Wednesday, June 13, 2012

After breakfast and a chapter in our book, we did spelling and math then cursive.  Karma's training was up next and Rebecca came over to work with Karma today.  We actually were half a field away and playing tag with her, when she decided she was tired and just plopped herself on the ground and took a nap.  It had started to rain at that point so we were going to pack it up, when another dog came by (Peak).  Karma was really doing well today and so she got to play with Peak and then sat for a treat and went back to play.  We wrapped it up, just before the thunder rolled in - which was good because Karma decided thunder is bad and went to hide under a table and between my legs while I was in the kitchen cleaning up. 

We read some history (renaissance today) and Spence did some drums and worked on his essay.  I headed over to the climbing wall for a quick climb and then I worked on supper (butter chicken, rice and curried carrot & coconut soup). 

I had to go for a physio and so left the dogs with Spence - he snuggled with Karma calming her down (you could see her heart thumping) while I was out and when I got home I took over the Karma calming.  I finished making supper, just as James came home and we headed over to the BMW dealership.

Fairmont had a deal - if you test drove a car, you got $50 gift certificate ... well we couldn't resist.  We drove the X6 crossover, which I thought I would love - but didn't and James thought he would not like and loved it.  Go figure.

We came home and walked the dogs right away and then settled in to have supper.  Spencer had another driver's ed class tonight and so I popped him over to AMA for his class. 

While he was in class, James and I chilled and when Spence was done, I went and grabbed him.  He said he's playing a judge in a mock courtroom scene for his class on Monday - so he has lines to study :)

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