Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Terrific day today - we started off with the orthodontist visit and the doc said Spence was coming along great!  Yay! 

Spence and I had a bit of time before we were going to meet up with Sam & Kelly, so we went to the Bay to find a fridge light (sold out), but Spence found a sport jacket he fell in love with on the mannequin, the sales guy was great and we got a t-shirt for under the jacket - the kid has expensive tastes, but he still has money in his clothing budget, so we got him the stuff (he wore it to dinner tonight).  We then stopped off at the Happy Cooker and I found the waffle cone maker I had been drooling over, great BD pressy from grama & grampa.
Then we met up with Sam & Kelly for lunch at the mall and then headed to the Military Museum for our field trip.  While at the museum, we met up with the Volunteer Coordinator who did Spencer's interview and he got some options for his volunteer work - he opted for the collections / archives departments (there are 5 museums in the space and he could rotate through all of them).  He'll be working with the curators, profs from the local universities and other volunteers and museum staff - very exciting for someone who wants to do history for a living.

After the museum, we came home and the boys played for a bit before Sam left and we got ready to head out to supper.  While the boys played, I finished painting another wall - only 1 1/2 walls left to paint and then after 3 years - the house will be painted (the walls anyways) and I'll start on the trim & cabinets.

Just after 4, we left and got Karma and headed down to Osteria de Medici in Kensington.  The food was good - we had so much that we took half our main courses home for tomorrows lunch :)

Now we'll chill for the rest of the night while watching some shows.

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