Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Monday was a relaxing and easy day for Spence and me - we started our staycation.  Both Spence and I thought we had somewhere to go, but neither of us could remember where and no one called to say we missed an event, so we chilled instead.

Got some stuff done around the house, watched some shows and then I got ready to head out with James for his end of tax season company party.  Spence decided on having pizza for supper, since we were out.

James of course worked and then ended up staying late to finish the last of the tax stuff and then came home to pick me up and we went down to the party.  This year it was held at Wurst (a German restaurant) which was good and they even made a vegan meal for me. 

We got home just before nine and settled in for some chill time in front of the TV.

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