Friday, December 23, 2011

Spence was up early, so we decided to start school early.  We started with Inheritance and then went onto math - the web 10 math and found out that the next section we're doing is poorly written - so we're just commenting on that and skipping it.  We did spelling, drum practice and then he vacuumed while I cleaned the kitchen a bit.

We left to meet James at Harry Rosen for his semi-annual sale shopping and did great with a sport jacket, 2 pants, 4 shirts, a sweater and some ties. We headed to Brooks Bros. for undershirts and I saw they had my fitted button downs in my size that I've been hunting for - so I got three different colours and should be set now for another year or two :)  The girl said I could wait until the sale next week - but they never have my size, so I just bought the shirts full price (ACK! I hate paying full price).

The boys headed off for a quick food court lunch and then home to rest up and I headed over to a client's place to get some work done without interruptions.

The boys had scrounge night, while I dined on cookies and cranberry juice, until I got home and made a sandwich.  We're just hanging out tonight and chilling.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Well, everyone woke up under the weather today.  James was debating if he should go to work or not, I was debating going back for more sleep to fix my stuffy nose & headache and Spence slept until 10:30 and got up still stuffy and feeling off.

James ended up going to work, I ended up staying up and trying to catch up on chores and Spence decided he needed a full sick day - until I said no video games if he takes a sick day.

Spence and I were supposed to head out to COP this morning to meet up with some h/s kids, but the hill was closed until further notice due to a power I let him sleep.

This is Karma's doggy daycare day and even she was tired and out of it.  She lay down on the floor to eat and then went back to sleep when she was done - I had to get her up again and get her going.

Spence decided he'd better do school if he is going to play video games, but we decided to do light school.  We started with math quiz, spelling, printing & light reading....he continued with drums and Ancient Discoveries - Mega Builders and then called it a day.  He is wrapped up in his blanket and robe and chillin watching TV and playing video games now.

While he was out like a light, I decided I'd start working on supper - tomato sauce for our polenta tonight and as a pizza sauce for tomorrow's pizza dinner.  I made some polenta with mushrooms and onions and I pulled out the chicken breast, so that we could have that as the main part of the meal.

I found a cookie that I wanted to try - it's like a mini pie made with a pastry dough....well it didn't turn out like the pictures at all, but they taste ok.  I don't think I'll try this recipe again.  I also made some sour dough french bread for dinner tonight, so we're all set for that and some TV watching.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

After breakfast, we read Inheritance, Spence did his printing, spelling, watched Real Pirates of the Caribbean (a history channel show that was really good).  He practiced his drums, did some reading and did his math.

While he tidied up his room and put away his laundry, Nicole came with her two dogs and her and I went out back to let them play.  I thought that it was all enclosed, but there was an exit by Bev's place - so we each stationed ourselves at an exit and let the dogs run.

The dogs played for about an hour before we were very very cold and the dogs were wore out.  She has an electric collar on her young one and she's the third or fourth owner I've seen with them.  She showed me how it worked and it really allows her pup to roam without a leash but still hear her.  Karma was pretty good - but she completely ignored everything I said while playing....good the other dogs never really left the back area, or she would have followed.  Hunter sat quietly, did his own thing and waited for the kids to finish playing - he had no interest in joining them.

When we got back in the house, we had tea and the dogs rested.  After Nicole left, Spence and I got ready and headed out for groceries.  We had originally planned to go sledding down south this afternoon, but people said they were sick and so were going to skip it.  We thought we'd still go and called up Sam & Kelly to see if they wanted to join us and also Joanne & Jacob.  Sam could come, but Jacob was busy and so we headed over and picked Sam up.

We thought we'd go to the University to sled, but decided to stay closer to home.  We checked out a few hills and none of them ended up having enough snow to sled down on - maybe one did, but we couldn't figure out how to get there and that's probably why there was still snow on it.  Instead, we headed back to our place for the boys to play.  Tonight we're having veggie butter chicken and rice for supper.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

After breakfast this morning we started on the last book in the Eragon series, it starts off by recapping the other three books - which is a good idea at this point as we haven't re-read the other ones.

We continued with Ancient Discoveries (Robots - very cool show) and went on to spelling, working out the cost of driving for Spence (insurance - turns out no premium increase until he turns 16 and get's his class 5 license).  Then we took the dogs for a huge walk as we weren't going skiing per our original plan.

Spence then worked on his math problems, printing, learning how to restring his bow, practiced drums, reading and tidying his lounge.

We had a bit of time before Jacob came over for a visit and then when Jacob left, James came home.  I bailed on swimming tonight, but James went. 

I made fish tacos, but James wanted a veggie chicken wrap and so Spence ended up with all the fish tonight - which he was pretty pleased with.  Now it's time for the guys to play Star Wars and for me to catch up on some work.

Monday, December 19, 2011

After breakfast, we read the Hunger Games, Spence did his reading, we read History of the World - Emperor Suleman.  Turns out he had spies who worked for him to make sure his judges were being fair and just and applying the laws he set down for all, and he went around disguised and watched his judges do their work.

We did spelling, math and printing.  Spence finished off with drum practice and lunch and then I headed off to my client and he chilled.

James and I met at the climbing wall and did some bouldering and then we headed home.  I picked Karma up on the way and she was excited to get home....not as worn out tonight as she has been in the past week, so we'll take her out for a long play tomorrow.

Tonight was an easy night - burgers & fries

Sunday, December 18, 2011

James went off early to ski at Sunshine today with Graeme.  While he was out driving to the mountains, the rest of us slept in.  I got up at 8 and decided that was too early and then we all got up just after 8:30 as Karma decided she'd waited long enough to go pee.

The boys had gone to bed at 1am, but stayed up an extra hour talking, so they were pretty zonked.  I got crepes ready with soup for Spence and while I did that, Karma went for a quick walk.  After we ate, I took both dogs out for a walk and let the boys have some more play time.

Around lunch, we got organized for Jonathan to head home and took the dogs for one more big walk before leaving - we ran into Brandy, Bear and Misha who were all young and about Karma's size (ok - bear is a bear - he's a massive husky - built like a bear) and so they all played for a half hour with one of us attached to Karma the whole time as it was out in the open field.  When she was played out, we all headed back and had lunch and then left for Jonathan's house.

We arrived there and stayed for coffee / play (because the boys didn't have enough time together) :)  Coffee was great and the boys had a terrific time.  We had taken both Karma & Hunter with us and they chilled in the truck for the whole time and we left them just roaming the back of the truck, which seems to have suited them both just fine.  Seems like Hunter doesn't want to be left behind when we take Karma out, even though he hyperventilates the entire time in the car.

We got home, did some chores and then took them for another walk.  We put Karma in the kennel and headed off to Kinjo's for supper.  Spence and I shared some tofu, spinach salad and we each had an 8 pc roll and one more small roll for Spence. 

James had texted that they were at Eddie's Burger Bar having dinner and he arrived home just before we did after supper.  We all chilled for the rest of the night and James and Spence both went to bed early from a very exhausting weekend. 
Showing Jonathan how to shoot

getting setup and showing them how its done

a little more instruction is needed

Getting back into the groove

Done after an hour of shooting - time for a slurpee

Saturday December 17

James went off to work at 8, and I went back to bed....this was after we had been up for an hour.  James managed both a swim before work and a quick ski after work - much more active than either Spence or myself.

When we got up (me for a second time and Spence for the first time), we had breakfast and then walked the dogs.  Hunter went back with Spence after a few pee's and I took Karma for a jog/trot.  While doing our jog/trot - we ran into a few dogs, a little one that she played very gently with and then we found Lucky - she's a shepher/collie cross and about the same size as Karma - they rough housed for a good half hour - gentle bites, rolls, etc.  Karma got distracted by another two shelties for a bit, but did remember that I had treats for her after a bit.  She was so tired when we were done.

We chilled until Jonathan came over just after lunch and then after a bit we went to the Calgary Archery Centre for some archery time.  The boys had a great time and Karma even got to come in (we decided to take her with us, as we didn't  know how long we'd be). 

We got home, started on supper (wings & pizza) and the boys went upstairs to watch TV & play video games and James and I caught up on some PVR'd shows.