Sunday, June 24, 2012

Well, I slept in and that meant we didn't get a great table at the paintball place...oh well.  We left after a later breakfast for Bragg Creek Paintball's Gun Owner Appreciation day.  The boys and James all had a great time playing, Karma spent half of the time digging the wet ground and rolling in mud and the other half calming herself down after the thunderstorm rolled through. 

I managed to start a new book and I kept dry under a covered table.  The boys got free food and James and I noshed on crackers.

We took Jonathan home around 2pm and when we got home, I put the roast in the oven for supper, made mashed potatoes, gravy and worked on a new loaf of bread.  I'm having trouble with the bread - over the past week, they all come out very heavy and I'm thinking it's the humidity, but am having trouble adjusting technique / ingredients appropriately.  By the time I figure out how to bake in this weather, it'll be winter and I'll have to start over again.  Oh well.

Not much else planned for the night - we already walked the dogs and now are planning on relaxing on the couches.

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