Monday, June 11, 2012

Very busy day today - back at it and all.

We started off with reading Invincible, then onto silent reading, history (Martin Luther today), then we did our spelling and figured out our paintballing days for the next few weeks.  Spence practiced his writing skills, then did angles in math, drum practice and finished off with working on his WWII essay.

We had a quick lunch and then Spence practiced his driving - he did sooo well today.  He started in our driveway, went to the dirt track (like usual), then turned right and followed the road to the school about 6 - 7 blocks away and then after turning left at a 4-way stop, he parked at the side of the road and got out - he was even driving a solid 35 km/hr (which he thought was way too fast).

Then we headed off to Badlands.  They told us at the north store that we needed to go to the south store....the road was closed for we ended up having to go a really long way around, then the store said, nope can't help you - call the mfg - couldn't they tell us that when we were at the north store or even when I called to confirm we needed to come down?  then we headed back north to Northland to get FIFA11 - but that was sold out and so we finally found FIFA10 ($15!) so all good.  I however, managed to lose my keys - they must have dropped out of my purse somehow.  The mall security had them, so we headed home.

We then took Karma out to the field to work with her and she did great!  about 20 feet between Spence and me and we'd call her back and forth, have her sit, have her follow us - all with her leash dragging on the ground....YIPPEE.  All without any distractions (ie. no other dogs around, but one step at a time).

Spence also practiced with his soccer ball for a bit and then we went back home - he wanted to try out his new game and I needed to check my email and start on supper.

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