Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spence had a good time at the Museum today again - made bunkers out of silicon gel packs he was assigned to pack into bigger bags to make his job fun. 

While he was there, I did a bunch of errands - including getting all my plants for the front (that's my project this year - perennials in the front area + bricks).  I hope to get them all in over the weekend and then get the bricks.  I also got Spence his mouthguard for paintball. 

Once I picked up Spence, we went to Badlands to get a few things and then to the registries office to get a new license for Spence.

We got home and I unloaded the truck and then headed off to physio.  I made supper when I got home (perogies w gravy for James and me & hashbrowns for Spence) and then got Karma.  James is off to swim again tonight.

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