Friday, January 13, 2012

We had a busy day today - started with Inheritance, spelling, math, driver's handbook, drum practice, essay, Italian and finally got the laundry going.

While he finished up, I went to get a trim. When I got home, we headed out to COP to meet up with Don and his mum for some ski time. 

We skied for almost an hour before heading home for a quick shower and heading out to the Library to meet up with the teen group.

We left just after 3pm and were home before 4. We took the pups for a walk (Karma was in daycare again today) and then they both laid down in exhaustion (well you know that Hunter is always exhausted).

We all are planning to chill for the rest of the evening.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

We started with Inheritance and moved to spelling, the theft of the Mona Lisa in the early 1900's and then he did his Italian and Driver's Exam.  He decided he was going to stop reading Reven for now and concentrate on reading through the driver's manual before he does his exam.

We went over to Jake & Chris' place and had a great visit.  We headed home and picked Karma up (who was exhausted) then he did his essay, drum practice, math and we bathed the dogs (who don't like baths). 

While he did that, I made some stir fry / rice / noodles and we both walked the dogs in between all of that.

James in the meantime went to get his haircut after work and we are all chilling for the rest of the night.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We started off with Inheritance, then spelling and then we got ready to get Spencer's hair cut.  He decided on cutting his hair short today - which took me by surprise when I saw him.  He looks great, but different from the look he's been sporting for the past year or so.

We came home and did math, printing practice, he practiced his drums, worked on his essay.  He finished off with Italian & his driver's exam, while I got ready to head out to a client site.

He chilled with Karma & Hunter for the rest of the afternoon and I worked.  I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and then we made pasta with tomato sauce for supper. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We started with Inheritance, moved onto Reven & Italian before taking both dogs for a big walk.  While Spence read Reven and did his Italian, I took Hunter to the vet for his annual exam.  Well - he's old (we knew that), his eyesight has started to go (cataracts are starting to show) and she wasn't sure if he's doing selective hearing or having a hard time hearing certain sound pitches (he's going deaf too).  She said his hips were swollen and that he should start on anti-inflammatory meds and so she did up the bloodwork to make sure he was ok on all of his major organs.  He got his annual shots and was pronounced a healthy old dog.  Once he's on anti-inflammatory meds, then with his arthritis meds - he should be able to do the walks more comfortably.

Once I got back and we finished our dog walk, we did spelling, drum review, watched Ancient cars & planes - man were there some interesting inventions that were developed.  Then it was time for math, printing, essay and then had a break before drum lessons.

We headed off for drum lessons and then I dropped off Spence and headed to Future Shop to return some stuff.  Got home and finished making supper - I had the chili on the slow cooker since last night and rice in the afternoon.  I just had to finish up by making some buns - had to make a second batch because the first one didn't turn out at all.  Spence and I ended up going to Mac's to add some nacho chips to the dinner and then we chilled for the rest of the night. 

Monday, January 09, 2012

After breakfast, we read Inheritance, we read about the Hundred Year War between England and France and did math and spelling.  Spence then went on to do his Italian - he' not doing great with Rosetta Stone, his voice is not being recognized on a regular basis and it relies on learning to speak properly - so we added some ipad apps I had downloaded to try out and he loved them.  For printing practice he even wrote a sentence in both English & Italian for me :)  I was so impressed.

He did his drum practice and then had lunch before grama came to grab him for a movie and dinner.  They went off to see Mission Impossible and I was off at a client meeting and then went to Best Buy to try and see about getting a keyboard for my ipad to test working on it for vacations.

I found one option - but am not completely impressed with I'm still looking.  In the meantime, our electrician came over to check why our breaker kept turning off.  Turns out it's the portable heater - 1500 watts - breakers are only rated to 1500 watts and will trip at 1200 why do stores sell only 1500 watt heaters?  He told us where to get a 750 watt heater, so we'll get that tomorrow.

I also was following up on a shoe repair estimate - I dropped off the shoes on Thursday and he said he'd call me later that day - so I waited till today.....i called him, got told to hold and ten minutes later he comes back and says 'what?' - so I'm miffed that he didn't tell me to call back, etc - while I listened to him wait on several customers.  I asked him about the shoes and at the end of the conversation - I'm going to get my shoes and he's not going to do anything to them.  He either was having a bad day or was simply rude - not sure which, but I don't need to be told that I can take my business elsewhere if I don't want to wait until he's ready to talk to me. 

Once James got home, we ate supper (hashbrown casserole, veggie burgers, corn & gravy) and then walked the dogs just over 4k tonight.  Now it's time to relax and get comfy.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

We got up around the time we had planned, had breakfast and headed out of the hotel.  We arrived in Canmore, before lunch and walked around to all the stores we had planned to visit - running shop, hiking shop, grizzly paw for pop. 

We ended up getting some ice spikes for our shoes (which would have been great in Banff), I got one more winter hat, Spence and I each got a back pack for traveling with and the dogs each got a new collar. 

We stopped at the Railway Deli for lunch and had a great sandwich each and then got some bison burgers to go, along with a new veggie burger and some walnut oil.

We got home, unpacked and got some supper on the go (scrounge tonight).  Grama & Grampa came by for a visit and we caught up on their travels and they caught up on our weekend.

We had supper after they left and then took the dogs for a big walk and now we'll chill watching some TV for the rest of the night.