Thursday, June 14, 2012

A regular Thursday for us - got Spence up and after breakfast we headed to the museum.  We got there really early - not sure what happened to all the traffic we usually get on our way, but that gave us time to go to Volvo to get some paint I had ordered for the truck.

I dropped Spence off and then headed to my client's place.  I had planned to go to a store when I was done with work, but ended up working a bit longer than I had thought I would, so I just went to pick Spence up.

We quickly headed home for me to change into jeans before going to the theatre to see Men In Black.  We weren't alone for the first time in a long time in the theatre, but we still had the row to ourselves.

The movie was good and we both enjoyed it.  We headed to Rona afterwards to get Spence his blackout blinds and for me to price out some window coverings.  We came home, installed the new blinds and then he chilled and I made supper - pasta with roasted red pepper sauce and chorizo tonight.  Then we pretty much relaxed for the rest of the night while we watched the rain fall outside.

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