Saturday, December 03, 2011

I went to be really early last night as I was not feeling great.  James got up early to head to the gym, I slept in until 8:30 and Spence was up shortly after that.

We had breakfast (crepes and soup for Spence) and then we all chilled for most of the rest of the day.  I made some home made gnocchi (took me ages, but got the texture right), modified some left over canned sauce, made some Nutella cookie sandwiches and tried the apple cinnamon loaf again (turned out good).

Took the dogs for a walk before it got dark and now plan on trying to get better - we were supposed to go out to a christmas party tonight, but both James and I are just sniffling away and have both the chills and fever - so we thought we'd spare the folks at the party from our sickness.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Today was a fun day :)

So I started by getting Spence up just after 8, so that he could have breakfast and walk the dog before we had to go to the optometrist at 9am.

We got Karma all organized, got her toys in the kennel and left just before our appt.  Now, I like the clinic - it has all sorts of machines to make sure they know our eyes are healthy - but I hate their service.  They were a half hour late taking us in, and after 6 years of going there - they still didn't have our information right.  They called to remind me I had an appt, but emailed me twice to remind me to make an appt - all in the same week....we make our appts a year in advance.  Not sure we'll be keeping the clinic as our place. 

Spence walked out of the clinic with a prescription for glasses - minor one, but the doc thought it would be better to get it filled and have him wear it for stuff he had to make sure he could read clearly (-0.50 prescription).  We stopped next door and found glasses quite quickly and had them fitted within a half hour.  They were going to be ready in an hour, but we thought we should start heading home.

We stopped in Walmart on the way home to get a fridge light, a heater for Spencer's room as we use the old heater in the basement for when he plays drums and we got a light for the dining room as I was reminded it is really hard to eat and do printing practice in the dark.

There were no line ups and we were out of Walmart in a jiffy.  We got home 2 hrs after we left and found Karma waiting for us at the door with, since she was supposed to be in the kennel - this was a surprise and she nearly escaped out the garage door when Spence opened it up, not expecting her there.

We came upstairs and found the kennel door broken, my mephisto slippers eaten (one, the other was in the basement put on top of the presents) and Karma trying to decide if my jammies were next on the menu - the sleeves were wet, but it didn't look like she had time to do too much damage.  She also ate through some of her any plans we had to leave her alone in the kennel were revised. 

She had been visiting the kennel on her own - but I guess it's different when the door is shut.  I called the pet store and they said they would replace the kennel. 

We finished up a bit of school - math, spelling, reading, Hunger Games, planning for next week and had a quick bite before Sam & Kelly came over.

The boys played, Karma chilled with them and Hunter with the moms.  It was a great visit.  The boys took Karma out for a big walk and some training in the park.

When they left, I went to the pet store and got some more bones, a leader harness (the gentle leader doesn't work well with the cone) and two crates - one metal one for inside the house and one like the original one for car travel (the metal ones are not for use as travel crates).

Got home, made pizza for Spence and me - he had pepperoni & pastrami pizza and I had a flat bread with garlic butter and mushrooms.

James was out tonight with a work function and we plan to chill for the rest of the night.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

We had our facilitator meeting today and Joe brought his daughter along - this was a good visit and so nice to meet his daughter.

We went through Spencer's education plan for the 2011/2012 school year and also went through what he's already accomplished since May when we started our year. 

I took Karma back to the vet after our meeting - she had some red marks around her incision and Hunter never did.  Turns out it was bruising from the multiple surgeries, so we just have to keep an eye on her.

We read the Hunger Games, watched Through the Wormhole (Aliens), Spelling, Math, Printing & Reading.

We finished just after lunch and then I headed to the grocery store and Spence chilled with Karma & Hunter.

When I got home, I made an apple cinnamon loaf (which I had to throw out - it was nasty!) - I'll try again tomorrow.  I broiled some eggplant in miso (it was ok) and I made a tomato, avacado and cilantro salad to go with it.  I also tried a new veggie chicken finger from gardein which I really liked. 

Karma is downstairs with Hunter and me for a bit and we're all chillin watching some TV together.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So - I don't think it's jetlag anymore, I think it's a cold.  I seem to be fighting a bug and am really tired - but otherwise good.

Spence got a good sleep with Karma last night - she didn't wake him until 8:30 or so.  After breakfast we started reading the 2nd book in the Hunger Games, Spence trained Karma - they were playing the follow me game and she figured out quick - he has treats, therefore I need to follow him. 

He was also working on stay - which doesn't work for too long, but she's getting the idea.  We did spelling & math quiz (I hadn't found our math text yet - still had one suitcase to unpack). 

We watched Ancients Behaving Badly (Alexander the Great) and then some reading, printing, and dog walking.

We picked Spencer's next swim class - we can't register yet though, but at least we know which one he wants.

Spence went to play some video games and I headed to Walmart & Best Buy.  I got a new dog mat for the kennel for Karma, two more leashes (she eats them like candy), some more bones to throw around the house for her.

I headed off to Best Buy and stopped off at Laura Secord on the way for some non-dairy chocolate (they had cashew covered and some mint ones) and then I hit Best Buy to see about fixing our camera.  The little Sony won't turn on any longer and it's under warranty ..... so .... the girl told me the camera should be black (it's blue) and then she also said that the warranty wasn't attached to the camera.  The manager got involved and she wrote a long explanation to the repair department, added in the receipts and said if they give it back, she'll call head office to see what they can do as it was their fault for not doing the purchase right in the first place. 

I got home and we tidied up, I finished unpacking (and found the math text) and then walked the dogs again.

Supper tonight was panini's made with home made baguettes, fries and a side of either salad or corn chowder.  It was yummy. 

Now it's time to chill and see if there is any TV to watch.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Karma went in for surgery today - her stitches weren't doing too well and so we opted to have the doc look at her and fix up any issues she found and to have her shots, as the old owner couldn't find the papers for the vaccinations. 

While she was in, I let Spence sleep in a bit - he's been getting up between 7:45 and 8am with Karma to walk her and feed her.  We started with finishing the first Hunger Games book, spelling, math, printing and reading more of the dog training book.

I got ready to meet with a client and Spence got some alone / Hunter time.  Karma came home around 4pm and she's been chillin ever since. 

I had made taco stuff before I left for work, but the boys decided to have scrounge - while I was getting my car out of jail.  I parked on a side street and didn't notice the sign that now says no parking after 3.. and my car got impounded :(  The lady said they changed the signs a little while ago so all the streets are now no parking after 3...ick.

Monday, November 28, 2011

It was an interesting day.  Spence and the dogs were up by 8am and we did our math quiz and spelling quiz and after the dog walk and breakfast we headed to the dentist for our checkups.  We were both told we needed to come back - Spence, because he can't get into the back of where the braces are to clean his teeth right and they need to do some maintenance so he doesn't get cavities while wearing braces and I got told I had a small cavity and so I need to go back to get that done.

We stopped at the pet store to get food, a crate and some more bone type chew things for Karma.  I forgot a bed thing for the crate, but otherwise we did well (the crate fits her, even with her cone on). 

We got home and Spencer found that Karma had eaten his headset.  I started on lunch, Spence did some dog training and then we took a break to eat.

Spence did some more training and then it was time to head out with grama for a movie.  I  took Karma into the vet for a checkup and her stitches are not doing well and so tomorrow she goes in for a repair job and then another 7 - 10 days of cone time :(

I took Karma for another little walk with Hunter and then we headed back home so I could make supper (pasta & sauce tonight).  James and I watched TV and chilled for the rest of the night.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The clock is slowly resetting itself - stayed up just past 10 :) and woke up around 8:30am.

The new puppy slept all night and was ready for a walk when Spence got up.  I made some more crepes for breakfast and after giving some to the dogs (getting in trouble for feeding the puppy by Spencer) and then walking Hunter, we chilled for a bit.

We went to Best Buy to get James a new mouse for work and then headed back home for more chill time.