Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Monday was a pretty good day, with the start of our Grade 10 year.

I let Spence sleep in a bit, while I went out with Rebecca to work on training Karma. I dropped Karma off and got Spence up, he pretty much chilled while I went to the passport office to drop off our passport renewal apps.

James renewal - no problem.
Mine - too early (you can't get them renewed unless they have a year before they expire, unless it's special circumstances and mine has 2 years)
Spencer's was too early, but the girl agreed he'd changed so much in the past 3 years that he didn't look at all like the kid in the photo in the passport and might have a tough time traveling internationally.... but I had our address in the wrong line and I forgot to get James to sign his parts of the application.

I took Spencer's and mine home - redid Spencer's and will pop back down either this week or next to get Spencer's passport renewed.

When I got home, we did our Grade 10 planning (our only to do on Monday).  Spence decided on the subjects he was going to study this year and what his goals were and then we worked on our school schedule for the rest of the week.  I've got to put in a few things still (like how we're going to measure the outcomes) and then I'll send it off to Wisdom.

We chilled a bit, then I got ready to head out to my mom's dinner out.  It was both disappointing and fun - disappointing because everyone who had said they were coming, cancelled last minute (except Stephanie) and fun because Steph who did show up was great to have dinner with.  We split an appie, some breads, rice and each ordered a main - she ordered an apple curry chicken dish and I ordered a yellow lentil dhal.  The food was great and it was too bad the other mom's couldn't come.

Spence ended up with left over pasta, James with perogies and once I got home we all chilled.

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