Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wednesday, Spence was still a bit sick and recovering from the we took it easy.  A few quizzes and lots of TV time with snuggles.

Today he was back to normal.  He was up just after 7am and we were out the door to the museum at 8:30 and while he worked there, I went off to meet with a client.  Today wasn't as exciting as last week - but still a good time.  Spence spent the day valuing the medals and other artifacts online - he thought the work was tedious, but necessary.

I picked him up around 12:30 and treated him to a double chocolaty chip drink from Starbuck's and we headed to the NE Leisure Centre for the afternoon.  We met up with Sam & Kelly and the boys stayed at the pool for 3 hours.

We left just after 4pm and came home to find James beat us home :)  Once I dropped Spence off and got some perogies in the oven, I went off to get Karma.

I was in her bad books, so I left her at daycare a bit longer today hoping that would put me back in her good books and it did :)  She was happy to see me and wookied for about a minute before she was ready to leave.

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