Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Grade 9 - done & over with!

We had our year end facilitator meeting today and signed off on Grade 9.  Joe had some excellent suggestions for us in Grade 10, which we'll be adding to our goals & objectives for this coming year.

After our meeting, Spence and I went to get his passport picture done and then we came home for a quick lunch before leaving to head to Starbucks in Inglewood.

We arrived a few minutes late, but Rebecca & Corbin were even later, so it worked out well.  We had a great visit and the boys checked out the Army Surplus store down the street.  We left around 2:30 and chilled until nearly 5 when I went to get Karma from daycare.

She was in a talkative mood and promptly sat down and started making wooky noises, she hadn't made her point well enough, so she stood up and put her paws on my shoulders and started to talk to me with her snout in my face.  I guess she was excited. 

When we got home, Spence and I packed up to meet James at Kinjo's for graduation supper :)  Yummy and filling.  Now it's time to chill at home, do a bit of work and relax.

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