Monday, December 31, 2012

The past week has been busy - presents, relaxing, more relaxing and more relaxing.  Happy New Year to all from the Dahl Family

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sunday was another day of relaxation and then today while the boys chilled, I did a bit of work and picked up the foosball table for Spence.

Graeme came over and had Chinese food for xmas eve and played a board game.

Trying to figure out the game as we go along

Too hard to read the rules after a few drinks

Xmas eve pressie

Still wearing the 'penny' t-shirt from last year 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

We relaxed most of the day today, it is appie night - so we all pretty much ate until we were stuffed while watching one of the Starwars shows.

Friday, December 21, 2012

With the start of the holiday season, we decided to make our last school day an easy one.  We started off by going to Corbin's for half the day - we got there around 10am and stayed until near 2pm.  Rebecca was a terrific host as usual and made pasta for lunch and gave me some of her great crab apple jelly.  The boys were in/out all day - Spence trying a donair for the first time.

Once home, Spence did his teeny bit of school - math (word problems today), printing, reading & drums.  He vacuumed the top floor for me, while I ran to the optometrist for my annual appointment.

Spence and I had left overs for supper - mashed potatoes, gravy and chicken for him and stuffing for me.  Donna and I are heading out for coffee later tonight and James is out with the gang from work.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

It was volunteer day - so off we went at 8:35 and were there by 8:50 - must be the holiday season.  I was at my clients by 9am and grabbed Spence just after 1pm.  We came home and did a bit of training and playing with Karma - then headed off to the optometrist.

Spence got in right away - 40 minutes later and he was out and I was still I asked if they forgot about me and they admitted they had - I was on the list, but got missed.  I rescheduled so that Spence wouldn't have to wait for me and we headed home.

Spence and James went off to the Hobbit for movie night and I'm off to Krav tonight.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Busy past few days.....

Monday was Percy, figuring out where to sit for the Hobbit (James & Spence are heading out on Thursday night for that), finishing up the essay, spelling, printing, drums, math, silent reading and then cleaning up a bit.  The afternoon was restful at least and after James got home, I headed out with Nicole for coffee & to pick up some honey I had ordered from a local producer - man does it taste good.

Tuesday was Percy, we finished watching an episode of our current anime (Fairytails), then math quiz, spelling, printing and then it was time to head to the orthodontist for my new arch wires and then off to sports class - which was the last for this session and Spence decided he'd sign up for the other two winter sessions because he liked the girls who came to class (hm....he really has become a teenage boy).  Then we went to Eau Claire to grab a gift that Donna wanted to get John - but as they are together most of the time, she had me pick it up so that it would be a surprise.  Then off we went to drum practice and finally home.  Once home, I got organized and left early to grab my forgotten ketchup (went grocery shopping earlier in the day and forgot ketchup), grab a tea and then head to class early so that I could see if the teacher got my gi in....well he did, but it was too big (long, etc) and so he's ordering the next size down and it should be here by early January when classes start up again.  Class was great - we did knife work - what not to do and what to do, figured out the guys had an easier time disarming than the girls as there are no boobs to get in your way - but we all learned to work around that particular disability :)  Two girls in my class are super fit and they are scary good at this stuff - they were working with the guys and would beat them almost every time - small ladies too.

Today was another busy day - but not as busy as originally planned.  Spence got up with a sore throat and headache and a bit of a fever/cough - so I put him on a bit of meds and we let Donna know we would be skipping our weekly visit with them today so that we wouldn't pass on whatever Spence had just in case it wasn't a quick cold/flu.  I let Spence have a bit more sleep after breakfast and then we started with Percy, printing, we read up on the gladiators in our history book, then math, silent reading, drum practice and spelling.  I was going to do driving practice with Spence, but thought I better not and make sure he's good for tomorrow's volunteer day.  He was feeling better by 3 or so.  In the meantime, the electrician came and installed new plugs above the fireplace and we discovered why it was always so cold around the fireplace - no insulation.  I also went off for a lunch meeting with a client and then popped into Home Depot on the way home to grab some plates for the electrical outlets and a closet rod that I was missing.  Made it home and started on supper - Moroccan stew with quinoa and teff crepes - James is out with some friends, so Spence and I took advantage and made stuff James wouldn't eat.  The tagine from grama comes in handy for this stuff and Spence and I love the food.

Now it's time to relax and prep for tomorrow.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Very relaxing day today and finally back into it .... baking that is.  James and Spence both did laundry, I put mine away.  We went to Market Mall and grabbed a few things, then headed home for the boys to play some video games and for me to start on supper.

We are doing appies and an early movie before I head out for appies at Kirsten's place - our monthly girls night out.

We had stopped at M&M and got some meatballs, chicken wings, cheese sticks and a few other goodies.  I made some bruschetta, some sundried tomato sauce for flatbread pizza, roasted some pumpkin seeds, made a carrot coconut curry soup and some mini croissants (some with chocolate and some plain).

I have the dog's annual vaccination today just before 4pm and otherwise it'll be a very relaxing evening.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Spence slept in a bit and then got to doing school before volleyball.  Math today was back to the Alpha Omega books, reading, printing, essay, history & drum practice.

Time for lunch, shower and then we headed off for volleyball practice.  Last practice before xmas break and the kids had a great time - Spencer's serves have really come along since he started and he even had practice with three other girls today ..... which meant he kept getting distracted and dropping the ball :)  Actually, he did great while being distracted :)

One of the mom's brought cookies for everyone - I had a soft cookie that tasted like a lemon tart - it was so good.

Then it was time to go home, he had to finish his essay editing and then he got video game time with his friends.  In the meantime, I managed to vacuum the main floor and stairs - still have the upstairs to do and got some dishes and laundry done before starting on supper - Thai Noodle Stir-fry.  The electrician came by and told me that it was going to be expensive to put the TV above the fireplace because it used to be a real fireplace.....but then we figured out a way around the problem and got the cost down to something reasonable.  He'll be back next week to install two sets of plugs and then Trev will come by to mount the TV and get everything hooked up.

Thursday is our regular volunteer day. I dropped Spence off and went to work, grabbed him at 1 and headed home.

We got the essay reviewed again - more edits for him.  Then we did math quiz, spelling quiz and drum practice.

He took off to play with his friends online and I took off to grab groceries, last of the xmas gifts and Karma from daycare.

I got hungry along the way and grabbed a snack before heading home.  The boys had already left to see a movie and have dinner by the time I got home.  I had walked the dogs, got stuff unpacked and was ready to head out for my class when the boys came home.

I headed out and worked on disarming big people tonight - got blisters for my efforts, but got a good workout and had a blast.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Woke up today at 7:15 and felt a lot better.  Took Karma into daycare as she was crawling out of her skin....then got fed and felt decent for the first time since Monday.  I did a bit of work, started up my webinar and woke Spence up for school.

He did his reading, printing, math, spelling, drums, history, we read Percy Jackson and I went through his edited version of the essay and had more notes for him when I was done.

He took another nap, got showered and ready to go and soon we were off with Kelly & Sam to Jonathan & Donna's place for the afternoon.  We all had a great visit and were back to pick Karma up then walked the dogs and made supper - spaghetti & mushroom sauce for supper tonight.

Now the boys are playing video games, I'm going to catch up on my emails and rest - so that I'm right as rain for tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Well Spence got up and did his school yesterday while I was out at a clients.  I ended up going home early as I got Spencer's flu.

I slept all day and am starting to feel better and Spence got the day off school.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Thursday was the museum and then a bit of rest.  Friday was regular school and then volleyball.  Saturday was a relaxing day and I headed out for a cooking class and then coffee with Kirsten afterwards.

Today was xmas shopping and more relaxing.  Tomorrow back to the regular schedule.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Well today started with me heading off to the dentist for extractions - 4 of them, with 12 needles and 2 of them still hurt a bit :(...gotta say though, the advil/tylenol combo he has me on every 3 hours has been good for the pain relief offered.  No hard foods for 3 days and no brushing past my teeth that were taken out to make room....he said over the next two or three months I should see a huge improvement as my teeth have room to shift and the brackets won't keep popping off - in fact he was happy he could take them out now as they were already behind other teeth and it would have been harder to take them out later on - yay.

James had stayed home and driven me there and back and then left for work.  I managed the bleeding gums and let Spence sleep as I couldn't talk.  I cancelled my appointments for the day where I had to talk and only did one call where I could listen in.

Spence in the meantime, got up on his own around 9am and made himself teriyaki steak and steamed rice for breakfast before tackling school today.  No Percy as that would have required me talking and no spelling for the same reason.  The math was fairly straight forward and he's looking to work on ratio to decimal conversion now as he want's to get more practice in that area.  He did his drums, silent reading, printing, essay editing and some history research for his essay.  Then it was Karma training time and finally video game time.

When he was done school, I headed off to my doc's for a follow up visit on my health - all good.  The boys headed out for indoor golf and Cactus Club tonight and I chilled with the dogs for most of that.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Tuesdays have been a pretty easy day for us since Sports Class started.  We did Percy Jackson, silent reading, printing, spelling and math quiz today.

I ran off to the orthodontist and instead of 20 minutes I was there an hour - 3 tries to get the brackets to stick and then 3 people to get the wires back on - my teeth don't want to be straight apparently.  Tomorrow I do my extractions, so they only did partial wires today - it'll be a fun day tomorrow :)

We left for sports class as soon as I got home and were about 15 min late - turns out we have to check next week to see if there will be a class as there weren't enough kids there today.  We then went to Edo Japan for Spencer's lunch he ate a whopping $20 worth of food! I just about fell over - that's a lot of food.  Then it was off to grab our fixed vacuum cleaner and then off to drum practice.

We came home afterwards, unloaded groceries and the vacuum - then we did the baby oil experiment he wanted to try - not exactly like on the youtube video, but still cool.


Dinner is taco's (it is Tuesday after all) and then it's off to Close Quarter Combat class.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Sunday was relax day and get the tree finished (new lights required) and then James headed off to Greg's for a movie night.

Today, I got Spence up and we headed off to our optometrists appt and found out they moved our appt but no one notified us because of my do not remind note on my file (they call 3 or more times before you come in) I rescheduled and we came home.  Spence was still uber tired and went back to sleep right away (I think he's still got that cold/flu).  Karma in the meantime went for her first dog walker walk - they do pack training and off leash training - so that was good.  She had a great time and was tied to another dog who has good recall the entire time - played for 2 hrs straight - came home and went to sleep.

Spence then did his math (still working through ratios - he's getting the examples right, but still doesn't feel he's got it the way he we'll continue with ratios for a little bit longer), printing, silent reading, drums, spelling and Percy Jackson.  He decided he couldn't really focus on his essay editing today, so we'll leave that for tomorrow.

Now it's chill time until we head off to the dentist for him to get his teeth checked and cleaned after his braces have come off.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Been a busy few days.  Thursday we did the museum volunteer work and then grama got Spence and they went to see a movie together after a quick lunch. James was out celebrating the pre-ufi marks with the folks at work and I worked at the office most of the day - except for the 2 hours I went to the ortho to put on my braces.

Friday we did school, Spence got ready for volleyball and we met up with grama at the volleydome.  Spence said he didn't have a great game, but he did have fun chatting it up with the two girls he likes - he got hi-fives from them and they talked to him - so he was all good.  The dog walkers folks came by to interview Karma and to talk about what they would be doing and we set up next Monday as our first day - they come get her and drop her off - pretty cool.  We'll reduce daycare days and see how it all goes.  James ended up staying out for the ufi-party (all 3 folks passed) and I went out for coffee with my h/s mom friends for our monthly get together.  Spence in the meantime started feeling unwell and ended up throwing up through part of the night - so no parkour for him today.

Today is going to be rest day - I woke up with a headache and dry eyes and of course my mouth is all cut up from the braces and Spence said he's feeling better - but not great.  Lots of rest and hopefully by tomorrow or Monday we'll be good.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

James was sick today, so he stayed in bed and worked on getting better.  Spence and I started school just after 9am.  We started with Percy Jackson during breakfast, then looked at a science show on UTube - it's baby oil in a glass jar and then you add baby oil to the beaker and it becomes virtually invisible.  Pretty cool, we're trying it on Friday :)

Then silent reading, math (division & ratios), printing, drum practice, spelling, essay and then lunch / shower for Spence.

We headed off to Jonathan's for the afternoon and after I dropped him off I came home to work.  He came home just after 5pm and we got ready to head off for dinner with grama & grampa.

We had dinner at Home Tasting Room - which was great.  We dropped off grama & grampa on the way home and are now watching some TV and chilling.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So yesterday was a very long - but fun day.  Rhonda had opened up her farm to the homeschoolers and the teens had a ton of fun.

Everything from tag, to tobogganing to dancing and trampolining.  About 7 hours of straight PE type activities.  Karma was along and her day was just as busy - 4 collies to play with all day.

Today was just as busy - I let Spence sleep in until 9 and we read Percy and did math & spelling.  He took his shower and then we headed out for the day.

Sports class - while I got groceries, then off to the tofu truck and drum lessons.  I dropped Spence off and headed to the orthodontist - my elastics snapped and I had to get them in again - I thought only one snapped - but 4 of them did.

Tonight it was taco night for Spence, perogies for James (who is still sick) and grilled cheese for me.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The weekend flew by - James was working on Saturday and went skiing today with Graeme.  Spence and I chilled and I got caught up on chores around the house.

Last night we went out to Kinjo's - it was disappointing as our food was delivered with no rhyme or reason and after 40 minutes we were still waiting on one dish.  The refills were non-existant and so we decided we wouldn't go there on a weekend again.

Tonight is freezer night - Spence wanted chicken wings and left over pizza, not sure if James'll eat with us as he's still out with Graeme and I'm going to make soup for me.

Friday, November 23, 2012

It was a busy day and Spence must be done growing for a bit because he got up on his own around 8:30.

We started with drums, then he worked on his essay and then we did spelling, math (problem solving - his least favorite type of math), printing, he did a social studies test on exam bank - got 50% of them right, which isn't bad considering the test was all about the Native Indians and their history - which we have not covered since Grade 5.  Then I did a review of his essay while he ate lunch and he had a break before we headed out to volleyball practice.

Volleyball was good - a solid hour of drills & games and then it was time to head home, walk the dogs, order pizza and relax.

James came home and now we're off to see Silver Linings Playbook.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Spence started off with Percy, then math quiz, spelling, reading up on the gladiators, he did drums next and then got ready for the orthodontist.  He got his braces off today!!!!! it's so weird seeing him without his braces - clean white teeth without metal.  When we got home, he finished school by working on his essay.

Tonight the boys went off to see a movie and have dinner and I headed out with a few friends for BD celebration downtown over dinner.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We started off with - I need more sleep!  So he went back to sleep till almost 9am.  I got Spence up for breakfast and in the middle of it he spent a good 20 min in the bathroom and came out pasty faced and moaning a bit.  He already had a stuffed nose when he got up and a bit of a headache - so I figured we were pretty much done.

I finished ready Percy Jackson and then sent him back to bed.  He chilled in bed with a bit of TV and lots of Hunter snuggles and while I headed out to run some errands he felt well enough to attempt school again.

He managed to finished almost all of it - drums, math, reading, printing and spelling.  He asked if he could skip both essay writing and history today and then chilled some more on the bed.

He was feeling better by 1:30 and asked since he finished almost all of school - could he play some video games.  I figured since he did almost all of it on his own and although he was still pale, he seemed to be better after taking meds and resting.

Hoping by tomorrow he's all better as it's take off the braces day - we hope!

Tonight I went out with Joanne and tried Close Quarter Combat training - a self defense class and boy was that a workout.  Lots of kicking, punching and blocking - hand eye coordination is good to have (I have none) and even though I sucked big time, I had a great time.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Spence said he wanted to be up by 8:30....then he rolled over and told me to go away in no uncertain terms.  He did get up though a short time later and decided he needed a bath and to do school throughout the day.

So after a very long bath - he got out and started on school.  He started with printing & reading, then did his math and spelling.  We read some Percy Jackson and then he practiced his drums and worked on his essay.

We had Ashley over today to help work with Karma and we're moving forward with less anxiety on Karma's part.  We had other dogs around today when we went outside and Ashley was showing me how to get Karma to focus on me - so that will be our new homework for the next few months.  Spence and I will continue to work with her.  We are seriously looking at some tracking training for her in the spring or agility - Ashley thought tracking might be better - more mental stimulation to wear her out, so we'll look at that come March or April.

Tonight we're doing Curried chicken with rice and James will be doing his guitar lesson if he's ok - he's been coming down with a nasty cold (that we hope not to get) and has been feeling a bit under the weather.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Between parkour, lunch out, working and chillin - the weekend just flew by.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Well it was a busy Friday.  I had a 9am appointment and Spence wanted to sleep in - so that worked out great.

Spence was almost done school by the time I got back, late morning.

He did his printing, reading, drums and math on his own today - then we did spelling practice, read more about gladiators and the Percy Jackson book.  I got him registered for Exam Bank - an exam website hosted by Alberta Education and he did one for volleyball rules today - they have every subject offered....he got 60% on the exam, but he learned stuff he didn't know and that was pretty good.

He got ready then for volleyball and we went off for his game.  They did their drills and then did some games with score keeping - his team one one and lost one - so pretty good overall.  Spence wasn't having a great day playing, but did a few saves including a head butting return over the net for a point.

The kids have decided to go into January and possibly Feb/Mar as they are all enjoying themselves.

We got home and I worked on some mashed potatoes and gravy, Spence went off to do some recordings of video game play for the boys' utube channel and Karma did some training with me.

Not a bad day.  Tonight James and Spence are at home and I'm off with the girls to try a new place to eat for our little group in Tuscany.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Busy day today - Spence did his volunteer work and then after I dropped him off at home so that he could finish a few things - worked on his essay, drum practice and a bit of lient reading.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We had a great few days - got reading done, printing, spelling, math, essay, drums and his sports class.  Today we also got our 10 year tetanus shots together and did our facilitator meeting with Joe.

James is out at a networking event tonight and Spence and I are going to go see Wreck-It Ralph.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Day off for Spence, James and I both ended up working - Chinese food for supper and some TV.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Saturday, the boys relaxed at home, Spence went off to Parkour mid-day and I slept a bit before waking Dave up and heading out for lunch and then a visit with my mom before I headed back home for the evening.

After walking the dogs, we got Spence his pizza and James and I headed out to try Carino's - a Japanese Italian fusion restaurant.

Today, James is off skiing at Sunshine with Graeme, I'm trying to catch up with chores and work and Spence is playing his new Halo game.

Tonight James and I ended up watching a movie on netflix - cute one and had some wine and popcorn while watching.  Very nice evening.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Today we started with Percy Jackson, did some political research on party systems in Canada and the US (high level), then some Karma training, spelling, reading more about gladiators, drums, math (ratios today), silent reading, printing and essay research....then it was time to get ready to go to volleyball.  It took us nearly 30 minutes for our regular 10 min drive - but we made it.  It was a good game and the kids went an extra 20 or so minutes.  Once we were done, we went home and since we were running later than I had hoped, we were going to take the dogs out...well Hunter was sitting behind the door and didn't get up in time - so he got injured when the door opened under his paw and he couldn't walk for a while.  Spence was good enough to take Karma out while I packed for Canmore.

Once he was back, I left to grab some gas, get a piece of cake for my mom and a few other things for Canmore.  I got to Canmore in about 1.5 hours - the roads were slick but decent until the flats - when the wind whipped up and I had to slow down to 30 to make sure I wouldn't go off the road.

Once in Canmore, I got checked in to the motel where Dave & I are staying overnight, then went to see my mom.  After an hour visit, I left to find supper - ended up at the Tapas bar where we had a gift certificate (which I found out was expired and was actually a promo and not a gift certificate...arg).  The food was excellent though and I decided I probably needed to come back with people - so I could try more stuff...maybe I could convince the boys to go there next time instead of Grizzly Paw.

Then it was off to Safeway to grab snacks for Dave when he finally arrives - he's on the way - but the pass is sketchy and I expect him to arrive between midnight and one am.

So now I'm tucked in and watching some TV while getting ready to do some work.

The boys in the meantime are chilling at home (at least I think they are - hopefully they are having a good time).

Thursday, November 08, 2012

It was volunteer day today - so Spence got up just before 8am and got ready to go.  We left about 15 minutes earlier, so we could make it on time - the roads were slick and the traffic was really backed up due to the snowfall.

I ended up having to get Spence a bit early because I had some meetings to go to - so after dropping him off, he made himself some lunch and then finished off drums, printing, reading, essay research and then some chill time.

For supper, we made spaghetti with tomato sauce and James was out at a client event for part of the night.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

It was a busy day today - we went off to the Patterson Farm for a Survival Daycamp.

The kids learned how to build a shelter without any tools and how to start a fire without matches.  I think the mom's got as much out of the class as the kids.

While the kids were doing their thing - we mom's got a tour of the farm.  It was neat - the farm has been in the family since 1902 and this is now the 3rd generation on the farm (4th if you count the little ones).

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I was up until 1:30 last night, so the pups let me sleep in until just after 7am.  Got Karma off to daycare - where she apparently is a completely different dog than at home (kinda like your kid at a friends place) - she's such a friendly dog, listens well, loves everyone .... when I got home, Spence asked to sleep a bit longer, so he got an extra half hour this morning.

Once up, we read Percy Jackson, the Gladiators history book, math quiz, spelling quiz and then he got ready for sports class.  While he was at sports class, I went and grabbed groceries.  Once class was done, I took Spence for Harvey's and then we went to the vacuum repair shop - our dyson has a piece that fell off and they are repairing it.

We finished and headed off to Spencer's first drum practice since summer break.  Spence did well and afterwards we went home for an early supper (Taco Tuesday).  Spence drove to pick Karma up and I drove us home.

Spence is off playing games, Karma & Hunter are napping, James is out and I'm catching up on some TV while trying to get into working again tonight.

Monday, November 05, 2012

I got Spence up early today so that we could do our part together before I headed out for a meeting.  We read Percy, did spelling and read more Gladiator stuff.

He continued researching his essay, started a new unit on math (algebra again today), printing practice, drums and some reading on his own.

We trained Karma throughout the day and she was pretty tired and then we chilled watching some TV together for a bit before I headed off for supper with Kirsten and James came home from work.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

We pretty much chilled all weekend - didn't end up doing much.

Friday, November 02, 2012

We started with Percy again, then read more about gladiators.  Spence continued with math (triangles), spelling, some training with Karma and drums.  He then finished off with printing and silent reading before getting ready to head out to volleyball with the h/s class.

The kids had a good time, lots of drills and calling out / moving around and he even got his nerve up to talk to one of the girls he was playing with.

Now it's time to chill until I walk the dogs and then we all go out for supper with grampa at Earl's.  Once home, James is having Greg over to play some guitar and chill, Spence plans to play more video games and I am debating watching some TV v studying or working a bit.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

The boys slept for a long while and pretty much took it easy after that.  Donna & John were nice enough to both take Spence to their place and bring him back.  He had a terrific time with Jonathan.

Tonight, I went off to the IIA social and met up with a few of my colleagues and the boys went off to boys night out - Edo Japan and a movie.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We started with Percy, then more triangle math, spelling, gladiator history, essay and then it was time to get ready for Jonathan's.

Spence is doing Halloween at Jonathan's this year and James and I are planning a relaxing night watching some TV.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spence and I started with the Percy Jackson, then more triangles, spelling, then history - today it was gladiator history.  Drums, printing, silent reading were up and then it was time to leave for our new sports class down at Fish Creek Park.

Spence had a good time at the class and I had a great lunch with Amy.  I grabbed Spence a Vietnamese sub for the way home and then once home, he practiced breaking on ice again.

I went off to get groceries and made supper (taco tuesday) and now we're watching Madagascar III

Monday, October 29, 2012

Back to school today...Spence had planned to get up at 7am, but slept in until 8:30 - still enough time to get a bit of school done before his haircut.

We started with reading the Mark of Athena (the Percy Jackson book), then some more triangle math, spelling and getting ready to head out.

After the haircut, it was silent reading, drums, training Karma, printing practice and researching the essay topic he's working on.

He played a bit with his buddies online and I went out for coffee with Joanne and then got his supper ready when I got home (fettuccine alfredo) and then headed off to meet James at Osteria for a wine tasting supper tonight.

All the wines were good, supper was good and the company was good...can't complain.

James is fighting a bit of a cold or something and went to bed by 10, Spence shortly after and I'm just finishing up with catching up on stuff before heading off myself.

Spencer's new haircut

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Relaxing day today - headed off to Best Buy for some DVDs and then the pet store to get some stuff for Karma...plans for the rest of the day, include video gaming for the boys and nap time for me.
Well, it was a lazy day (sorta).  We chilled until about 11:30 when we took Jacob & Spence to Parkour.  We dropped them off and headed to Harry Rosen in TD Square, to pickup James' suit - finally ready after 3 months and on the way back to pick up the boys, we stopped at the Ski Cellar to grab a ski dvd and then grabbed the boys.

We chilled then until Spence and I left for Joanne's place for her annual halloween party.  James decided to have Graeme & Christine over while we were out and they had pizza and ski movie night.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

1st Volleyball Day

Spence and team playing volleyball after drills

Spence serving - usually the ball ended up hitting the parents on the sidelines

We started Friday off with a new book - the latest in the Percy Jackson books (this one is the Roman gods one), then math - more triangles, spelling, training with Karma, reading about Carthage in our history book, drum practice, reading and finally working on his latest essay.

We were done just before lunch and after that, he got ready to play volleyball with the homeschool high school group.  It was a good turnout - 12 kids and a mom who coaches the women's amateur league.  They all seemed to have fun and decided to come back next Friday (currently they have committed to 8 weeks).

When we got home, we did some driving practice - breaking on ice in the parking lot by our place.  We'll do that some more over the next week or so, and continue driving practice.

We got pizza while walking the dogs - as James and I had decided to go out for dinner together.  We went to Milestones and after a bowl of soup each and shared appies - we were really over full and not feeling well - not sure what we ate that wasn't great, but we were both not well.  We took a lap around the mall and then headed home.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

We worked on triangles again, then spelling and then we headed out.  It's Thursday, so volunteer day for Spence.

He finished at the museum and I took him home, put the butter chicken sauce in the slow cooker and left for a company Octoberfest event.

When I got home, we found out that the slow cooker is not the way to make butter chicken sauce...smelled good, but never thickened up and the milk separated from the rest of the sauce :(

Oh well - it was an experiment.  Now to chill for the rest of the night.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spence got up at 8am and said he'd had the best night rest in a while - Karma didn't wake him up until almost 6am and he'd finally had almost no stuffed up nose while sleeping - yay!  He actually woke me up this morning as I had also finally had a good nights sleep and James let me sleep in as well.

So with both of us well rested, we went straight into school.  He tried to watch a history show, but for some reason the apple TV didn't want to connect - so he did some research on his history essay instead.  He's working on a little piece - ancient weapons and is currently deciding on the actual weapons he wants to do research on.

After his research, he practiced drums, we did math (a review of triangle types - we'll do some more tomorrow I think), spelling, read Serpent's Shadow and he did some printing before we called it a day.

He got organized for heading over to Jonathan's and then took a bit of a break until it was time to leave.  I dropped Spence off and headed back towards town, stopped at the post office and then off to my client's.

I left my client's at 3pm and it took me 45 minutes to get to Cochrane - I thought it was going to take me only 30 minutes, so I ended up being 15 min later than planned - but it didn't matter, as he hadn't finished playing and so I stayed for a cup of coffee with Donna & John.

Once we got home, the boys got ready and headed out for their boys night out and I grabbed the dogs and we went for a nice walk in the park.  When we came home, I finished making some barley veggie soup for supper (I am slow cooking some veggie stock) and started on cooking the beans for a bean dip.  I am making bean dip and hummus for Joanne's annual halloween party on Saturday.

The boys had a good time - out for dinner and then a movie, I managed to catch up on some of my shows and now it's getting close to bed time.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

For a day where we really didn't have a lot planned - we ended up doing a lot.

I popped over to Safeway and grabbed groceries, then to Sport Check to get a winter coat & boots (no luck with the boots - but got a cute and functional coat).  Home in time to let Spence sleep in a bit and for us to start school.

We started with the Serpent's Shadow, then onto silent reading, printing, science/gun show (more guns, robot drones and how to open a door quietly when rescuing a kidnapping victim).  Then it was drums, quick spelling & math and then we ran off to meet Sam, Kelly & Paul at the hill by the university.

The boys had a great time, Paul and Kelly did a few sleds and I took a few grainy pictures.  Kelly and I headed back to their place to wait for the boys and after a few hours, they toddled in with slurpees and chips.

We left just after 4pm and were home just before James.  It's Taco Tuesday of course - so we made those and I had made a carrot cake quick bread for snacking on.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Finally back into the full swing of school today.  We started with Spence announcing he was not feeling well still and crawling back into bed.  He still had a bad headache and stuffed up sinuses but was game to start school after his morning nap (you know he's sick, when he says he's willing to give up video gaming....).

We started with reading Serpent's Shadow (we're almost done the book now), spelling, math - to which he announced, this particular module was not doing it for him...tomorrow we will explore Khan Academy and a few other sources to get a better handle on triangles.  He continued on with printing, drum practice and then we looked at the Exam Bank.

We had talked about getting better at taking exams by practicing with them and the Exam Bank has a lot of exams to practice with.  We're going to be adding them to our Friday's as they are only 10 or 12 questions per exam and should be a quick thing to do at the end of the week.

He then decided he needed more rest and took to resting in bed for a bit and in the meantime the vet's behaviorist (Ashley) came over to work with us for Karma.  Karma still likes to eat everything and chew on anything - so we were working on those traits...we played a go / off game and we're going to add a few more games for inside the house with her to reduce her anxiety and dominance issues.  She loved the games and was very upset when Hunter wanted to join in - since he wasn't being trained, Hunter went upstairs to keep Spence company while he rested.

Once Ashley was gone, Spence was feeling a bit better and decided he needed more food and thought since he did finish school, he could play some games.

For supper, we made some mashed potatoes with cheese, gravy, corn & peas (peas are separate of course for James) and some veggie burgers.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The weekend flew past - lots of relaxing and chillin in front of the fireplace.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Regular Friday school day - quizzes, drums, printing and reading + Serpent's Shadow.  We cleaned up a bit and I finished the laundry finally.

James and Spence went out for a boys night to Cactus Club and then to Cross Iron Mills for new jeans for James and I had the pups with me for a big walk and then home to some spring rolls.

Tina came over after supper (she's here for a bit from England) for a visit - which was very nice and now it's time to go to bed after a busy day.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

We did our easing back into school again today - math quiz, spelling, reading, drums, a bit of research and picking out a new essay topic.

Then it was time to grab some discount coupons at AMA for the movie theatre and to drop off my shoes for repair and then a bit of chore time before heading out to see Hotel Transylvania with Sam.

When we got home, it was time to get supper ready (hot dogs & fries).  James got home by 5pm and then headed back out for swim practice after supper.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yesterday was a flurry of appointments and errands along with starting up a little bit of school again.  Orthodontist for Spencer and me (have to get braces - when the dentist can't get the floss between your crowded teeth, it may be time to get them fixed), then a new kennel and gentle leader for Karma - who decided that it was time to eat her old kennel and halter....oh well.  Then it was time to head to the Organic Store for some soy milk for me and finally time to come home and do some more unpacking and some chores.

Spence in the meantime finished up his math quiz, spelling quiz, drum practice and reading.  He's trying to decide on a new essay topic as well.

Today I let him sleep in - he got a solid 11 hours sleep and will probably be un-jet lagged now (he didn't seem to be as badly off as James and I), then he did his silent reading, printing and drums.  In the meantime, I was off at a client's and then picked up my new dress (in exchange for the sweater that tore after wearing it once) from Foreman's.  Got home early enough to do a few chores and relax a bit.

Tonight we meet up with grampa for dinner at Earl's and then hope to make it to 10:45 or 11pm tonight :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

All slowly recovering from jetlag.  James was up at 4am and I was up at 5, Spence was up by 6:30 and then again by 7am.  All super tired now - but trying not to nap and just go to sleep at a reasonable time.

Got groceries organized, making grilled chicken (without tonnes of oil or butter) and some roasted potato wedges for supper.

Also picking Karma up from daycare tonight :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

After a very, very long and bumpy ride we are finally home.  Jo'Anne was there to meet us at the airport, Hunter at the front door and now it's time to grab a bite and go to sleep

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gladiator Fight


Today was our final day full day in Rome.  We planned to go to the Gladiator School and maybe the Ancient War Museum - only made it to the school (the Museum closed at 2pm).

The school was awesome!  We lucked out and Spence ended up getting a private gladiator lesson and history lesson for 2 hours by a great instructor.  The school is run by the reenactment group and so they really make an effort to have you enjoy your visit.

I'll post some pics and a short video about the day - overall though, if you end up coming here and have kids who are interested in Gladiators (and really who isn't), then take them on this visit.

Showing Spence the ropes - scythe is better than short sword

learning the 5 basic moves

practicing on James...however, James got the better of him and cut his arm off

not to be outdone, Spence later on cuts off James' leg 

against a real opponent 

getting is Ancient Roman citizenship at the end of the class

Friday, October 12, 2012

James and I got up and after a leisurely breakfast, made our way out for a brunch/lunch at another cafe in our piazza....they had minestrone soup for me, which was a nice change.  Around 3 we left for the museum and ruins.

We went to the Di Vinci museum first, which was neat and then to see the ruins (where they believe that Julius Caesar was murdered) and then off to Hard Rock Cafe for an early supper.

Supper was good and on our way home we all got caught in a flash rain storm.  We all got soaked through - but once home, we put our stuff on the drying rack and are hoping it's dry before we leave on Sunday (it's colder and wetter outside, so it's taking more time to dry stuff on the rack).

I headed off to Armani after we got back, but they didn't have anything I'd wear - so no shopping for me...I did however, get a Hard Rock Rome T-Shirt that was in support of Breast Cancer research.  Not a bad last relaxing day in Rome.

Glider (Di Vinci Museum)

Tank w cannons

multi-firing tank

elevator mechanism

ruins where they think J. Caesar was murdered

Hard Rock - some nice drinks to kill the thirst :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Well, it's getting to the end of our trip and we decided to have a day off (well sorta).  We all slept in and then James and I went out for brunch and Spence had soup, then we all continued to chill until just after 2:30 when Spence and I went off to find the underground homes.  I got us lost and we ended up at an underground prison - so still good as far as Spence was concerned.  We decided to do the prison tour and were both very pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed it.  It took a total of a half hour because of the audio tour that came with the $5E price tag and so we were both pretty pleased.  Spence said he didn't care to see the houses and I didn't feel like coming back after dropping him off to find the houses - so we headed home.

We stayed home until 6 or so and then headed out to the Sushi Bar we found the other day.  It was exactly what we expected - tourist quality food - so not great....but it was a nice change, then off to the grocery store because we figured we'd get snacky and then I went to see if I could get a deal at Armani - but alas, the store was closed.

Overall not a bad day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spencer's new purchase - a leather jacket (which we are hoping
he will keep at least as long as James kept his sunglasses for)

Palentine Hill excavation stuff

Vestile Virgin's temple (interior)

Fresco's on outside walls

Fresco's on inside walls

Mosaic tiles just outside the tunnel between palaces

reliefs in the same tunnel

excavated houses

Stadium at one of the palaces

Colosseum at twilight

more ruins at twilight

grama's favorite building at night on the way home