Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I went for an early meeting today at a client site and when I got home, Spence was chilling with some research.

We read some Atlas Shrugged, did spelling, watched the 10 things you didn't know about Ben Franklin (very interesting), then math, printing and talking about the upcoming structure of his essay.

We had lunch and then headed off to meet up with Sam at Crater Rock to do some outdoor climbing.  Drums were cancelled - Kenny is sick this week and so we went to the bottle depot to drop off our bottles.

We then headed off to Badlands to meet up with James - James and I wanted to surprise Spence with a paintball gun kit (he was saving up for it).  He did well in school last year, has been great around the house and overall has been good at putting aside cash for stuff he wanted to buy.

The boys headed home and I stopped at the Chili Thai Club to pick up supper and pick up Karma.

Dave is on his way to Calgary and is planning to stop off at mom's on the way in Canmore.

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