Saturday, January 07, 2012

Got up nice and early today - took the dogs for a walk, then James went off to take some pics and Spence and I had breakfast.  After James got back and we had coffee, the boys went off to the pool and I took Karma out for another walk.

We all got back about the same time and headed out to Eddie Burger for lunch - had a great lunch.  Kobe beef burger for Spence (who said he decided he liked Bison better), James and I split a veggie burger and he had a salad, Spence had fries and we all shared chili cheese fries - which were done up like poutine but with chili.  The chili was vegetarian, so I ate that with the fries and the boys ate the rest.  Spence also managed a cookies & cream milk shake to top it all off.

We then went for a walk along main street with the pups and Spence scored a great pair of North Face slippers (they are down slippers - just like his jacket) and then I scored a great toque at Pategonia and once we got back to the hotel James and I get some neck warmers and I got a pair of gloves for the dog walks.

Excellent afternoon.  We napped, chilled, walked the dogs some more and then while Spence stayed in and had room service, James and I tried Castello's in the hotel (Italian).  The food was pretty good, way too much - James keeps saying "too full".  After supper, we walked and walked some more and then headed to the pool for a hot tub.  It was cut short by some very loud men yelling at each other (I'm not sure they realized they were yelling), so we left after 15 minutes and are now resting for the rest of the night.

Friday, January 06, 2012

So Karma got up just after 6 and needed to go, then again at 7 and again at 8 and so on every hour until I called the vet and was told to take her to emergency as they couldn't see her and it sounded like she had a bug of some kind.

It was 1 before I got to the vet and almost 4 before I left - but she's better now.  She does have a bug, she's a tired and sick little puppy.  She had some meds and now on a bland diet for then next 36 - 48 hrs. 

In the meantime, we did school - Inheritance, Spence read his book for a few hours and we did math and spelling.  We also cleaned the house a bit, packed for Banff and got organized with the puppies.

James came home just after I got back with Karma and we headed off to Banff.  The line of cars coming into Calgary all the way past Banff was pretty steady, while the cars going out to Banff was pretty thin... however, by the time we arrived in Banff we saw it was a pretty busy place.

We had reservations at Nurish, a vegetarian restaurant I saw great reviews on in Banff.  We each got a choice this weekend and that one was mine.  I had read it was really reasonably priced, excellent food.  The place was cute, not reasonably priced and the food was good - but not on par with the pricing.  I was disappointed and so although the food was good, it wasn't good enough for me to want to go back at the prices they charge.

We then headed to the hotel and found that when you check in online - you don't have to go to the check-in get your key when you drive up to the front lobby door from the bellman (which is cool).  We had opted to use our free suite upgrade this time as we're almost out of time to use our Fairmont coupons.  We usually get a specific room at the hotel, which is a bit larger and has a sitting area - but because it has no separate room for the beds, it's considered a regular room.  The upgrade is cool - but not much bigger than our regular room - so we all said that because it's free, it's all good - but none of us would pay the upcharge to stay in this suite over our regular room. 

James and I walked over to the cafe when we were settled and grabbed dessert and coffee and walked back in time to take Karma / Hunter out for their nightly walk. 

Now we're all chilling.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

It was another busy day for us today.  I got Spence up and we read Inheritance and then he did his silent reading.  We continued with math (more postulates), printing practice, spelling and then we started watching Machines of the Gods.  We got only 1/2 way through before we had to leave for Panorama Hills to have lunch with Sam & Kelly and boulder a bit.

We got there and tried out the rock and found that even though it was a balmy 10 degrees and no snow was anywhere around - it was cold enough that we couldn't hold onto the rock for any length of time, so instead we just had a picnic lunch.

I dropped Spence off at home and headed off to my nutritionist.  I stopped off at the pet shop to get a new lead for Karma's leash (she ate through the last lead) and then the bottle depot to drop off our bottles. 

I got home at instead of our planned dinner (quinoa & grilled chicken skewers), we all decided on Chinese.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Busy day today.  We started early so that we had enough time to get school done and be ready for Nerf Wars.

We started with Inheritance, moved onto silent reading, History of the World (black plague today), spelling, drums, math and printing.

We tidied up the house and ate lunch before everyone started arriving.  We ended up with 6 boys - they played for a good two hours before coming inside to snack/drink/play video games.

I ended up taking Karma for a big walk with the moms and then we chilled until the game time was over.  Karma really wants to play with other dogs - but today we didn't see any who wanted to play while on any of our walks :(

For supper, we made Thai coconut curry sauce and some Butter Chicken with rice.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

It was a good first day at school for Spence.  We started with Inheritance and then he went onto Reven and read for about 2 hours before he was ready to continue with school.  In the meantime, Shaw showed up early and tried to fix our PVR setup.  At the end, he said he did all he could and if the problem persists, they will replace the system.

Spence continued with doing his drivers exam and didn't do great (so he goes back to studying tomorrow) and then he took a break for lunch and decided on his new essay topic.  We did spelling quiz and math quiz to start the week and then Spence cleaned his bathroom and vacuumed the house. 

We then left for drum lessons and to get a few more nerf bullets for tomorrow's nerf war.

Last vacation day for us all and so we spent it continuing to chill.  We went to Kinjo's for lunch and used some of the GC that James got for xmas and then grabbed a few grocery items and headed home again.

Tonight we had potatos, grilled chicken and gravy for supper and watched a Mentalist marathon on TV - great way to end the holidays.

Tomorrow it's back to regular school / work / activities .... no more sleeping in :(

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Getting better, James is pretty much over the cold and Spence and I are still struggling getting over it (me more than Spence).

We took down our holiday stuff today, I made some potato/onion/cheese bread for a change of pace and we had penne with sauteed garlic & olive oil for supper.

Pretty much just hung out again, went for a shorter walk today (it was cold!) with the pups and then for a few more play / walks with them throughout the day.