Thursday, April 26, 2012

We started with Through the Wormhole (Black Holes) today and then went onto Atlas Shrugged, spelling, math, practiced introducing ourselves in Italian, printing, music (Spence used garage band today to compose some music), then we had a break before lunch and heading out for some driving practice.

Spence drove the parking lot again and then ventured out on the gravel road to the end of the baseball bleachers by our house and then back to the parking lot.  I'll get whiplash before he learns to break nice and easy, but at least he's being safe :)

Then it was off to the dentist for some teeth cleaning behind the braces, doggie food for Hunter and a cool squeaky toy for Karma (squirrels in a tree trunk - she adores it - you have to get the squirrel out of the tree to get it to squeak).  Then it was off to the cheese shop - lots of cool crackers and neat cheeses and finally to the wine store to get some ice wine for the fridge.

We got home and Spence finished up with his chores (vacuuming the house and get all the dishes out of his lounge and down to the dishwasher) and I went to get Karma from daycare.  When I got home, I took both dogs for an almost 45 minute walk and when we got back everyone had supper - the puppies and I both were hungry.

I had made dhal (yellow lentil with potatoes), butter chicken, saffron rice and green onion naan for supper - it took most of the day, slowly cooking but it all turned out pretty well.  I had watermelon for dessert - also yummy.

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