watching a history show about Rome & Gladiators - they draw different conclusions than some of the other shows we've watched.

Afterwards we did a math quiz, spelling, printing and drums.  We had lunch and then he finished off with his driver's exam and Italian.  He took his shower and did his chores and then we headed off to Jacob's place for a few hours and then went to get Karma from the daycare - she had such a good time and was learning how to 'speak' on command with another dog :)  Now if only she would do that for us at home :)

In the meantime, the dishwasher decided to die and so we started doing dishes by hand.  Sears is coming out next Thursday to see about fixing it.

James texted to say he was heading home because he was sick.  Spence got out of vacuuming the house because we didn't want to wake James up when we got home.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

After getting up later than he originally planned, Spence decided he'd do his laundry after he got back from skiing today.

We read Inheritance after breakfast, did spelling and watched a show on Cleopatra and then he got on a pair of sweats and we headed out to meet up with Don and his mom for some ski time at COP.  The boys went off and skied for nearly two hours and I only got a half hour in before I had to make a call.  In the meantime, someone broke their back on the hill (not sure who - as there was a whole lot of schools there and lots of kids in the big park where they aren't supposed to be) and it was super busy.  I ended up waiting about 10 minutes in line each time I came down - 1 min down, 10 min up.  They really need to open that second lift soon.

Once the boys were done, we headed home and Spence took a shower and walked Karma (she was dozing in her kennel) while I popped into Shoppers to grab a parcel that they didn't bother to attempt to deliver yesterday - they now just drop off the notice in your box and don't bother with the whole delivery part of it.  No line up, so that went quickly.

Got my new iPad case (it has a keyboard and turns it essentially into a netbook) and proceeded to hook it up when I got home.  Spence took the case and read Reven, so I couldn't play with it until he was done reading.

He went on to do his drums - today he was really on the ball with the drums and then math and then a quick break while he got his laundry going.  In the meantime, I got some chocolate chip cookies on the go, then some crackers, kale chips (not sure they are something I'll make again - funny aftertaste), got working on supper and made some popcorn.

Spence finished off with his driver's exam and Italian.  I was busy making supper - peanut sauce and then udon stir fry to go with that for the boys and a mushroom miso udon soup for me.  Once dinner was done, we walked the dogs and then he went off to chill, I'm waiting for James to come home and once he's done supper, we'll probably head out for a walk and then relax.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I had a client meeting this morning, so Spence got to sleep in a bit.  He watched the Patton Assassination theory, read Reven in our room with the dogs for a few hours.

He worked on math, spelling, printing and then practiced drums (seemed to be getting back into the groove today) and then finished off with Italian & his driver's exam.

I took Karma out to the tennis courts and tried to play fetch - the wind was hampering us - but we continued for a good half hour.  I made some baby greens salad for supper with veggie chicken, nuts & a bit of fruit and for Spence I made butter chicken with rice.

After supper, James and I walked the dogs and then it was time to catch up on the shows.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

After breakfast, we read Inheritance and watched a history show on the Scorpion King.  Once we finished that, we did math (conjunction) and then spelling.  It was time then to head to Costco to meet up with Kelly & Sam.

We got a few things and then headed to Edo Japan for lunch and then over to our place for a play.  Once it was time to do drum practice - Kelly & Sam left and we went off to drums.  Spence was having another off day and struggled with the practice, but kept at it. 

Once we were done drums, I dropped Spence off and he did his Italian & Driver's Test and I got the last of my groceries & James' dry cleaning. 

We made some supper and then chilled until James came home.  James and I walked the dogs after supper and now will relax and watch TV for the rest of the night.

Monday, January 23, 2012

I got Spence up just after 8am and we read Inheritance while he at his breakfast.  I headed off to meet with a client and he decided he needed some more sleep. 

Once I got home, we read some history (Spain today), then did some spelling, drum practice (he was so not into that today), he read Reven and then we did math (more logic problems), then he finished editing his essay (posted earlier today) and he did Italian while I posted the essay.

He brought down his dishes from the lounge and made his bed and then we got ready to go get Karma from daycare and to get a new video game for Spence (we still had some gift card $, so that went well).

We got home and finished making supper (macaroni & potatoes with cucumber salad) and I brushed the dogs (they are shedding tonnes right now) and then after supper, James and I went for a good walk around the neighbourhood.

Ancient Roman Armour

Sunday, January 22, 2012

We slept in a bit this morning and then Karma decided it was time to get up and jumped on the bed.  Nothing like getting licked in the face to get you up quickly.  After a doggie snuggle for the family, we got up and pretty much chilled for the day.

James and I walked the dogs a few times, I did some work, we went to Planet Organic to do some shopping and then I made some chocolate chip cookies and some crackers (oatmeal, flax seed, sesame & sunflower seed crackers), which both turned out pretty good.

For supper we made some salad - which was great and some soup (for James), I made soup - but was too full to eat it.  Spence had chicken nuggets for supper.