Friday, December 16, 2011

Bowling with the teen h/s group at Chinook

During breakfast we continued with the Hunger Games.  Then it was math quiz, spelling quiz, checking account updates, planning for next week's school and then he finished his paper on Canadian inventions (posted earlier today). 

He watched Ancients Behaving Badly (Cleopatra) today and then did his Italian.  It was time for lunch and then time to head to the teen bowling event.

We decided to take Karma with us and see how she did in the car in her kennel as it was 5 degrees outside.  Spence had a great time and Karma was happy (until she saw us, then wanted out to play).  We headed to Safeway to grab some coffee & yogurt.  Spence took Karma for a quick walk while I got the stuff and then we all headed home.

I started working on supper - rice, stir fry & veggie ginger chicken and we both did our chores.

Spencer's paper on Canadian inventions

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I let Spence sleep in today.  James and I had gone for a swim at the pool first thing this morning and when I got home, I took Karma to daycare.  She was so excited when she saw where we were - and couldn't wait to get into the dog pile.

I got home, got organized for skiing and then got breakfast organized for Spence.  Spence got up and we read the Hunger Games, went skiing, went to Burger King, the pet store & once we were home again, we did spelling, drums, reading, math self test (21/24) and printing.

He took a quick break and then he started cooking supper - he made a tomato roasted pepper sauce with pasta and I made some fresh bread to go with it.  I also tried out a new recipe - date & pecan squares, which turned out yummy. 

I went off to get Karma, who was ready to sleep by the time I came and after supper, we're now all chillin.

Wednesday December 14, 2011

It was an early day for Spence - he got up at 6:15 to take Karma out for a pee and then I got him up at 7 to do school before I left for a client meeting.

We ended up finishing the Hunger Games, drums, spelling and math before I left and then he finished reading, editing his essay and printing while I was out.

The dogs both chilled with him today and once I was home after errands & groceries, we went for another walk before supper.

Tonight was soup and salad - but Spence wanted left over tacos and James ended up with left over taco rice with steak.

James and I had planned on swimming tonight at VRRI - but once we got there and paid, we found out it was family swim night - not lane swim night as we were told numerous times (over the phone, before we paid, while we stood there watching them remove the lane markers) need more up to date schedules I think.  They said they would refund us our money (tomorrow as they didin't know how to do it) and we'll try tomorrow morning instead.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday December 13, 2011

So, Star Wars the game came out today at 6am.  Spence was up at 7am and already getting organized for a day of playing.  He warned me yesterday that if he got in early - he wanted to do a Friday school day and to play the game.

So we got going for school at 8am - we read the Hunger Games, did a spelling quiz a math quiz and he did his drum practice.  He got dressed and got ready for the orthodontist and he walked Karma for a good half hour.

Once back from the orthodontist, he settled in to play for the rest of the day and I got some chores and work done - so not bad.

Tonight is Taco Tuesday - so tacos for supper and then Star Wars for the boys and TV/work for me.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Karma was up around 6:30, which worked out fine as I planned to take her to doggy daycare today.  I took her while James was getting ready for work - I wasn't sure how she would do, but when I picked her up at 5, she was tuckered and really well behaved around the dogs.

I got Spence up just after 8, so we could be done school early.  We read the Hunger Games, while he ate breakfast.  We then did math - more lines & space & points, spelling, printing practice, reading, drums, and Ancients Behaving Badly - Nero (who wasn't crazy, just power hungry and goal driven...although anyone who tells wife #1, either commit suicide or I'll have my guards off you and then beats wife #2 to death - can't claim that he's all there). 

Tonight we're having perogies and left over pizza for Spence.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

We all slept in this morning.  When we finally got up, the boys went out for a ski at COP and I took Karma for an hour long walk/jog.  When I got home, I got a few chores done and waited for the boys to arrive back home.

Spence had been smacking his toes in his boots the entire time and so it was decided once they got home, he'd be getting new ski boots.  We put Karma in her kennel after another quick walk and headed to Pulcinella for lunch and then walked over to the ski store afterwards. 

It took a while, but we got Spencer new boots and they got fitted.  James got replacement skis for his old ones that are all warped and bubbled for COP type skiing and I tried on a few new ski jackets as the boys were telling me how old my current shell looks.  I didn't find anything though, so we left with boots for Spence and new skis for James.  James will pop in tomorrow and drop off Spencer's old skis so they can get fitted to the new boots and for them to swap out James' bindings from the old skis to the new ones.

We then headed home and found Karma relaxed in her kennel and Hunter chilling with her.  We then relaxed for a bit and then started on supper.  Tonight it was mashed potatoes with roasted garlic and gravy, steak with a Bobby Flay bbq sauce that turned out quite good and some tomato and buffalo cheese salad.  We ended supper with ice cream and popcorn while watching TV shows.