Friday, January 20, 2012

So, I let Spence sleep in a bit today as he was not feeling well last night and I thought we'd just stay home today...he had other plans.

He did his school quickly - Inheritance during breakfast, spelling, started on logic in math, printing, history - War of the Roses in England.  He practiced drums, his driver's exam, Italian and I looked at his essay and gave him some areas to continue to work on next week.

We had lunch and left for Southland Leisure Centre to meet up with some of the H/S teens we know. 

While the mom's chatted, the boys had conspired earlier to help Spence out in asking one of the girls on a date.  He asked, she said yes - they are planning to go rock climbing. 

So another milestone passed - I thought he'd be driving before he went and asked a girl out. 

Once we got home, he and Sam went to Mac's to get slurppees and then after Sam left, he vacuumed while I worked on making pizza for supper.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

James was not feeling great last night and was worse this morning, but went to work to share his cold... but left some of it here for Spence.

Spence woke up with a sore throat, sinus' all stuffy and nauseous and a headache to top it all off.  We decided that going to spread the cold at the archery centre today, probably wasn't a good idea, so we backed out of the activity.

Spence had breakfast and some meds and we started in on reading Inheritance, then we did some easy math - quiz today, spelling, we read about Joan of Arc - we were going to watch Through the Wormhole, but the cable guy had come and switched out our PVR and so all our shows were gone.  Now we'll have to reset the whole thing up - but hopefully this new box won't have issues like the last one.

Then Spence did his driver's exam (90% today, I think he will pass), studied his Italian, did his drum practice, edited his essay and tidied up his lounge.

We stopped for lunch in between and I popped out to the post office to send Skullcandy the headphones we purchased in November in FL for Spence - they broke and so Skullcandy has a warranty program that will repair or replace the headphones.

I made some banana bread and popcorn for snacking on and put the potatoes in the oven for dinner.  Now it's time to relax and see about setting up all our shows again to tape :(

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Busy day again.  I had to go in for a client meeting first thing and Spence started school while I was out.  For school - it was history (well half a show, the cable died part way through and didn't come back for a while), math - last of our geometry portion of math! YaY! Good introduction to the course, Spence got the overall concepts and ideas - definitely not his favorite math topic.

We continued with spelling, printing, editing his essay, drums, Italian, driver's exam and we read Inheritance.

We tidied the house, had lunch and then headed out to Corbin's for the afternoon.  It was great of Rebecca and family to have us there - the boys had a great time together and we had brought some stuff for supper and had a potluck. 

After supper, the boys went to their science class - the experiment didn't work for Spence and his team mates - the elastics were too short.

James picked Karma up from daycare, walked the dogs and had a night to himself.  We got home in time for both Spence and James to head off to bed and for me to get a bit of work done.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another busy day :)

We started with Inheritance and went onto Genghis Khan (he was a mean one).  We did spelling, math (more theories and proofs - we'll have to work more on those, as Spence didn't do very well on the problem set), then it was time to read the Driver's Handbook, work on his essay and do some Italian.

I popped off to grab the groceries for the week, while Spence finished cleaning his bathroom a bit and then chilled.  By the time I got home, it was time to leave for drum lessons and once back, we walked the dogs and started on supper (taco Tuesday). 

I was getting ready to take Karma out for another pee break when James got home and we had supper then relaxed and watched some TV for the rest of the night.

Monday, January 16, 2012

During breakfast we read Inheritance, then we did spelling, math - more postulates / theorums (who knew there were so many in geometry ..... ok, so I never paid a lot of attention in class :] ).  Then it was time to practice printing, watch how Hannibal was not a genius and was a real nasty fellow. 

Spence continued with Italian, worked on his essay, read his driver's handbook, practiced drums and tidied up a bit.

While he was finishing up, I got read and headed out to my client's place.  The parkade was full, so I ended up having to park outside...thinking the huge premium is worthwhile when it's cold. 

Made perogies for supper and Spence went off with grampa for dinner at his place.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saturday was a nice easy day - we all pretty much chilled, did a big walk with the dogs and got ready for supper with grampa (buffalo burgers and home style fries).