Friday, June 15, 2012

I let Spence sleep in a bit before we started school.  We did our reading, then math quiz, spelling quiz, I reviewed his essay and made some notes for our Monday review.  He did his drums and we read about the printing press and then it was time to eat and get ready to head out to soccer.

Although it had rained all morning, it was dry about an hour before the kids were going to play - so we went.  I was freezing and eventually gave up sitting outside and waited in the car.  When he finished playing we headed straight home for lunch / shower in order to be ready for when Corbin came over.

Corbin and his mom came by just after we'd finished cleaning up a bit and the boys played some games upstairs, while Rebecca and I had some coffee and caught up.  It was great to visit with her and once they left, we got ready to head over to Kinjo's for supper.

We finished supper and the boys headed off to the computer store to see what was new and I headed over to get Karma from daycare.  Once we all got home, we walked the dogs and then chilled for the rest of the night.

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