Saturday, December 31, 2011

All still sick (various stages), so pretty do nothing day.  We took Karma out and ran into a friend from James' work and the pups played for a good half hour - wearing out Karma.  I got the guac ready, some bruschetta, made madeleines (they turned out sooo good) and got all the appy stuff out to defrost for tonight (wings, meatballs, calamari, mozza sticks, nachos and desserts - pies, cakes & cookies).

I also finished reorganizing my pantry and realized I didn't leave any room for my cookbooks - so I'll have to find a nook for them later. 

After some naps, we walked the dogs again and started on the appies and mythbuster's marathon. 

Happy New Years Everyone!

Friday, December 30, 2011

This having a cold is getting old and sucks - James managed to give it to both Spence and me and is still recovering himself - so we're all in various stages of sickness.

James and I have been managing to walk with Karma & Hunter each day for at least an hour + we do a bunch of shorter walks / plays.  I got Karma a 30' steel leash that attaches to her 5' steel leash (it's the only thing she hasn't eaten through) and we let her play in the park with other dogs now without getting your arm torn off and without having to join the doggy fray. 

We also have been working on come and fetch with Karma and she's figuring it out - as long as she isn't too distracted.

We watched the last of the old Star Wars tonight after supper.  Supper was quartered potatoes baked in the oven with grilled bison burgers and chicken breast.
Wednesday - we chilled for a bit and then we had Roan & Sophie over for a visit.

Thursday - we chilled and then headed off to Corbin's place for a visit.

Friday - we plan to chill at home and get some appies for New Year's Eve

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Last day off for James - unless he takes more vacation days.  He's still not 100%, so he may stay home at least part of the day tomorrow and Thursday.

We spent the day at home, ran a few errands and made papusa's and taco's for supper.
Saturday, Sunday & Monday .....

The boys pretty much chilled and played video games the whole time.  James has a nasty cold, which he seems to be trying to share with us.

We got up Xmas morning and opened all our pressies - we had some great stuff under the tree. 

Today, while the boys were at home, I went into work and did a full day of photocopying/scanning (not my favorite task) and now I have to save all the files and label them (again, not a fun task) and hopefully I'll be able to head in on Friday for another at least half day and get at least partially caught up in between.