Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday was an early day all around - James was up at 5:30, Karma shortly after that - which meant I was up too.  Spence got to sleep in until just after 8am.

We started with Atlas Shrugged, spelling, math - more proofs (almost done the logic unit!), printing practice (trying to think of a way to make his printing / writing neater.....), then a show on the Iraq war from a civilian's standpoint, drum practice, silent reading and working through the Dark Matter essay Spence is researching....tomorrow we try and put some structure to the research & body of the essay.

I headed off part way through school to get my phone fixed - think it's fixed now, but if it goes again, they will be replacing the phone.  Spence got picked up by grama for their day out - movie & dinner (maybe some buckets of golf balls too).

James and I had burgers and I made some potato salad for supper and then we chilled until bedtime.

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