Monday, June 25, 2012

We started with taking Hunter out for a grooming, Karma to the temporary daycare (her regular daycare is being renovated), made a loaf of bread and the home to get Spence up and going for school. 

We started with our new book - Alchemist, then did math, spelling, silent reading, watched Fight Science.  Spence did his printing (a very quick small sentence today), drum practice and then got ready to go to Lake Day.

We finished packing the truck with lunch, beach stuff, etc and headed out to MR Paintball to see if they had a scope for Spencer's marker.  Spence scored a deal - $15 for a scope that the owner had used on his own gun previously.  He also found an alloy cocking mechanism for his gun to replace the plastic one that broke. 

We headed off to Midnapore Lake after that and he had a great time with friends - in the water, the tennis courts and generally having a good time.

We left just after 3pm and headed to the climbing wall off Centre Street and met James there for a quick climb.  I managed a half hour today and Spence, although he hasn't climbed since March, managed to climb an overhang 3 times to the top.

The boys headed off to Peter's to get a milkshake for Spence and I headed off to get Hunter, then Karma and head home myself.

We made cheese stuffed ravioli with roasted red pepper sauce for the boys and leftovers from last night for me.

Now it's time to relax and watch some TV for the rest of the night.

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