Monday, June 18, 2012

We started off with breakfast and more Invincible, then some spelling and math before it was time to take a look at a house.  We've decided to do some renovations (more than just my painting the walls) and so we thought we'd check out what our dollars could buy if we moved instead.

Spence of course loved the house (it had a fully decked out basement with fireplace), while I saw all the same work I had to do there as I had in our current house - so it was good to go see, but I didn't think it was worth moving for. 

When we got home, I continued to call various trades to get some idea of the costs for the items I want done and Spence continued with school.

History - Protestants today, some silent reading, drums, printing practice and his AMA homework (he was learning his lines - he was the judge in the skit tonight).

Then we went to practice some more driving and he went another 3 or 4 blocks today on the side streets and then we switched and drove to Southland Leisure Centre to meet up with Jake, Chris, Ethan & Lina.  Coreen was in the pool with the kids as Lina is still a bit young to be on her own and Amy and I got to chat for just over 2 hours while the boys did their thing.

We finished at 3:30 and headed home - tonight was a scrounge / soup / salad night and so Spence decided to have pizza, I had salad and James did some scrounging.  I took Spence to his class early, picking Karma up on the way.  Karma and I then stopped at the pet store to get her a new dog bed for Spencer's room she has been pretty antsy at bed time.

We came home and went for a walk - it started to pour as we were walking home.  The lightning warning had sounded just after we got home for the golf course (good thing we live close to one), glad we got home before the thunder/lightning came rolling through.

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