Saturday, December 10, 2011

Karma found her living room nap spot

At least one of them is napping :)

The boys got up before I did, they let me sleep in.  Once I was up, we had coffee and pancakes for breakfast (Spence had soup as usual).  Once we were done and walked the dogs, James and I headed down to 17th for a walk & shop for xmas stocking stuffers.

We realized we could have brought Karma along as there were lots of dogs out on the sidewalk and hanging out along 17th.  We parked near Tubby Dog and walked down to 4th, thinking we'd get the last part of my xmas pressy at Gravity Pope (a new pair of warm winter boots).  Turns out my feet are abnormally small - the smallest they have is a 6 and with my feet being a good size or so smaller, that was a no go.  We went next door and I found the winter coat I'd been looking for - for a few years... decided that would be a great last part of my xmas pressy.

We started heading back and hit a few stores without any further luck and headed over to Kensington to hit Fresh for some more stuffers - no luck finding parking, so we continued to Best Buy to exchange the camera that broke.

We got to Northland and stopped at Jugo Juice for a snack and then off to Best Buy.  The girl was good - gave us the paperwork (once she found the old camera in the back) and said go find a new one bring it to customer service and we'll exchange the camera.  Our 2nd Sony died - this one lasted about 18 months before it died and so since I had a warranty, I took it back and they said they would exchange it (after trying to fix it).  This time I got a Panasonic Digital camera that is good underwater (40ft), shock proof (7') and is does both video and picture - James will take it to COP tomorrow to test out.

We got some chocolate on the way out of the mall and then stopped at Safeway to grab a few things I forgot when I went grocery shopping the other day.

We came home, James tuned the skis and I worked on supper - jerk rubbed chicken with mango serano chili sauce, rice and sour dough bread.  I also made some banana bread and made the sauce for the steaks tomorrow night.

Greg came over for supper around 5 and we watched some ski movies.  Now we're watching the video game awards and chilling.

Friday, December 09, 2011

I let Spence sleep in a bit and then we got started with the Hunger Games and we finished book 2 and discovered I hadn't downloaded the 3rd book onto the ipad.  While I downloaded the 3rd book, Spence did some reading and we played Monopoly for math - he was the banker, the real estate agent and the fines keeper - a great easy math day.  We updated his budget, figured out next week for school and then watched Museum Secrets (Museum of Natural History) on History Channel and it was a really interesting show.

He did his spelling, printing practice and we reviewed his paper and decided he could work on it a bit more.  Then he practiced drums, vacuumed, dusted and cleaned his bedroom enough that if Karma escapes while in the kennel, she won't be able to do too much damage (we hope).

He took breaks, all throughout the day (as it was an all day school day) and we watched some TV in between while taking breaks.

I took Karma to the vet and she got her stitches out and cone off - but has to wear the cone if she's in the kennel for the next 24 to 48 hours as the area is a little tender still and she may want to scratch at it.  She's looking great though.  She even had an hour in the kennel today after a big walk with me. 

She wants to play with Hunter, but he's having none of it, so we found a doggie daycare close by that has a large dog play area and we're going to take her there to play a bit and get some of the puppy energy worked out.

James went to get his eyes checked at 3pm and then is heading home.  Grama/Grampa & Auntie are coming over for a drink before taking Spence with them for Kinjo's and James and I are going to a Christmas party for one of my clients tonight at the Marriott.  Then it'll be home and bed :)
Yesterday we had a pretty good day - we read the Hunger Games, did some more metric to imperial conversions, spelling, drums, painting, silent reading, we went through our old h/s stuff and have a bunch to give away now and we tried watching Ancient Aliens and decided the show was just bad - not based in fact at all and so we cancelled the series recording on the PVR and we stopped the show.

Spence had a bit more cleaning to do after lunch and then he had time to play.  I headed off to a client meeting and was done early enough to grab groceries on the way home.  James beat me home and headed off to the gym and then after unloading the groceries we got ready to head out to the BBLP xmas party.

Spence had pizza at home and we had buffet at the party.  

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

During breakfast we continued reading the Hunger Games.  Spence read more about training Husky & German Shepperds to see if he needed to do stuff he wasn't doing.  Then we watched Ancients Behaving Badly - Caesar (who was a nasty fellow and sounds like he was a bit on the nutty side).  He went to clean his bathroom enough to have guests be able to use it.

I had been working on lunch (Ethiopian stew & crepes) and after cleaning, we did math - metric to imperial conversions again and then spelling practice.

Sam & Kelly arrived just as lunch was rolling around and so we all sat down to some warm food - home made beef barley soup for Kelly & Sam and we all had some Ethiopian.

Kelly and I had some tea, while the boys played and then after Kelly left, the dishwasher guy came to fix the dispenser.  The D/W is just over a year old and the dispenser stopped working on it - glad I had the warranty.

The boys took Karma out for a quick walk and then went out to play in the snow, while I did some chores.  The boys came back in and they played a free trial of Dance City and then Fruit Ninja using the 360 Kinect.

Tonight it's Mac & Potatoes for supper and left over Ethiopian for Spence.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I had to go to a client site this morning, so I let Spence sleep for a bit.  While I was out, he watched his history show (All your history belongs to us), he did his silent reading, worked on his writing, did his printing practice, and played as Napoleon on his game - and was having difficulty in winning against the Russians.

When I got home, we had lunch and then read the Hunger Games, did spelling and then math.  We did some chores around the house and then relaxed for a bit.  We had planned on starting up drum lessons again, but Spencer's teacher called to say he had heart surgery while we were on holidays and we needed to skip it until he got better in we'll practice at home for the next few weeks.

Tonight we have chili for supper and we plan on watching some TV.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Well it was a busy day today - after Spence got up, we read the Hunger Games & History of the World (Turkish Empire today) and then he did his drums, started working on a paper about rollerblading, did his printing and reading and then went to play a historical war game while I went to the dietician to speak to her about my food.

Just before I got home, I texted Spence to be ready to hop out so we could grab his glasses.  We were a total of a half hour there and back and Karma was still pretty good in the kennel.  We let her out and then she pretty much chilled while we finished math and spelling and had a quick lunch before grama came.

We are having to relearn where we leave stuff as it turns out Karma has no problem stepping up to the table and taking away stray meatballs.  I caught her with one in her mouth and decided Spence probably wouldn't want the last two in his bowl, now that they had Karma slobber all over them - I divvied them up between the two pups and cleaned off the table and counters in the kitchen.

Spence left shortly after lunch and then I put Karma back in the kennel for a few minutes, while I ate and took a call.  I took her out and the three of us chilled for the rest of the afternoon in the livingroom - them sleeping and me doing a bit of work.  The house was super cold, so had the fireplace on for a good portion of the afternoon.

James came home and we had left over appies for supper and then chilled for the rest of the night.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

We had a nice chillaxing day today.  Went out for appie supplies around lunch and then started to cook - made roasted garlic soup, hummus, bruschetta, roasted peppers, we bought goat cheese, some spicy jams, truffle & mushroom spread, meatballs, tomato sauce for dipping, roasted garlic spread, flat bread, baguette (sliced / toasted) and chicken wings. 

I finished cooking just before supper.  We walked the dogs and then ate some supper, put the tree and decorations up and watched Elf.

Good Sunday