Saturday, November 26, 2011

Today, we were up early (but not as early as the past few days).  Spence and I took the dogs out immediately, so that Karma could go pee.  She had a good sleep, but punted Spence from his bean bag :) 

Shaw showed up around 10am to see if they could do something about the speed of our internet - they couldn't.  Once the guy left, I headed to the grocery store to get groceries for the next week.

When I got home, we all chilled some more and then got ready to head out for supper with grama & grampa at Kinjo's.

We left the dogs in the lounge and came home to an intact room (except for a leash Karma found to gnaw on).  Dinner was good as usual and we left over full :) 

Now it's time to start clearing out the PVR and hopefully making it up past 10pm
Yesterday, James went back to work and both Spence and I got up early because we were still on Florida time.

It was a day off for Spence and I was working a bit and unpacking / getting organized around the house. 

I checked the times for pet adoption on Saturday and Spence had a few puppies picked out, when I saw a husky/sheppard cross on Kijiji.  Spence fell in love with the picture and we called the owner who happened to have the day off.

Karma had just been spayed a week ago and he was asking to get the spaying costs back - so he brought her over after her vet check and Spence and her hit it off right away and she stayed.  The poor guy didn't think he'd be leaving her here, so he has to come back with her harness and other stuff.  In the meantime, we dropped off the pet forms at our management company to let them know we have a new dog, popped by the vet to get Karma introduced to her new doc and to see what they needed in order to add her as a patient.  We got all that worked out, got her micro-chipped and headed out for a quick walk.

We had Graeme over for supper - grilled chicken ceasar salad with garlic bread and watched some TV before we all toddled off to bed early - still catching up on the time change.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Both Spence and James said that it smells so fresh back home - I think it's the cold :)

It was much better than I had thought it would be - pretty warm for the end of November (-4 right now).  We arrived without incident and the ride home from the airport was pretty fast.

We decided to order Chinese on the way home and it was ready for pick up by the time we arrived home.  Hunter was waiting at the door - Bev our neighbour was great and had dropped him off after supper.  She was wonderful with Hunter.

We all got up this morning and after a quick breakfast headed to the pool.  It was COLD (ok, that is relative to Ft. Lauderdale) took a while to warm up enough to take off my robe.

The boys spent their time between the 250ft waterslide at the hotel and the hot tub.  I spent my time between the hot tub and sitting in the sun warming up.

We left after about 1.5 hrs as the wind was really coming up and the clouds had come out to provide enough shade, to make it cold again.

We packed up and while the boys took the bags to the car (and for the first time - no extra bags needed to be purchased!) and I checked us out of the hotel.  We then walked over to Margeritaville for lunch (which was pretty good) and then walked around Universal City Walk for a bit. 

When we were done, we walked back to the hotel and got the car and headed to the airport early.  We arrived - thinking we'd drop our bags off, but Westjet wasn't open, so we parked ourselves and are taking turns wandering the airport.

Our flight leaves at 5:30pm and so we've got some time to kill at the airport before we leave :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We packed last night and so this morning we loaded up the truck and headed south to Miami (Oleta State Park) for our Paddle Board lesson & tour.  The tour guide was good and the paddle boarding was interesting, but we all decided it was probably our least favorite thing we did this trip (ok - other than blowing chunks on the boat).

We went down the same inlet initially and then turned right into another one with our boards - we saw some birds (who were a bit miffed that we disturbed their lunch of fish), a huge school of small fish and that was pretty much it today - the neat fish were all hiding today.  The boards were probably smaller than what we would get back home - a bit on the wobbly side, but ok.  Panic of course sets in when the board wobbles everytime you paddle, so after a bit, the feet & legs get numb and trembly - so then you have to figure out how to kneel or sit down on the board to continue paddling without tipping...tricky. 

We finished our tour and headed for Olive Garden and then to Starbuck's for a drink for the road.  We got all that and then headed north on the Turnpike to Orlando.  We arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel (which is operated by Loew's Hotels) just before supper and after unloading the truck, we left Spence with his in room meal and James and I went off to hunt down some supper.

James and I ended up at Margeritaville (which is where we plan to have lunch tomorrow) and walked around a bit.  I got my a cup from Starbuck's that says Florida on it - so I managed a few souvenirs for myself even though I didn't manage to really get any new spiffy clothing.

After supper, James and I headed to the hot tub for a bit and then back upstairs to repack - needed to actually fit everything back in the suitcases we have.

Tomorrow we plan to head down to the pool, have lunch at Margeritaville and then head out to the airport and then home.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Saturday we stayed home for the morning and then headed down to South Beach in the afternoon to do Lincoln Avenue and the beach walk before heading off to Nobu for dinner.  Gotta say, when we heard it was the best Japanese food outside of Japan, we thought everyone was just saying that - but they are right, it was amazing.  The delivery & presentation were similar to Rush in Calgary.  The waiter told us what to eat and we were thrilled with virtually every dish (Spence and James said their lobster miso soup wasn't at the same level as the rest of the meal).  Overall a super meal and experience.

Sunday we got up early and even though it was pouring, we headed south to Miami to Oleta State Park to go kayaking (figuring that like everything - the rain would be localized).  We arrived and it was overcast, but warm.  Haven't seen as many expensive mountain bikes as we saw there - they have a 20 mile trek for the bikes around the park.  We headed out to a sandbar - only visible during low tide.  We then headed across the bay to an island which was made by dredging the canal and took a break there.  We headed back across in very choppy water and Spence motored so fast, that we had trouble keeping up with him.  He has some good upper body strength.  We got back to the sheltered area and went through the mangroves with the guide.  Until that point, it had been overcast or sunny - but then it poured and poured and by then my not water proof camera had died from being so wet and wouldn't revive itself.  James took his video camera along, so we still managed to get some decent footage.  While touring we found out that Florida has a grape tree, various types of mangroves and other trees - they introduced australian pine a while back and now it's an invasive species that they are in the process of removing.  I saw a spotted ray, we all saw a variety of fish - including the checker box fish, some alligator type fish, a bunch of crabs, a banana type spider and a variety of birds.  It was a great day out on the bay and in the trails and we decided we'd eat in.  Ethan came by after fencing and the boys had their first sleepover.

Monday we got up and headed off to Homestead for some bread at Knausse Farms.  Originally we had planned to head to Key West for the day, but decided it was too long of a trip for lunch.  The bread and other goodies we bought we awesome and we were snacking before we left for lunch.  The lunch place was closed, so we found a fast food place to go to and after that we headed home for a rest.  We got a bit of rest, ate, went off to Ramp 48 and met up with Uli - they have done such a great job with the reno's at the skatepark!  It was great to see him again, after we headed over for some fencing at Ethan's club.  The club owner is so nice, he let Spence drop in twice - Spence was really enjoying the fencing.  James and I headed home for some TV time - I was going to work, but decided I wanted to read instead.

Today (Tuesday) we got up early and picked Spence up on the way to surfing.  We headed up to Deerfield Beach and Island Water Sports for a lesson with Mr. Mike - the surfing was great.  We thought we would go diving again, but the waves were perfect for surfing and so we did that instead.  Spence was a natural and was able to paddle into the waves and stand up on his board.  James got up on his knees (which is better than he's ever done) and I managed to stand up a few times myself.  The water was great (we had our wetsuits on, so we could stay in the water for the full lesson), we forgot to bring snacks and water and were soooo tired by the end of the lesson and hungry enough to eat whatever passed by us.  We headed back to the shop to rinse off and then after we stopped in the store to see what was there (we got a t-shirt and hoodie), we went to Subway for lunch.  We grabbed the food to go and headed straight to Boomer's for an afternoon of H/S fun.  The boys (Ethan, Dalan, Brendan, Spence - I hope I spelled everyone's name correctly) got cards, that gave them access to the whole place - go carts, video games, mini-golf, etc.  We think we'll be here a while, so probably hit a fast food place on the way home.

Tomorrow we head back to Orlando before our flight home on Thursday, but plan to go for a paddle board lesson first at Oleta State Park.